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Kris Pt 3C

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Kris accepts a new challenge in her young life, but just how far will she go? There will be a dirty little follow up in Kris Pt 3D for those inclined.

“Those are some nice looking duds you have there Darlin. Did you get those at Sylvia’s too?” (snickering) Why yes, they’re from the ladies who like to dress like men collection. The slot in front is for one of those monster rubber dicks! That got her.
No babe, my Mom got these for my Birthday many years ago. “They look new?” They are really. I just never wear them, but this was a special occasion. “I hope there’s more occasions.” Me too love.
Shit babe. It’s getting close to noon. We better wrap up our fun and games for now. “Okaaay.”

First order of business was to get Kris undressed and redressed. I shut off the stereo and we went to the bedroom.
Just take everything off, but the choker and I’ll put it all away. How did the shoes fit. “They fit fine” You seemed to do well in them. “I walked around the bedroom a little and danced to see if I was going to fall on my ass, but I guess I have good balance” That’s great.
Here’s some make up remover and baby oil. I don’t know what all you need. “That will work.” We went into the bathroom and I watched and helped Kris get the make up off then got her dressed into her street clothes.

What’s for lunch back home? “PB&J sandwiches and chips.” What! I not going to have my little lover trying to survive on that crap. Do you like Chicken? “Yes.” Mashed potato’s and gravy, cole slaw and baked beans, biscuits with butter and honey? “KFC?” You got it Nancy!

Better go home now and run around the yard so some neighbors see you. See if your mom calls, but head back here around 12:50.for lunch. “Got it!”
We went out to the garage and I gave Kris a box of junk to hold and one for myself. I hit the door button and we walked over by the door to make it look like we were working out there. We’d walk to one side and drop a box then pick another up and go to the other side. Chinese fire drill style!

OK love, I think we have the nosy neighbors fooled again. See ya later Alligator. “After while Crocodile!” Most definitely!

I went in and put everything away from the strip show. Now for the bedroom show!
I got out the Indian tape and put it in the stereo. I had 2 switches on the stereo that I could flip to divert the output to some speakers I had in the bedroom and hit those.
I put a heavy plastic sheet down on the bed and a spare blanket over that. Put some clean towels and rags on the bed too. I got out the sex toys I bought for Kris and put the batteries in the vibes and tested them out. All good. I hid those.
Grabbed the lube, douche bulb and cleansing solution and an old pitcher I would dedicate for the project. That went to bathroom and was hidden.
Baby oil went to kitchen and was hidden. All set I think??

It was 12:15 now so I jumped in the Powerwagon and headed to KFC. It was past where Kris lived so I went by her house, but didn’t see her. I went in and got a small family meal and headed back. It was 12:38 when I was getting close to Kris’s house and for orneriness I waited a block down and pulled over to the curb behind a van and shut off. I was in front of houses on a Sunday so I got out and popped the hood and stood to one side and watched down the road for Kris. I knew exactly where to look, but she wouldn’t see me. Some guy across the street asked if I needed help and I told him “No, it was just a bad wire causing problems, but thanks anyway.”
When I saw her head down the street I closed the hood, jumped in and fired up. I gave a thumbs up to the friendly neighbor and took off. I drove slow and timed it where Kris would be on a long block with no houses on either side. The street was going downhill slightly so I built up some speed, shifted to neutral, shut off the motor and coasted towards her. She never heard me coming. I feathered the brakes when I got next to her so we were going the same speed. She looked over and saw me with her big green eyes.. I said: Hey sweet thing, you know of any little girls round here that will dance naked to rock music for men? She thought a few seconds then “No, not really. I dance naked for men, but only to Country music so beat it!”
Damn, she got me good that time. I fired up and went home with my tail between my legs.
I did open the box of Chicken and drove slow so she could smell it.

I pulled in and parked, opened the garage door and stalled around for Kris. She showed up soon after. Girl, you sure know how to show up at dinner time…and you got me good back there.
“I know!” (laughing)
In the garage I pointed around to some stuff as Kris followed me around, then went over and closed the door and we went inside. We were both starving. Kris needed to pee so when she left I pulled out the tub of Beans and hid them in the fridge. She didn’t need those! When she came back in I had the plates, food and drinks all ready. We sat down and I said a little prayer thanking the Lord for our food and the happiness he has brought me by bringing Kris into my life. Kris added and for bringing Steve into my life. Amen, let’s eat! I told Kris, funny how much good came out of that flat tire.

We ate and I put the left overs in the fridge. We went to the living room, plopped down on the couch, had a burping contest then lit up for a few tokes. Turns out Kris never got a call from her mom. Who knows…

Let’s talk Kris. “OK” Are you having fun doing sex stuff with me? “Yes, very much”
And you know I would never do anything to hurt you? “Yeees??”
Well,…… I’m wanting to give you some new sexual pleasure. “Okaaay, like what?”
Like.. playing with your butt. “I can get sex pleasure from my butt?” “Oh, Ohhh, I think I’ve heard of that before… but doesn’t that hurt?”
Well it can hurt if you don’t do it right. I can be stupid and drop a bowling ball on my toe and that will hurt. (laughing)
You have beautiful tits Kris. Have you had those since you were a baby? “Of course not silly. They grew on me.”
And how did they feel as they grew and pushed out? “My chest was sore and… huurrt.”
And do you know what happens inside your pussy the first time you have sex? “Yes, the man has to break the skin inside to go in.”
And that will hurt too. Much more than butt sex actually. You have to do butt sex slowly and carefully. “Do you know how to do butt sex stuff?” Yes babe. “Have you ever had it done to you?” Yes. “Can I do it to you then?” (laughing) Actually yes, sometime, but not now. Let’s just say I’ve eaten 500 Big Macs and you’ve never had a measly burger. My biggest pleasure out of all this is giving YOU pleasure and new experiences. I would do anything for you my love. [That hit her hard]

Many ladies love butt sex. Some ladies that’s all they’ll do. Of course gay guys do all kinds of butt sex. Some ladies have pussy & butt sex at the same time and that is the best they’ve ever had! And some ladies have never tried it. And some don’t like it, but that’s usually because some jerk tried to rape them or didn’t know what he was doing.

“But your dick is so big, I’m scared it will hurt.” Oh babe, I’m not going to fuck you in the butt. I have some special small size toys used for first time ladies. “Can I see them first?” Of course! I bought them just for you. Heck, you’ll probably love them so much you’ll want to take them home with you.
I went to the bedroom and grabbed the box and brought them out. I let Kris handle them then showed her how the vibes work.

And if we try it and you don’t like it we can quit. The butt muscles have to stretch and that takes time and practice so it gets better as you learn and not so scary. Like riding a bike babe.
“My butt muscles need to stretch to ride a bike?” (laughing)
Get over here and give me a kiss you goof ball.

I pulled Kris onto my lap and started giving her kisses. Here, raise your arms, let’s take that shirt off. Now that bra has GOT to go hot stuff. I didn’t get any of these gorgeous tits this morning and I miss them terribly!
I started attacking her tits with licks and kisses, Sucking her nipples and tits into my mouth as deep as I could. Kris started moaning “Mmmm, Yes, Oh Yes.” You like me loving these tits of yours? “Yes”
And now you’re going to let me give you untold pleasures that you’ve never had before? “Yes!”
Butt sex fun? “Yes!” I pulled back and looked my lover in the eyes and gave her a soft kiss. Thank you babe.

I went over the details with Kris from start to finish.
We went into the bedroom and stripped down. Kris went into the bathroom to try and poop while I went to the kitchen and put the baby oil in a pan of hot water to warm up on the stove. Kris shouted that she was done so I went into the bathroom with her. She said she didn’t poop any but she did at home which was good. I drew some mildly warm water into the pitcher and added a little cleansing solution. We carried everything into the shower with us and set it on a big shelf I had.
I started the shower so we could get our waist, legs and floor wet a little then shut it off. I explained to Kris that muscle control was everything. I had her bend over with her hands against the wall and squirted some lube on my fingers. First I just rubbed around her butt hole to get used to the touch.

OK babe, push like you’re trying to poop then squeeze. Push and squeeze. We did that awhile for practice. I lubed my index finger. Now push and try to hold. She did and I slowly wormed my finger into her about an inch and held. Now squeeze my finger. She did. You did it babe! I slide my finger out. We played this game of push, enter, squeeze then pull out for awhile until she could take my whole finger.
I told her she now didn’t have to do the squeeze and to just relax after I entered. She pushed, I entered fully then she relaxed. I then pulled my finger back just a bit and pushed back in. I kept doing this going in and out further until I was full on finger fucking her butt. You did it babe, I’m actually fucking you now. “Yeah, it feels really wild”.

Next up I turned the shower back on and filled the douche bottle with the cleanser. I had Kris push and she was able to take the douche nozzle fully. I told her to squeeze and hold this time and I was going to squirt the cleanser into her butt. “Squeezing” So I slowly squeezed the bulb until it was all in Kris then withdrew it. She held awhile then I told her to push it out. A little dirty but not bad. We did this a number of times until she was cleaned out Even had her squat and stand a number of times to work it around. She seemed to like the warm water solution game!

We finished up in the bathroom and Kris went to the bedroom while I pulled the baby oil off the stove and took it to the bedroom. The oil was about right so I left it in the pan and put the lube in there too. I lit a bunch of candles and some sandalwood incense. I then had Kris lie down on the bed on her stomach. I went in a hit play on the stereo for the Indian music. Kris was like “I’ve never heard that before.” I told her it was for relaxation.
I squirted some oil on my hands and started massaging Kris’s shoulders and back. “Wow, this is very nice.” Just for you babe. I worked her back muscles over first then her thighs and calves.
I then went to her ass cheeks and lovingly massaged them over.
Now was the time. I had Kris rise up on her hands and knees then I put a couple of pillows long ways underneath her to support her torso. I then had her bend her knees forward then lower herself down hugging the pillows. Comfy babe? “Very”
OK, butt play time now? “OK”

I put a couple of towels down behind Kris on the bed. I then held a rag over her butt and told her to push. I felt a little more water and cleanser come out but she was clean now.
I got my middle finger lubed up. Ok babe, push. I entered with ease fully in just like we practiced. Now relax. I started the finger fucking and she was taking full strokes like a champ. You’re doing great babe!
I pulled out then added some more lube. Going back in, push. She opened up easily and I worked her open, in and out, in and out. I could feel Kris squeezing and relaxing on my finger and my hardon knew it too. I started circling my finger around her entry and pulling at the muscles to stretch them.

I’m going to rub your pussy babe. “OK” I reached my other hand down under and her pussy was very wet and swollen. I cupped and rubbed her labia for awhile massaging her then worked a finger through to rub her clit. She started getting some rocking motion going so I knew it was working on her. “Yes, yes, yes”. Was that my Kris? Are you having fun babe?
“Yes, my pussy is buzzing and my butt feels ….alive. Like I’ve never noticed it before.”
We did that for awhile then.
Let’s try another butt play trick. This time I lubed up my thumb.
We’re going a little bit bigger so push and hold. She did and I wormed my thumb into her ass until it popped inside. OK, squeeze and relax. I worked my thumb back and forth a little bit then I would pull it to max diameter than push back in. Kris was starting to pant now and buck.

Here’s a new challenge babe. I’m going to hold my thumb next to your hole and you’re going to push out and rock back and take it in. I lubed my thumb up and held the tip next to her hole so she felt it. OK babe. Push out and rock back. I felt her ass open up and slide over my thumb.
“Eeeee, yes!” Did that feel good baby. “Yes, I see what you mean now by the muscles.”

OK love, why don’t we do that for practice? “OK”
You just push back and slide on then pull off then back on. See how many times. I challenge you to 10. “You’re on Darlin!” OK, pull off and we’ll start. She slide off.
OK, ready. Kris pushed and slide over, YES. pulled off. Pushed back on again, YES. Now she had her rhythm going. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes all the way through. You won!

Next challenge. We’re going to try a butt toy. I got out the rubber dildo vibrator and showed her. It was about 6″ long and just under 3/4″. I lubed it up. OK babe, just try to push on and hold until you get used to it. “OK” I held the tip up to her hole. OK, push on.
Kris started pushing and I started twisting and slowly my girl open up and it slide in. You did it! Kris was panting.
I’m going to rub your pussy now. I started rubbing and she started worker her hips. I kept pressure on the vibe and slowly her ass swallowed about 4 inches of it. I slowly pulled out a bit then worked it back in. Getting her used to the ass fucking pussy connection.
Babe, Do you know you have most that dildo in your butt? “I do?” Yes you do. “It doesn’t hurt at all like I thought it would.”

I stopped rubbing her pussy.
Now I want YOU to fuck yourself on the dildo. I’ll hold it still. Kris started rocking forward and back taking it all except for where my finger held. We started the chant again, Yes, yes, yes. Faster and faster my lover was working the mini cock. She was so sexy and I was proud of her.
Babe, I’m going to remove the pillows now. You can just support yourself on your hands or elbows. “OK” I’m going to turn the vibrator on low. Bzzzzzz. “Mmmmmm, that’s nice. I can feel it in my pussy too!” Ride it baby. And she did. I started working it around pushing it this was and that as Kris plunged back and forth. More vibration babe, BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Kris let out an “EEEEEEEEEE! oh my god, oh my god!” I could see her bucking and starting to shake so I turned the vibe off. I didn’t want her to come yet. “Why did you turn it off?” I thought it might be too much for you.”No, it was crazy, wild. I never knew I had so much sex feelings in my butt.”

Well, you do and I can’t wait to feel those sex feelings on MY cock! I pulled the dildo out and walked around the bed where Kris could see my cock throbbing and leaking precum. I flexed it so it bobbed up and down and let her salivate on it awhile.
I stuck my middle finger in my mouth wetting it then reached over and pushed in right into Kris’s ass. It was squeezing and pulsing around my finger. Then Kris reached up and grabbed my cock a moment, feeling the heat and pulse. I pulled her hand away. Sorry babe, you’ll make my come. You’re so sexy I’m about the burst now. “How old do I have to be to get fucked in the butt?” I laughed a bit then caught myself. Sorry, babe, You’re old enough now. It’s more an issue of how much practice you have had or how good you are at it. And you seem to have done rather well!
Actually, there are girls a lot younger than you that like butt sex. “Really? You’re just making that up to fuck me!” No, I actually have a magazine that has pictures of girls doing it. “I WANT to see it!” I pulled my finger out of Kris’s ass, Wiped it off and told her to go ahead and lay down and relax.

I went to the spare room where I had a particular box of dirty mags. And at the bottom of that box I had a particular magazine. And in that magazine was several full color pictorial sets of young Euro girls getting fucked in the pussy or ass. Sucking cock. Taking dildos, etc. I got the box at a estate clean out I worked. The old man died and we were having to go through the stuff to pitch the junk and set the good stuff aside for some out of state relatives. I just kept the box of common dirty mags to add to my collecting rather than tossing them out. They sat untouched for over a year before I looked at them. And then the particular mag in question had the cover of a Playboy over that! It wasn’t until I opened the mag that I discovered the contents.

I fished the mag out, grabbed a few drinks and the joint then went in to see Kris. We had a drink and a toke then I told her: You can look at this, but after that you forget all about it. You’ve never seen it, You didn’t know such things even existed. This is highly illegal. “OK” “Where did you get it?” I found it in a box of magazines that were in the trash. I did not buy it.

Here babe, sit on this clean towel so you don’t get butt lube on the blanket and you won’t get your butt dirty. Kris sat up Indian style and I sat the mag in her lap. She hesitated a second then jumped in. “Look at that! Oh my god, How old is she, That thing is huge, etc, etc.

One caught Kris’s eye. It showed a beautiful dark haired French girl with shopping bags and the Eiffel tower behind her. In another pic she was playing on the beach topless with just a hot pink bikini bottom. The rest of the pics were of her average dick “Dad” and “Uncle” giving her a gangbang in all 3 holes. One to include an Anal/ Vaginal DP. I had to explain to Kris some of the written info as it was all foreign. I’ve looked at the mag enough to have figured out most of it.
It translates to: “11 year old Sophia loves shopping in Paris and playing on the beach with her Dad and Uncle.” And evidently bedroom games too.

The next that tripped her was a gorgeous German blonde. She was flat chested except for big pointy nipples and a full round bubble butt to die for. The tame pics showed her at a Oktoberfest and another she was snow skiing somewhere. The sex pics showed her getting fucked by a muscled German hunk with an 11″ cock! She was sucking him and pussy fucking him what she could take, but most of it was anal doggy or anal cowgirl where she took it all. One I really liked, and I pointed it out to Kris, was where he was sitting on a couch and she had mounted him anally reverse cowgirl squatting. She was about fully impaled with her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open. The guy hand his hands on her flat chest with her nipples pointing out between his fingers. I had to avoid the pic except to glance or I would have come on the spot.
It says: “13 year old Ingrid enjoys a beer at Oktoberfest and the other pic something about skiing the winter Olympics.” The man “Hans” was supposed to be her ski instructor.

But what sealed OUR fate was the last pictorial. It was a young, dark haired, Italian girl in her house. The tame pics showed the girl in the kitchen holding a loaf of bread she had baked and the other was her standing at an easel painted a picture. In the sex pics she’s in her bedroom laying back on her bed naked. She’s holding up an 8 inch dildo in each hand looking at them. In the next pic she’s sucking on one. In another pic she’s got her legs spread and a dildo in her pussy while sucking on the other. Then another similar shot with a dildo in her ass and sucking on the other. Another pic showing her ass doggy style with dildo in pussy and sucking on the other. But the grand finale last pic was the same ass view, doggy style. She had reached her little hand between her legs and was holding a dildo halfway into her pussy and the other dildo was impaled about 6 inches into her ass just hanging out on its own.
It says: “9 year old Natalia cannot decide between pastry chef or professional artist.”

“You have got to be kidding me! A 9 year old girl has a dildo in both places?” Yup
Kris drops the mag and falls backwards kicking her feet out. I say: Kris, Kris baby, did you pass out again? She giggles.
“But how would a girl like that learn about dildos?” Maybe she knows a friendly neighbor that has a motorcycle and a truck that loves young girls. (Owe, again!) “Yup”
“And just How Many young girls have you trained?” Oh, quite a few. (Ouch!)
But you’re the youngest and prettiest.

I got up from the bed. Grabbed Kris’s ankles, spun her around, then spread her legs and fell in between them and declared: and the most incredible, delectable and always edible. Then stuck my mouth on her pussy, play chewing until she was screaming “No, No, No” then “Yes, Yes, Yes.”
Make up your mind love. “No” ok….. “Yes” So I attacked her again. “Noooooo,… on my pussy. Yeeess on my butt.”
Are you saying??? Kris simply bent her knees up and reached a finger down into her butt and said “Feels empty. Needs to be filled again.” She lower her legs.
And what brought this on? “I’m horny and I’m sure not gonna let some 9 year old Italian girl beat me.”
And when is this supposed to happen exactly? Well, that’s up in the air, but definitely before 5 pm today.”
Do I need to call a professional? “No Steven Ray, you’ll do fine for now”
Very well. I got up slowly and somber. Stood up straight and looked at Kris then started whooping and hollering and dancing around! I thought she was going to die laughing.

Babe, I want you to be sure. Don’t do this to make me happy or to beat some girl. She may have even been forced to do that. “But she did it so it is possible. And those other girls all did it too. That blonde girl with that big dick in her butt, WoW!” “I want to at least try. If it does hurt to much I’ll quit.” “And let’s do it like that blonde girl on the couch!”
Yeah babe!! And remember there’s plenty of other fun things we can do without getting hurt. “Okaay”

Hang on love. I went out to the shop and got some masking tape and took it to the bedroom. I then got out the 1-1/8 inch wide tapered buttplug and taped the base to a spare belt I had then put the belt on around my stomach with the plug pointing straight out. Kris was like WTH? You’ll see. I then lied down in the center of the bed.
OK love, get on your hands and knees next to me so I can see your butt. Mmmm, there it is! Kris had closed up some, but still had a little open hole. I lubed up the dildo and turned the vibe on low and said Push. I pushed and Kris accepted. Ok, babe. just relax and enjoy. We’ll get you worked up and open again. Kris did the pushing in and out and I did the gyrations. She seemed loose and we were gaining no further ground with the dildo. Are you ready to try the plug. “Yes”

I pulled the dildo out of Kris and set it aside. While lubing up the plug I told her: Push out when trying and see if you can go all the way. If you can’t slide back up and squeeze a couple times then try again.. And you can slide all the way off if it hurts to much. She knew. I squirted some more lube on my finger a couple of times try to push more into Kris. She felt pretty wet now.

OK, climb on baby. Kris straddled me a squatted down but couldn’t keep her balance that well on the bed so I raised my wrists up vertical so she had a grip for her hands. Here babe, handle bars, grab on. “Vroom Vroom!” Kris moved her feet around and squatted until she located the plug then pushed down. “It’s going in.” Good babe. Now just ride it up and down, push and squeeze. We have plenty of time. Kris was sweating, mouth dry licking her lips. I could feel the pressure on my stomach push then release when she would go up and down. Kris was having trouble and around the 7th try I tightened my stomach muscles and raised up a bit when Kris pushed down and Bam, it was in. Kris did a big HuuH and her eyes flew wide open! “I did it!” Yes you did babe, another victory.
Kris tried to pull back up but was stuck. She got worried and I told her to just leave it in a relax awhile and sit on my stomach. You’re just naturally squeezing after being opened up so much. I gave her a rag to wipe her sweat and reached over and got the vibrating egg out of the toy box to give to Kris. I kept the controller. Now rub the pointy end on your pussy to get a feel for it. She let go of me with her right hand to grab the egg and started rubbing it against her. She wasn’t much impressed. Turning it on… Then it was “oh,Oh, OH!” Kris started bucking her hips and I started pushing my belly up and down and Kris popped loose. I shut the egg off and had her give it to me. Now ride the plug again babe till it goes in. You know how much pressure it takes now. I want to push out and slide it all the way in. Then squeeze as much as you need then relax and lift up. Kris grabbed my wrist back and started working the plug and on the third push I locked my stomach and she took it all. Squeeze babe then relax and pull against my wrist. I could feel the plug move with her as she squeezed and when she calmed she pulled and came right off. I worked Kris another couple more minutes until she could take the plug in one push, squeeze a couple of times then pull off.

OK Miss Krystal Lynn. Onto the real thing. “Really? I’m ready?” Yes love.
While Kris was off the plug I removed the belt and set it aside. I grabbed the lube and worked my cock over heavy then had Kris turn around and give me her ass so I could pack some more lube into her. She was open about a nickle size now relaxed. I grabbed a rag at the ready. Babe, squeeze your butt a couple of times then push out and hold as long as you can. I saw Kris’s hole close up and crinkle a few times then she pushed out and opened up a beautiful 3/4 inch flower. She was flared out like a bell. A continuous circle of asshole lip. Every ridge and fold unique. I ran the tip of my finger around her ass lips a couple of times like those people who make music on the lip of a glass. I then pushed on inside feeling the walls of my lovers butt that she was going to give me. Kris was only able to push for about 7 seconds but it was enough. I had her push a few more times so I could load her up. Too much ass practice never hurts!

Hop aboard Hot Stuff. Let’s show those other girls what you’ve got. Kris was excited and determined now. She swung her leg over and got on top of me.
Now put your hands on my chest and slide back until you can feel my cock. Then push and try to slide on. Kris finally got adjusted and lined up. She pushed, opened and I could feel her ass lips kissing around the tip of my cock. She tried about five times to open and push on but couldn’t. She was getting pissed again. OK babe, you’re going to do a 1st try, then a 2nd try, then on the 3rd try give it all you got. “OK” I grabbed Kris above her hip bones to help her push. A one, a two, and threeeee. Kris grunted, I pushed her down and pushed my cock up and I finally entered my lover. Kris was panting a Oh, oh,oh. Just rest baby, you did it. You won. I had the head and about 1-1/2 inches of shaft inside Kris. Her stretched asshole was squeezing like crazy try to close up on me. Don’t pull off baby. “I won’t now.” I put another big glob of lube on my fingers and put it on Kris and I where we were joined. Babe, are you ready for another squeeze squeeze push. “OK”.
You count off babe so I know when you’re going to push. “OK, here we go.” Squeeze ….. squeeze….and PUSH! “EEEEEE” Now Kris was panting a Ew, Ew, Ew. Kris got another 3 inches of me in her. You okay babe. “Yes” “It hurts just a little. It just all new.” I proud of you girl. You’ve come a long way. Just cross your arms and lay your head one my chest and rest. I rubbed Kris’s back for awhile till she calmed and her squeezing slowed.
I put some more lube on us then grabbed Kris ass and started slowly worked her up and down against my little thrust in and out. Kris raised up a little bit and said “We’re fucking aren’t we.” Yes we are my love. Kris raised back up and put her hands on my chest. Baby. you ride me as you need. “OK” I grabbed Kris’s hips just to steady her but she set the speed and depth of the strokes. She was finally feeling it now bucking her hips. I let her play awhile like this then. Babe, let me teach you another trick.”OK” Push and take me as deep as you can then squeeze and hold as as you slide up. “OK” I grabbed Kris’s ass again and when I felt her push and slide i helped her down to take most of my cock then helped lift her up along the squeeze. “Oh my god. it’s like I’m milking you.” That you are love. Now see how fast you can go up and down even if you can’t squeeze much. “OK”
Then Kris started working up the speed and I helped. She was doing a great job on me. but I was dying to cum. Kris could only go so fast being a first timer so I started working her up and down on my cock and pounding her good. My young lover was taking all 7 inches now.
Kris was moaning and panting “Ha, Ha, Ha.”
Riding me baby, ride me hard. “Yes. yes, yes.”
Do you like my cock in your ass now? “Yes Darlin, it’s so hard and hot, throbbing inside me.”
Your hot little ass is mine now, got that! “Yes honey. my ass belongs to you.”
I will fuck this tight ass whenever I want! “Yes Darlin. use my ass anytime.”
You will take all my cock until you can’t take any more. “I need all your hard cock inside me.”
I’m going to give you my cum now baby. “Do you want my cum? “Oh, yes I need it now!”
You will take all the cum I offer you. “Yeees, I need it ALL. All for me.”
Going to give it to you deep in your ass! “Yes honey, I need it deep inside me.”
I’m going to hold you tight and fill you up. “Yes, Darlin fill me up with hot cum”
Here it comes, here it comes baby, MMMMM MMMMM MMMMM MMMMM MMMMMMMM!!
“Yes, yes yes, It’s hot inside me. I love it!”

I’d pulled Kris’s ass tight to me with all I had and pumped five hard blast in her.
My sweet lovers legs where quivering and she was shaking all over. Her tight ring was throbbing and squeezing the base of my cocking gripping me tight. It was so wonderful.to be fully inside my beautiful young lover Krystal Lynn.

I eased up the hold on Kris and looked up at her. My sexy lovers eyes were closed and her mouth open and slack. Kris, Kris, Kris baby. Her beautiful green eyes finally fluttered open. I smiled at her and said “You did it!” Kris smiled back and replied “Noo, WE did it!” We just stared into each others eyes silently awhile. I knew my lover was exhausted so I had her lie down on my chest to recover while I stroked her back.

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  • Reply Dawn ID:4xct77zk

    Such detail. You write in a way that enables me to close my eyes and taste her. Please don’t stop.

    • SteveLuvsTweens ID:14s69ttut0d

      Thanks Dawn
      I’m hoping to finish (this week) the next telling of a long afternoon playfest with Kris that will be another 3 or 4 part story.

  • Reply AvW ID:37213f2hm

    Please continue. Would like if you could indicate Steve’s conversation by using quotation marks. They are being used for Kris’ conversation.

    • SteveLuvsTweens ID:14s69ttut0d

      I knew it would be kind of confusing between the descriptions and the conversation.

      I’ll just put an (S) or quotes next to anything Steve says to Kris unless it’s a continuous back and forth discussion where only Kris will be quoted.

      I find when each character is quoted it’s gets confusing on who’s saying what.
      Unless every line is filled with.
      And I said “X”
      Then she replied “X”
      Then I told her “X”
      She said “X”

      When you’re doing short, single line conversation this is kind of distracting.

  • Reply SteveLuvsTweens ID:14s69ttut0d

    Thanks Bama. It was certainly more long winded than I wanted, but it seemed necessary to show how a 12 yr old went from just wiping her butt to riding a cock and loving it. Glad to know that Kris and I will never have to go through all that training again!

  • Reply BamaWoods ID:4o6ydgchi

    That made me light headed, slow strokes, wow, great job, it reads like an instruction manual ha ha but now that she has been initiated there’s no turning back. Please do continue