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My neighbour’s son

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This story is real. Though I can’t remember exact words spoken, story is 100% true. Hope u all enjoy. Don’t forget to comment.

Kid is my neighbour’s son.. i know him since his birth.. he grew out tobe a really sexy 12 yo boy… i used to be his babysitter a lot..
At first, things were normal.. then i was l was totally on to him..
when i was babysitting, i startrd to touch him while asleep.. this turned out be kissing his body.. after few times, i couldn’t resist anymore..
One day, i pulled down his pyjamas and slowly sucked him.. it was great.. he didn’t get hard though.. he smelled like really fresh.. oh my!
In third or fourth time, he woke up.. I was scared to death.. I didn’t wanna harm the boy.. he was confused, he asked ‘what are u doing’.. I hesitantly said, adults do this, and don’t worry.. he said ‘it is weird’ and pulled up his pants..
But he wasn’t upset.. I thought this is my chance, and asked him ‘do u like it’ .. at 12 they know about sex right, so i knew he was no baby.. I said ‘ if u enjoy it, nothing is wrong’.. this convincing went on & on.. I am not gonna bore u with details.. but finally he gave up.
I asked him have u ever had your cock sucked by anybody, and he said no. THen i said, have any of your friends done so, he said yes. I told him ‘ see, you’re already behind’. I saw it as my opportunity. I said ‘it doesn’t matter who suck you cock, u don’t need to tell anybody, only u have to enjoy, that is how it is for all boys’.
He finally said, ‘ok’. I was over the moon. I wasted no time, and asked him to lie on the bed. He lied on his back. I slowly pulled down his pyjamas again. popped out the beuatiful cock, it was like 4 inches, very yummy.. I lowered myself to his crotch and smelled first, then took his cock in to mouth.. it was soft.. I felt it getting harder bit by bit.. Oh my… I sucked it untill he moans,, I took his balls into my mouth, then I took both cock & balls into mouth..It was great… I was out of my mind.
then i flipped him and put my face between his butt cheeks.. heavenly… ate his butt for few minutes.. but he needed me to suck him. then i started to suck him again.. kissed his tummy, nipples, face, but he didn’t want to lip kiss.. I kept on sucking and sucking,, in like 5 minutes, he was at peek , twitching. and then I felt that amazing warm young cum in mouth… sweetest taste of all time…. I kept his cock in my mouth until it soften… I got a wet towel.. cleaned him… He was bit shocked and upset afterwords.. he then asked me not to tell anybody, ( I was supposed to be theone to tell that,.. ha ha). I said to him,, what we did was amazing and very good and healthy.. nothing wrong with that,, we bot need to keep it secret, then we can enjoy at any time he likes.. You know that feeling after cumming, right? I said it is very normal, and for the first time, i went to bed with him that day…

I fucked him two weeks after that.. story for another time.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    I love young cock. Let’s chat

    • Adam ID:55x2sad9c

      I love it too , my cousin and me do it wenever we can hes older then me but i like him doing it 🙂

  • Reply Danny1093 ID:y1bcnjmbhz9

    Exactly what I want to do suck the cum out of a , 12-year-old, and then fuck his pussy for the first time

    • Hasith ID:1e2hgzt4wkrl

      We all need that! Do you wanna chat?

    • theboy ID:4glka2lhk

      you can dm if youd like im a bit young