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Give me your sperm, all of it, gimme

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I first tasted sperm when I was 8, and that was it for me, I was instantly addicted.

I was bursting for the bathroom but my 12 year old brother Daniel was in there, and he’d been in there for ages, so I banged on the door, “Hurry up I need to pee.”, the door flew open and Daniel grabbed me and pulled me inside then slammed and locked the door shut.

His pants were around his ankles and he was rubbing his cock, he’d been masturbating in the bathroom, I remember seeing his cock for the first time, it was so big and weird looking, he grabbed my hair, “Kneel down.” He demanded, so I got on my knees, then he yanked my hair and pulled my head back, “Open your mouth.” He demanded, so I did.

He pushed his cock in to my mouth and forced me to suck on it a few times while he continued to rub it, then he ejaculated directly in to my mouth, forcing me to swallow it, it made me cough and gag but it tasted really nice, I liked it, I liked it a lot.

A few weeks later Daniel was babysitting me and he had some of his friends round for a sleepover, he called me in to his bedroom, he and all his friends were naked and rubbing their cocks, “Take your clothes off.” He demanded.

“Why?” I asked.

“Just do it. Strip – Now!” he demanded, so I did it, I took my clothes and panties off, “Right. Lay down on the bed.” He demanded.

I laid down on his bed with my head facing the bottom, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down the bottom of the bed, so my head was hanging over the side, “Open your mouth.” He demanded, with his friends laughing behind him, so I did, then he pushed his cock in to my mouth and got me to suck him off.

His friends gathered around the bed and started touching my naked body and rubbing their hands all over me, touching my legs, my arms, my flat chest and rubbing my bald pussy, Daniel ejaculated in to my mouth and I ate it all, it was so yummy, “Mmm” I sounded as I licked dropped of sperm off my lips.

Then one by one his friends stepped up and got me to suck them until they’d all ejaculated in to my mouth and I swallowed all their loads.

This happened several times over the next few months, I enjoyed being used as a cum-dump.

Then one time when I’d sucked 3 cocks and swallowed 3 loads, one of his friends decided he wanted to do something else, “I’m doing it man. Fuck it.” He said, and he climbed on to the bed, laid on top of me between my legs and he pushed his cock up my virgin pussy, “Ouch – Arrgh.”

His friend fucked my little virgin hole, and he lasted about 20 seconds before he ejaculated inside of me, but when I felt his sperm enter my body, it felt so good, and made me smile and feel all warm inside, there was a boy standing behind me waiting to have his cock sucked, so I took it in my mouth straight away and sucked him off real good and swallowed his load.

I’m now 12 years old, and I’ve been sucking and fucking my brother and his friends ever since, I love being used as a cum-dump, I’m like an leaking gas tank that needs constantly filling up.

Boys are so lucky to have and endless supply of sperm, I don’t understand why they don’t eat it themselves, its so yummy, I lay in bed some nights thinking about all the boys in the world that are jerking themselves off in to a tissue or a sock, it makes me angry because its so wasteful, its good stuff.

Bring your cock to me, I’ll suck your balls dry for you.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Sammy1999 ID:45mjkspeoib

    i was about 11 when the neighborhood boys started touching me and they would jerk off and cum in my mouth ater that it was my ass or front soon they were fucking me daily so i do understand the cum thing i love it too

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5u1d7c3k0a

    Great story is it true would love to chat more

  • Reply skimofkr ID:gnrzoz8ri

    What a great little sister. Glad you love cock. I had a friend growing up who had a little sister. We had quite a few games with her over the years.. Started when we were 13 and she was 9. Them were some good times. We all learned a lot about sex in them days. This lasted until we were around 18. I and her have had some sex off and on over the years after that. She is married now but I think she might still be up for a little play time.

  • Reply Silent One ID:1ei6ztecgtyl

    Very hot story. Anyone want to chat?
    Kik: TheSilentOne666999

  • Reply zena ID:c5rpuenm2

    Preteen sex is both alluring and an eye-opener. Once one is into it one get braver for more. At 10 I was fucked by my bro aged 16. We both were inquisitive about sex and all that in it. The first was rather unsuccessful but for the second one my bro stole some petro-gel from my mom’s room and lavishly put in my willing pussy, applied some on his erect penis. The penetration was sooth and deeper with little pain that I enjoyed. Then he stated pumping my pussy in and out as I widened my thighs as wide as possible. He dumped his hot load into me – I liked the warm feeling, and squirted some jets of pees. Later on I realized that I too climaxed! after that we fucked on every opportunity and he started to love my growing tits! My first is still fresh in my mind – may be for ever!!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    Hot story. Way to go for what you want. Can’t resist a hard cock and hot cum. I especially love licking it out of a bald pussy

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2wcnr0tt0d

    Hot story. Any curious girls wana email?

  • Reply Kevin ID:2px1ognpxvh

    You are so sexy

  • Reply Please daddy ID:23suytkm1

    This made me so wet. Sadly I’ve never had boy cum but when I use my dildo my pussy gets really creamy and I eat every last drop of it.

    • Demon ID:5s5sz53gd9j

      How old are you?

    • Chloe (15F) ID:2vqwknnr20k

      Try using vibrators, I used one and I squirted all over my bed! :p

    • Malkie ID:1cshtmz2pttb

      Mmm you sound hot

    • [email protected] ID:1e6i8t5dvggv

      Great story I love it

    • Mike ID:v8l6996bmgy

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667zb0i

    Very nice. Love the way these boys just use you like some cheap whore. Boys do sometimes eat their own spunk and certainly many enjoy swallowing other boys jizz.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1coe3h3l7u05

    I enjoyed this very much

  • Reply Eric ID:1den0xoz3bom

    I think it was all a fantasy story.

  • Reply Jaydragon ID:1e1ouqubdggb

    That was short and sweet and really hot all at once.