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Mamas birthday

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Its mamas birthday and she needs some relief. Good thing her 10 year old son can help her out! Willingly or not.

Im Julia, 35 with big natural tits and a fat ass. My husband is rarely home as his work consumes most of his time. Because of this, we never have sex and the last time we did was 10 years ago which resulted in our son Henry.

Even when we did have sex, it wasn’t good. However, i have found a new way to satisfy myself. My son. Henry had a very small cock, barely 3 inches and not thick at all. But, little boy cocks are so sexy and just rubbing it against my clit can make me cum. Henry isn’t always willing, but that is what my ropes are for.

The first time I raped him it was my birthday and he was ten. As per usual, my husband was in Japan for a business trip so just me and Henry were at home together. My pussy was pulsing with need and after lunch I grabbed my dildo and started masturbating.

Unable to keep my moans in, I kept moaning really loud. Henry came in concerned, “are you ok mommy?” He asked. I froze, I didnt know what to do. I couldnt take it any longer and continued to fuck myself with the dildo. “Come here henry.” I said panting. He came right up to the side of the bed and looked very confused.

I tore the blanket off and he gasped. My tits, pussy, and ass were all right in front of him. “Im masturbating sweetie, come help your mommy,” i said to him with a smile. He looked around a little confused but came close to me. “Wh-what do I do mommy?” He asked.

“Start sucking you mommys tits like when you were a baby.” I told him picking up the pace with my dildo. The wet noises could be heard throughout the room. He did as I said and that made me even more horny.

I grabbed his pants and pulled them down till they were at his ankles. “Mom! What are you doing?!” He yelled stepping back.

“Do not speak to me like that!” I yelled back and slapped him in the face. I quickly got up with the dildo still inside me and grabbed Henry. I threw him on the bed and locked the door. “Its time for you and mommy to play!” I said excitedly.

I grabbed some rope from my closet which I always kept just in case and started to tie henry’s hands to the back board.
“Mommy stop that hurts!” He complained but I ignored him and just kept tightening the rope. Eventually he was all tied up and I got on top of him. I took the dildo out and started grinding agaisnt his dick.

He squirmed and tried to get free. “Mom that feels weird stop!!” He said. I had enough of his complaints, this was my birthday! I grabbed my panties from the floor and shoved them in his mouth. He could taste my pussy while i took a taste of him.

I went down to his cock and just started sucking it like it was my last meal. He yelled and cried behind my panties. This was a new sensation and since he was so young it might’ve hurt with how rough i was. But I didn’t care. Mama needed relief.

I tore the panties from his mouth and replaced it with my pussy. I just kept grinding against his face harder and harder.
“Thats a good boy, yeah lick your mommy son,” i moaned out. I kept grinding till I came all over his little face. Even squirted right into his eyes. “OWWW!!!” He screamed in pain. I put my panties back in his mouth and got back to tugging his dick.

Once it wasn’t totally limp anymore I tried inserting it into my pussy. It felt like my pinky but I didn’t care, little boy cocks were so hot. I fucked him hard, shaking the bed. He continued to scream and cry but I just slapped him until he stopped. “What a nice little cock you have henry. Feels so good in Mommys pussy. You know you like it stop crying little whore.” I whispered in his ear. I kept moaning and whispering dirty things into his ear until I came. And oh boy did I see stars!!! I screamed out loud and again squirted all over the little boys cock.

This was the best birthday ever.


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    What a dirty mother you are! A filthy pedo bitch! Great stuff!

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    i was raped by my aunty when i was 11 it wasent her birthday but it was chrismas an she said i was her chrismas present

    • Carla ID:y8hyzb0d

      Ooow 🥺 that is sooo sweet, baby! Not rape at all if she didn’t force you and you enjoyed it. You would have mentioned it.
      She treated you kindly just like every women should treat kids, be on a bed or the regular life.
      I’m melting in sweetness with that. Really glad for you.

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    What the fuck!

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