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On the road with papa

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I love my life, it’s just me and my papa traveling in his truck every summer, of course, we settle down once it’s time for me to go back to school.

But when I turned 14 my dad saw I was growing much I wasn’t like the other boys, I saw small and scrawny a twink some older girls would call me.

I didn’t know what it was until I searched it up on my phone while on a road trip, I was a shota or a twink from what I saw in the pictures.

My cock had gotten stiff and I had a solid 5 inches and I first jerked off to a guy buff and hairy like my dad putting his cock in the smaller twinks butt.

White stuff had sprayed all over my phone I cleaned up and j was afraid, was this bad? Would my dad be mad, I tried to think of answers until the truck stopped.

We were at a rest stop not many people here I grabbed my stuff and walked to the shower my dad said he would be there in a minute.

When I got to the showers there was a man and I hated these types of showers no stalls just a tiled room with 10 shower heads, the man was buff and hairy his cock was big and hairy I set my stuff on a bench and my cock was hard.

I turned on a shower 3 heads down from his he looked over and smiled he told me I could get closer so I went next to him, he made small talk while I lathered up and he began stroking his cock and asked if I ever saw an adult cock I said no and only in the videos.

He let me move over to him and play with his it barely fit in my hands but I forced him to whimper when his big fingers pushed in my butt I moaned and I felt another person behind me.

It was papa but he wasn’t mad but he kisses my head and talked to the dude going to where I was, he told the guy that my butt was reserved for him but he could take my throat.

And he did the whole time I was supposed to be shower I was on the ground taking adult cock while my little boy cock leaked on the floor.

When he came it was bitter but I swallowed to please my papa and the guy.

I finally showered and got dressed in shorts and a tank top.

In the truck I laid in the back ok the covered bed of the truck and pulled my shorts down I fingered my butt with a bit of baby oil I had and it felt so good.

I was curious about myself and I wanted papa to help me explore my body.

Part 2?

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    Hot!! Can’t wait for part 2!

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    Please do a part 2