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Playtime with a new girl

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Met a girl yesterday and ended up fucking her in her nans bathroom. Her brother had a go as well.

My parents took me to visit my grandparents yesterday, don’t get me wrong I love them and everything and it was nice seeing them but after the first half hour it was really boring, when I first got there my nan gave me a big hug and kiss and gave me some cake and stuff, then my parents started talking to them having their usual grown up boring conversations and I was so bored.

I’d brought my ball with me so I went outside for a kick about, the bungalow they lived in was next to loads of others in a sort of circle and behind them all was one big open grass area, I was kicking my ball about for probably an hour and then I started kicking it up high so it landed on the bungalow roof and then rolled back down, but one time I kicked it and it hit their old chimney and bounced along a couple of roofs then went over the top.

I ran around to the front to find it and there was this girl, she was about my age, maybe a year or two younger, but she was nice, she saw my ball land in her grandparents garden and was standing there holding it, “Is this yours?” she asked, I was instantly smitten, her name was Fiona, she had blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing black leggings and a black t-shirt with a glittery “DISCO” logo on the front.

I walked over to her and slowly took the ball from her hands, “Yeah.” I replied, I was blushing and smiling, when I took the ball from her my fingers touched her hands and it made my heart beat faster, her younger brother came out, “Oh, can we play football?” he asked after seeing my ball.

And so we all just went around the back in to the big open area and kicked the ball around, it was really fun having other kids to play with, I flirted with Fiona by passing her the ball more than her brother and I watched her running around, when she would bend over to pick up the ball her leggings would ride down a bit at the back and showed her bum crack, she noticed and always pulled them back up, but it great seeing her ass.

Then we started playing tackle tag, running around trying to tackle each other was great, I’d always go for her when it was my turn, I’d chase her and then grab her around the waste tackling her down on to the grass, her ass pressing against my crotch when I landed on her made my cock go hard, and accidentally touching her small boobs didn’t help, it was a right laugh though.

Fiona needed the toilet so she went back to her nans house and left me and her brother to kick the ball a bit, as she ran towards the bungalow, just before she disappeared behind the side wall, she turned her head and looked right at, she winked and smiled then waved her hand discretely, it looked like she wanted me to follow her, “Can I use your nans toilet?” I asked to her brother, he said yeah so I kicked him the ball and said I’ll be right back.

I walked in the front door, their nan was sleeping on the chair, so I quietly walked by and to the bathroom, I opened the door and rushed inside, Fiona was actually using the toilet, sat on it with her leggings around her ankles peeing, I just took my pants down and flashed my semi-hard cock at her, her facial expressions told me she’d not seen one before, then I stepped up to her, “Go on, touch it.” I said, she reached out and grabbed it, and then rubbed it nicely.

“How old are you?” I asked her.

“10.” She replied.

“Cool. I’m 13.” I said, “So, you ever had sex?” I asked.

She blushed and shook her head, “No.” she replied.

“You’re really pretty. I like you.” I said.

“I like you too.” She replied, still rubbing my cock.

I heard her stop peeing so I reached down between her legs and rubbed her piss soaked pussy, my semi-hard got full-hard and I couldn’t help thrusting my hips forward and ramming my cock in to her face, I pushed it against her lips and she looked confused about what to do with it, “You just suck it.” I explained, her lips parted and she welcomed my cock in to her mouth and sucked and licked it while I fingered her pussy.

“Do you want to try sex?” I asked, she clearly wasn’t sure but still said yes.

She stood up and I put the toilet seat down, then I turned her around and helped her pull off her t-shirt, then I bent her over so her hands were on the toilet seat and her ass was pressed against my crotch, I guided my cock, first I teased her pussy with my tip until she was nice and wet, then I pushed it in her hole, she groaned and her hands slipped on the toilet seat, “Ooh – Oow”, then I just fucked her from behind.

She’d got me aroused a lot while we were playing outside so I was already at my peak, it only took a couple of pushes before I spunked inside her and she groaned when she felt me do it.

Then her brother must have got tired of waiting because he knocked on the bathroom door, “What you doing in there?” he asked, we didn’t want him to wake his nan so we opened the door and dragged him inside quickly, “Shush.” Fiona told him.

He saw her naked and he saw my hard cock and he chuckled, “What you doing?” he asked.

“Don’t tell.” Said Fiona, “Promise.” She added.

“-K –“ he replied.

Then she willingly just bend over the toilet again, so I positioned myself behind her, “Watch this.” I said to her brother, I put my cock between her bum cheeks and then pushed it in her ass hole, she screamed before putting her own hand over her mouth to silence herself, and I started fucking her ass, after a while I saw him fiddling with his crotch, he must have liked watching us but he couldn’t have a boner at his age, could he.

“Pull your pants down.” I said, curious to see what he’s got in there.

He pulled them down and he did have a boner, it was only small though, and he had tiny little balls, “You want to try this?” I asked, and he nodded eagerly.

Fiona squealed like a little piggy when I spunked in her ass and then I pulled out, I held her brothers shoulders and positioned him behind her, “Put your willy in that hole there.” I said, pointing to Fiona’s pussy hole, he had a small cock but managed to put it in her, then he was humping her, didn’t have a clue was he was doing, but he smiled so he liked it.

He puffed and panted for ages and then stopped, I don’t think he spunked though, probably too young to do that.

Then we all got dressed again and went back outside and played some more kick ball.

So that was what happened, met a girl and fucked her in her nans bathroom and got her brother to fuck her too, it was a good day.

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  • Reply Donald

    Love it. They have to learn so time. I bet they fuck every day.


    Great Story Do Part 2

  • Reply Anonymous

    fucked up

    • 6924cm

      Yes you are, in the head. Now leave the kid alone.

  • Reply Anon

    What the actual fuck is wrong with you

    • 6924cm

      He is a kid, idiot… What’s wrong with YOU?