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My little cousin and I

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How it all started with my little cousin

So this started i wanna say on October. Me and my uncle were working and he informed me that his daughter would be going with us. Let’s call her Ashley . Ashley is 10 years old. So any ways I agree and she comes and she ask me for help getting down a few steps so I decided to help her . I accidentally groped her and I felt bad but her tiny ass felt great . I decided to help her more at one point getting my hand between her legs and rubbing her soft pussy . She liked it and so did I . 1 week passed and she wanted to come to work again so we said yes this time my uncle left us in the car because he had to go get something from a client once he got off the car she asked if we could play a game . I agreed and was like let’s flip a coin if I win u do wtvr I want for two minutes and she agreed . Ofc I won and she was actually happy so I told her to give me her hand and I put it on my fat cock she didn’t like it at first but she started to jack me off 2 minutes passed and we flip the coin again but this time we increase the time she said she didn’t wanna flip it cuz she wanted to keep jerking me off so I did . I felt happy and when she put her mouth around my cock I was hella happy. I ended up fuming in her mouth . (The storie continues let me know if u want more)

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    Part 2

  • Reply Zebra

    Ok part 2 coming up

  • Reply AP

    Zebra, nice start.
    Can you describe you and your cousin a little more? It sounds like a hot story, so share some details.
    It reads like you are sharing a secret confession, which is fine because that can be a very cool story, but please give it a quick proofread before you post. I know it will make a lot of people want to read it even more.
    Thanks for sharing and, yes! We do want to hear what happened next.