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no regrets part 9

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Its now been 40 years since I was last with my sister she is now 59 and im 65. she is still married to the same man who is now 80. I speak to her on the phone once a month and see her maybe once a year.
We have never spoken about what happened all those years ago but we have a great relationship still.
She phoned me the other day and asked the usual how are you ,got a new girlfriend yet? I blurted out its been that long since I have seen a naked woman I have forgotten what a fanny looks like.
she laughed it off and said try sleeping with a 80 year old man lol.
Later that night she sends me a message on face book along with a photo of her beautiful fanny.
10mins later she rings me and asked if I like the photo, like hell I said, I’m still hard from looking at it.
She said that’s good and said she was really horny and did I want to help her out.
I asked about the husband and she said they don’t sleep in the same room anymore and haven’t had sex for years. then she said I will ring you back in a minute. This time it was a video call She seemed a bit embarrassed but showed me her breasts and then down to her beautiful fanny.
she was fingering her self and moaning, my cock was super hard.
Then she said tell me what I would do to her the more I talked the hotter she got, she then blurted out she was coming and with that I blew my load over my stomach. Wow I said that was really exciting.
She said that it was super exciting and would love it to continue.
Since then she rings at least once a week sometime just to talk but other times for our mutual masturbation sessions
I’m going down in the next couple of month so hopefully we can find somewhere to fuck

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