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Friendly neighbour

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Always loved sex, specially with strangers

I am Pia a Swedish teenage girl and live with my family in a 7-story house with 3 apartments per floor. An elderly man had moved in a few days earlier on the floor under us. I meet him on the way out and he says HI! To me. I just moved into my new apartment.

I am Tim and I see you before are you living on top of me? Yes, I am, I am Pia. I smile and he says do you like to make some money Pia? I just have my moving-in party last night and I really need a girl to help me clean. I say yes I can but I must go up and talk to mom.

When I come up I see mom talking on her mobile with her friend. I know how angry she will be if I disturb her. So, I close the door and I go down and ring his doorbell and I wait for him to open the door.

He says are you already back Pia. He smiles and he gives me that look as many guys do. I know that look but I didn’t care. I just think it was like in school in a day it will be okay-

I am a 170 cm long girl a bit too long for my age. I have blonde long hair and blue eyes my breasts are big and round which guys like. I have a small butt and long narrow legs and a slim body. I am a pure Swedish dream girl as my dad’s old porn movies say. Yes, I see them but please don’t tell dad.

So, I go down to Tim and ring the doorbell. He opens the door and he let me in. I was a bit scared it was the first time I was alone with him. So, I go in and I hear the door close and look behind us. I take off my shoes in summer so it is all I have on me.

He invites me and he ask if I want a bit of Tea I says yes, we sit down and start to talk about the money. So, will 500 be okay Pia? Yes sure. I start to pick up and clean his apartment. We start to talk a bit he was a really nice guy to talk to. He was sitting on the couch and looking at the TV was sport on and drinking his beer. I start to clean the table.

So, I come close to him and he grabs me and put me in his lap. I was surprised and he says relax Pia take a break. I feel his hand on my hips as I sit on his lap. Slowly I feel his hand under my shirt slowly. I stand and laugh and smile what are you doing Tim? I didn’t know what to do. He laughed and say sorry I just see you look so beautiful.

I go to the kitchen and start to clean. When I finished the kitchen and I started to wash up the dishes, I heard footsteps behind me and someone was standing behind me. I felt hands that grabbed my hips and then started to lift my shirt up to my armpits. He jerked a couple of times and then I reluctantly gave in and lifted my arms. He pulls it over my head and I feel him fast unbutton my bra and pull it all of f me.

I stand there without anything and I feel his hands around my breast. He kisses my neck and squeezed my breast. No man has done this to me. He kisses me more and he let my breast go. I feel his hand leave my breast and he starts to unbutton my jeans. He starts to pull them down.

I put my hands down and try to pull them back up but I reluctantly gave up and let him pull down my jeans before. I know it he pulls down my panties I was naked in his kitchen. He stands up and I see he was naked too.

I feel his cock against my ass. He pushes his cock against my ass and grab my hips and move me a bit it happened I feel his cock against my pussy and it slide into my pussy a bit of a surprising feeling and it moved into me deep into my pussy.

He starts to fuck me as I stand in his kitchen naked. His hands were strong and he keep me in place. He pushes me down on the sink my breasts were wet with water and suds from the detergent. He fucks me hard to I feel it happen he come in my pussy. He says to me to stand on my knee so I did.

He comes closer to me and put his cock against my lips and he says suck my cock. I slowly open my mouth and he pushes it into my mouth and I start to suck his cock. It grows in my mouth as I suck it hard.

I feel his hand grab my hair and he makes my head go faster up and down on his cock and he comes in my mouth. My mouth was so full of his sperm. But I swallow as other girls in my school were talking about swallowing a guy’s sperm. I never think it happens to me.

But now I suck a guy’s cock for the first time in my life. He fucks me without asking if it was okay. I was no longer a virgin. But I eat pills so it was not a problem. He says to me suck my cock hard and let us go to bed. I start to suck and I look up as I suck his cock it was a flash from his Mobile camera.

I was naked sucking his cock I open my mouth and let his cock out to complain and he talks some more naked photos of me. Pia, you have an amazing body, nice boobs, A click of a new flash, He grabbed my hair braid and pulled me with him to his room.

He makes me lay down on my belly and he lay down on top of me and I feel his cock against my ass. His hand opens my legs and I feel his cock against my pussy. He pushes it into my pussy. He slowly starts to fuck me. He fucks me hard for a long time and then I feel the hot load of his sperm into my pussy. He kisses my neck this is amazing. You will sleep with me many more times Pia.

I turn my head what? Many times more? Yes, you live next door so it will not be any problems right Pia? I silently say a reluctantly Yes. He rolled off me and he says to me come and ride on my cock. I ask what he men and he tells me to come on top and ride on his cock. I did as he says. I have been riding horses as a young girl so I was good at riding and he was so happy.

He comes again in my pussy. My mobile started to call I get off him and answer it was mom and she say to me it was time to come home. I come in 30 min mom I end the call. He says you can clean your pussy in my shower. He points to the door. I go to his shower and I put on my cloth. He gives me two 500 thanks, Pia. See you tomorrow.

I left and I go to my home. I go to my room and rest for 5 minutes. I start to think about all this. I feel like it all happen again. The shirt he pulls over my head. The bra he takes off me. I stood there with nothing on my top and his hands on my breasts first cold and then he squeezed them and he kisses my neck and my shoulder.

He looks down at my breast and whispers in my ear relax Pia. I feel it when he starts with my jeans. I know it was too late to resist. I have been talking to my friends about guys and sex. Some of us have experience with guys, Boyfriends, Brothers, older men, and family members. We talk about it all and now I can start to share my new experiences with this man

To take his cock in my mouth was scary. A strange feeling and the smell of urine and sperm. To know what will happen was strange and to open my mouth and wait for him to come was a bit scary but I am proud that I did it.

The first time his cock slide into my pussy I was really scared but it was not hurting so much as some girls tell me. His body was over me was a bit scary in the beginning. But slowly I start to feel it okay. It was an okay first time I think.

I woke up my mom call me and say the food was ready. I go to the kitchen the food was ready mom and dad look at me. Are you okay mom asks. I am okay do you have a boyfriend? NO mom I don’t have a Boyfriend. What is that mark on your shoulder it looks like a kissing mark.

Mom and Dad laugh. We eat and I go to bed early. Mom come into my room and we had a long talk. She tells me to go shower and I did. I come back to the room and my dad was waiting for me. I was naked under the towel. He pulls it off me and says Mom wants me to teach you about sex. I look at him and I feel his hand on my breast it was a beginning of a long night.

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