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How I Discover I Own a Trailer Park, Part 2

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The more I learn about Lilly and the park, the more I want to keep it.

The next morning when I awoke at the motel, I made a plan. First thing was to stop at the local Dollar Store and ask some of the local’s what they thought of Pinto Park, These clerks at these store’s get to meet everyone and know all the gossip. As I put up my bottle of Mountain Dew on the counter, I casually ask ” I’m thinking of moving into the trailer park, do you know much about it ?” I figured I’d get a 10 minute conversation on the park, what they buy, how many live there, all the things that town gossip’s know. The answer I got was a resounding “nope, don’t know nothing” and “here’s your change”. That in itself was telling, there’s something going on besides a few girl’s working the bar.

My next move was to drive back to the park, and Drive around a little, I should have done that yesterday, but after my “meet and greet” with Tammy’s Daughter, Candy I couldn’t even hardly drive. The park seemed kind’a run down, the trailers were old and the car’s in the driveway’s looked even older. No one was around, so I decided to stop in at the bar again.

When I walked in, the same plump women was at the bar, with the same stern look. When I approached the bar she said, “Look, it’s mister Manhattan, no ice”. I got a Coor’s and found a table. Place was kind’a dead, but it was early. I looked for Tammy but she didn’t seem to be around. I thought I’d set and nurse my beer, learning what I could. That’s when the door opened and Lilly walked in, she walked right over to my table and set her very sexy ass down. She then went on to tell me how she went to my motel back in town last night..” and you know what, she said, “you were gone”.

She then went on to tell me how she wore her little school girl outfit for me to the motel last night, even those little knee sock’s she hates but men seem to love. She then on to tell me how a man thought she was a prostitute of all things, and tried to pick her up . How she even had her hair in pig tails. That it was not very nice for me to stand her up like that, that after all a date is a date.

When I finally got a word in, I told her I never agreed to meet her, that was her idea. I then went on to tell her that I was here at the park yesterday. This girl is just full of surprise’s, she told me that she knew I there, “laying with Tammy of all people. you could have had steak but you picked ground chuck”. The plump mean women from the bar came over and ask what Lilly wanted ? Lilly told her a shot of Southern Comfort. And as the women walked away, Lilly said “thanks Momma”.

It seems the women is in fact is Lilly’s Mother, Seems Lilly doesn’t have to drink just beer. Then just that quick Lilly’s whole mood changed, she looked kind’a of excited. “so what do you think of the place” she asked?. I told her that I wanted to know what was going on here at the park, and I wanted no bullshit. that if I thought she was holding out on me I’d sell to someone else.

Lilly stood and walked over to the bar, ignoring me. I seen her talking to her Mother and after a few minutes and swished that hot ass right back over to my table. “OK” she said with a painted on smile. “Follow me” she said, and I did, Id have followed that ass in those little pink silk short short’s anywhere. We went thru the bar and thru the kitchen. I could see the kitchen was very clean, with professional grade equipment. We went out thru a backdoor in to a fenced in courtyard. The yard had a huge meat smoker on one side and a raised deck that lead to a huge hot tub, the tub could have set 12 people on the other side.

“Ok ” she said, looking kind’a dejected. The Bar, Restaurant and trailer’s are not the only way this place makes money. If what I’m gonna tell you ever gets out; you are a dead man, and I’m serious. I ask her why I would tell anyone,? after all I’m the new owner.

She went on to tell me that besides just the girl’s that lived in the park, and worked the bar. there was also 2 trailer’s that were rented by a biker gang, one trailer was used to make crystal meth’ and the other was for packaging and storage. When I ask why my uncle would ever get involved with such people? she answered, they pay 3 thousand a month rent. seems “Dealing Don” was also full of surprises.

As Lilly gave a me a tour of the park via her Mother’s golf cart, I realized why she wanted to buy the park, it was a cash cow. With the booze, drug’s and lot rent this place made about 45k a month and that was before the cut they got from the bar girl’s. And the best part all but 6k a month was tax free. When I ask about the cops, she just laughed.

When I went back into the bar I spotted Tammy, she flashed me a smile, walked over to Lilly and I. Tammy totally ignored Lilly and as she rubbed my arm, she asked if I was going to come over to her trailer later, then In a whisper, she said, “Candy will be there”, smiling. As Tammy walked away, Lilly said ” More hamburger on the menu tonight?”, giving me a smirk. No , I thought to myself, maybe a lil candy for dessert.

When I seen Tammy leave the bar , giving me a knowing look, I soon followed.
When Tammy and I walked thru her front door we were greeted by Candy, and a Boy, seems Candy and The boy where making out on the couch, it was hard to hide my disappointment. The Boy was about 13 and all smiles, but if I had 11 year old hottie like candy setting on my lap, id be smiling to. It was obvious by her very hard nipples plainly seen thru her tank top that, they had been doing more than kissing.

Tammy lead me over to a chair and flopped in my lap as soon as I set down. she was giggling and I could tell she was a little drunk, I didn’t mind. Tammy soon began kissing me, pulling my hand to her ample mommy tits. soon I was lost in lust, I was surprised when she peeled her tank top off. after all the kids where right there, she didn’t seem to care. When I looked over Candy had the kid’s cock out and was stroking away at his little boy toy as she made out with him.

Soon My dream came true, Tammy thought we should all go to the back bedroom. All? I said, she went on to tell me she had a King size bed, room for everyone. And with that said, Mother and Daughter lead there “Men” to the huge bed. The action picked up as soon as we hit the mattress. The Boy had Candy’s top off in an instant and was clumsily playing with her little baby titlet’s. As Candy told him to be a little more gentle, I told him, to stop and watch me. I was getting into Candy and her boyfriend watching me play with her Mother, the Boy and I both had raging hard on’s. The kid’s watched as I gently kneaded Tammy’s huge tits. I could see the girl playing with his cock as he watched her.

Then just when I thought this couldn’t get much hotter, Tammy told me to “switch places”. Oh my God, the boy almost flew on top of Tammy as I slid off, he latched onto her big tit’s , well I guess like any 13 year old boy would do. But I didn’t care as I slid in beside 11 year old candy. I think she was a little pissed off at the attention her Boyfriend was showing her Mother. Candy held my hard cock and said “Oh yes, a real cock” as she stroked me, loud enough for us all to hear, the Boy didn’t care, Tammy peeled her shorts off and as Candy and I watched she guided the boy between her leg’s. With her hands on the Boy’s hip she guided him into her now wet Mommy sex. She held her ample tit’s for him to suck as he pumped away at her Mommy pussy.

The Boy’s cock was only about 5 inches and not very thick, but what he lacked in size he made up for in vigor. Tammy talked to him in a loving Motherly manner as she instructed him on the way to fuck a women. Candy not wanting to be outdone, made a point of getting on top of me, I could feel her wet baby slit on my cock shaft as she rubbed up and down, she was no stranger to sex and unlike her boyfriend, she knew what she was doing. Her baby nipples were so hard and she was so fucking sexy, her 11 year old pussy was so wet against my cock shaft.

I rolled Candy over , under me, I knew if I didn’t, Id cum. As I looked at her laying on the bed, legs spread, her face looking like a little doll, lips all shiny with lip gloss I knew that I had to fuck her. As much as I wanted to plow away at that little baby cunt, I had to take my time, I so wanted to make this moment last. I lowered my face down to her pink slit, taking my time and spreading her small lips, I licked like I’ve never done before. I moved my tongue from her tight little ass up her baby taint to her pinkness, then back again, stopping and gently sucking at the smallest clit I’d ever enjoyed. She was grabbing my hair and I could hear her gasp and whimper as I licked and suckled at her little girl pussy.

As I moved higher to kiss her, wanting her taste her pre teen honey on my lips, I heard her whispering… Put it in me, put it in me. The four words every guy wants to hear from a girl, of any age. I adjusted my cock so it was right at the entrance of her small pink sex. I could feel her hips pushing, trying to will me into her tight cunt. I took my cock and ever so slowly, entered her .She gasp and cooed as pushed in as slow as I could. I didn’t want to hurt her, I want her to want cock, not be afraid of it . Her baby cunt was like a soft velvet glove on my manhood. Her pussy conforming to every contour of my man cock. I slowly moved it in and out, never thrusting or forcing it in. She was so fucking tight. As she laid there, eyes shut and mouth open, making cute little grunting sounds as I used her pussy to get my man sized cock off, I knew I wouldn’t last long.

The last thing I seen before flooding her baby twat with my man seed, was her Mother. laying beside her baby Daughter, hand out, holding her Daughter’s hand , with a look of real pride on her face as she watched her Daughter take cock. her long forgotten Boyfriend’s, face in her Mother’s pussy cleaning up his mess, Like a good little boy.

I laid in bed, holding Candy in my arm’s as I tried to decide what to do, Keep the park and get involved with Whore’s and drug dealers and all the problem’s that would bring . Or sell it to that hot piece of ass , Lilly. What to do, what to do?

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  • Reply Tse ID:1idz429tb0i

    Why does it have to be either or, why not make her a partner, you can still fick all the girls, but she takes all the responsibility, yes she will cheat you out of about 40 percent of the profit. But who cares, you get money and pussy with much less biker gang risk

  • Reply dll ID:2c3g7uer8l

    keep for the 7 yrs then sale by then you know whats going on
    there.full dis closer law on property if asked.

  • Reply whyguy93 ID:fx81norzj

    more please
    Trailer parks are a great place to find willing females of all ages. But the fat ass mothers will do anything you want. Married or divorced they need the dick

  • Reply Lee ID:h9a9uw0m2

    Next chapter

  • Reply Kinky old man nothing like fucking some ID:fcz0tcm9c

    Keep it lots of fun there any more young girls with tight little pussys

  • Reply BigFan69 ID:1eox98bhqxwm

    I would definitely keep the park, that kinda cash flow and pussy on tap? It’s a no brainier.

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    Part 2 was good. So how about some more sex stories with Candy and fucking her arse hole too…

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    Keep it going. Maybe get Candy and Lilly involved together.

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    You sure keep my pussy on 🔥 dirty don.i am your lilly minx.i want you so bad in my slit.fuck the dog shit out of your lilly.my cut off shorts are hugging my ass like glue just for you baby.

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  • Reply NO one needs to know ID:zeixqgi49b

    It is the same old story money talks, is Lilly has the money to buy you out right then take the money and run, as sooner or later the cops come knocking, or worse another group of people come knocking and then you end up in a grave, with that said if Lilly wants to do the payment plans then let her run the show put the legal funds through the business, and any extra moneys go to off shore accounts, put her in charge of signing off and her name as operator, you become the numbered business that is owned by a bunch of numbered business’s all coming out of other countries, shell companies in other words, you can make Lilly the fall guy, as long as you dont own it in person or have a way to distance yourself from it, just my opinion

  • Reply Eagletrucker ID:1ensngwnwllm

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