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Brutal Brothers Pt1

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How i was raped by my brother brutally and its just the start.

Hi! I am a tamil girl and I’m 16 years old. My name is Shabnim born into a muslim family. Both my mother and father have recently gone to maharashtra for job so I live with my 7 brothers. They are all older than me. Rashid is youngest(19) and Shoial is oldest(26). I am a 5’1″ dark skinned girl with medium size tits. This is a story of how my brothers used me and raped me everyday since mom and dad left. Firstly all of my brothers are extremely sadist and loves to watch girls in pain.

It all started before my parents even left. I had a huge crush on one of my brother Shakil(20) and had been stalking on him for a long time. He have a muscular body just like all of my brothers and is fair skinned. One day Mom and Dad weren’t home and I came back from school early. When I entered home I came to know there was no one at home except shakil and he too was having a bath. So I decided to stalk on him and opened bathroom gate slightly. What I saw was not less than a horrific sight. His dick wasn’t even hard and was still atleast 8 inches. He saw me watching him and winked at me, I blushed and ran to my home. I was both horrified as well as excited which made me hot.

After few days my parents left and it seemed he was just waiting for right opportunity. I used to sleep with mom and Dad and after they were gone my brothers decided Shakil will sleep with me, but I didn’t knew his cruel intentions.

He had made a video of me masturbating screaming his name which meant he knew all along. He blackmailed me and said he will show it to mom and dad. I started cursing him and abused him a lot. He got angry with me and sent it to mom. I pleaded him to delete him but he denied. I said i’ll do anything he will say just unsend this. He emphasized on word Anything And I said yes still unaware of things coming at me. He did unsend it. He than said “It’s time to punish you for being a bad bad girl” He asked me to get on the knees and I did so and he just dropped his pants down showing his 11 inch circumcised bulk hard as rock and hot as lave. I thought He will ask me to give a blowjob but he smirked and Asked me to get up and lay on the bed. I did so with tears coming from my eyes with fear. He started cursing me words like bitch, slut and started slapping my face hard. I had never been slapped that hard before and It was so so painful I couldn’t bear it. My face was burning and was completely red and after 11-12 slaps he started ripping my clothes literally with me kept begging him not to do so. After my clothes he took my bra and panties off tore them and too all of undergarments from cupboard and tore them as well. He said Sluts Don’t need these, these are for girls and ladies not for sluts. I was feeling ashamed of words my own elder brother saying to me. Then he took a bucket of water and put it beside me. Next thing I knew was him between my legs with his 11 inched lined up with my pussy. I was afraid as hell. I was a Virgin not even wet and he didn’t used any lube at all. Before I could speak amything He pushed all his dich inside me in one go, the only thing i saw was blood coming out like a shower. I passed out of pain. Then I got to know the use of water he put beside me he used that water on my face to bring back my consciousness and without any further delay started raping me fast and hard. It was so much painful i was screaming and crying and it turned him even more he ripped my pussy apart and kept going at full speed getting turned on by watching me in so much pain, blood was oozing out of my pussy continuously but he didn’t cared about me. Although I was in so much pain i was liking just because he was having fun with my body. He destroyed me totally for 4 long hours and i got passed out 5 times and he came in me 3 times. During it slapped me molested my tits and much more. In the end he just threw me on floor spitted on my face and started rubbing his feet on my face hard and said this is where you belong slut and I happily accepted my fate just because of my love towards my brother.

This is just first part. This is just start and will get worse and worse.

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  • Reply brutal fucking ID:1ah770leqr9

    i need second part fast

  • Reply Daddygirl ID:135zg01c8k

    Keep it brutal

    • Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

      Du kleine Fotze magst es hart

  • Reply Cunthater ID:135zg01c8k

    Great story, whore sister deserves all the pain, rip those big and big

  • Reply Meilin ID:o6a6nhj

    he was to gentle with you. wickrme meilin29

  • Reply Veronica ID:5srcti3t0i

    I only wish everyone is okay

  • Reply brutal fucking ID:1ah770leoic

    me too tamil

    • Daddygirl ID:135zg01c8k

      Are you on kik? Let’s chat

  • Reply Dan ID:5jq6vib12q4

    What a fantastic sex toy are going to be for all your brothers. I hope everyone of your brothers breed you that little fucking Cunt needs to have a baby in it every 10 minutes you fucking whore.

    • Trinity ID:1e1e3gea7typ

      Why he meen

    • Trinity ID:1e1e3gea7typ

      Why my bruther mad Me Reed this

    • Hanna ID:1ddm1hkyk75f

      Omg this is the best story ever I rly wish it was me tho I’m 13

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y20k

    Talk about lucky! Not just sister to 7 muscular brothers, but all as sadistic as fuck! Keep going and keep it fucking nasty!!