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In Love with a Strange Way – Part II

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This is a boring day, like all the others. Nothing special, but if “special” means having a birthday somewhere or going to church, then you’d better stay boring. There I am, on the roof, watching the movement of the quiet street, playing out of tune a harmonica my grandfather gave me before he died, and thinking about his wife’s misfortune. Oh, I’d like to see you naked, but it seems like some otherworldly being who doesn’t fuck with me heard my cry. When changing the angle of vision I see the saying that with glasses, without a lid, it is good for watering the plants. What a nipple, what a breast. At this time, two teeth are not needed. As she walks, her breasts sway a little and right instinct alters my being. I almost scream “stay with daddy”, I’m so horny. I hear a door open and close, but it’s nobody. When I return to my pleasure, I see her looking at me, as if she wants to convey a message. My nervous system fires at a mile an hour, of course, but I still see it as a challenge. We can never let them dominate us, even just by looking. His poor smile fades and I already knew I had to take the initiative.

The next day, I’m in my room planning the scene, but apparently nothing works. I came to the conclusion that the moment would have to happen naturally. 14:00 I leave the house. With just a tap on her door, I stop and think:
– Wow, I’ve never done that before. What would my mother think of that? Maybe it’s better to wait for adulthood and…
The door opens. No blouse, wearing a miniskirt and stroking a broom. In the mind: “Wow, damn it! Stop seducing me! ”.
– little boy paralyzed? Aren’t you going to order your mother?
She makes me excited and embarrassed at the same time. She takes my hand and tries to lead me inside, but I let go.
– Sorry, I never did.
As in a classic scene from a movie, soap opera, she puts her index finger to my lips asking for silence and buries my face in her breasts. The area around the front of the house covers the street view and confuses the curious.
– it’s tasty, isn’t it?
– OK.
– Want more?
– I want to.
– so come with mommy.

She knew how to choose her words very well. She pulls me around the house and on different furniture performs different actions. On the couch, she takes off my shirt. Like in a video I saw once, she takes my belt off with her mouth. Dog, the opening in the dental arch makes the belt so sexy in her mouth. Bitch, naughty. I keep thinking about all this, but I’m afraid to say it because of my shyness.
– Don’t worry if it’s your first time, big boy. I will do your best.
The sensuality she says mixed with the difficulty of speaking releases my wild instincts. I let go of my shyness and start acting like I’ve been trained for it. I flip her onto her back, lift her miniskirt and tap her belt, mercilessly.
– oh dad, how radical you are. Beats more than this little girl is very excited.
She frantically twists her ass, slaps her and, holding her hair, licks her neck.
– it’s supposed to be so cute.

We spent an hour having sex, with some breaks. It all started that way, but it ended up more romantic. She told me she was on the right contraceptive, so I entered her. Then she made a deep throat on me. Feeling that heat deep down almost made me ejaculate immediately. I asked her to kneel down and I came in the prostitute’s face. What little fell into her mouth she gulped and kissed me. It was embarrassing to taste the sperm, but it was very interesting, but it’s not the end…

Then I publish the first part.

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