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My cousin and lil sister

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Yesterday we took the jump and played a game with my lil sister, me and Riko walked into her room and she was taking a nap, I pulled the cover off of her and she was laying on her stomach, I pulled her hands behind he back and cuffed her with my fuzzy blue handcuffs I put my back against the head board of her bed and pulled her onto my stomach with her back facing me,

“What are you doing” she struggled against me but Riko looked at her and smiled “Shush it’s time I show you how good a real dick can feel” he said pulling her pajama bottoms off, “I’m not ready” she struggled but that only resorted in him pinning her legs to the bed

He layed in his stomach as her breathing increased, he kissed her inner thighs and around her pussy lips before he licked her from her asshole to her clit and sucked on it roughly causing her to moan but still try and fight him, “Shush mama it okay” I kissed her neck softly making her quite down, she continued moaning and but the time she came I was soaking wet “good girl now let’s see if you can take dick” he said and protested against it “don’t make me rape open your little asshole” Riko threatened her and she shut up right away

He pulled his dick out making it dance on her clit before he pushed just the head in since he was a good nine inches she screamed a little bit, “yeah mama it’ll feel so good baby” I reached down and played with her clit rubbing it in circles making her whine, he started stroking in her and soon enough she was used to him and begging for more with her moans “yeah baby take this grown man dick in your tight lil pussy” he said, he loved to talk while fucking, she was wet and creaming on his dick

“There you go mamas, now be good and cum on daddy’s dick” I said rubbing her clit while she wad moaning, “mmmmm oh my goddd” she said with her pretty hard nipples, I rubbed her with one hand and pinched her nipples with the other while she moaned “she’s gonna cum” he said and I rubbed faster making her legs she “yeah make her cum on my dick baby” he said and just like that she was shaking and cumming,

He pulled out if her and sat her up on the bed, he grabbed me and threw me on the bed in doggy style “eat her pussy while I stretch this asshole” he said and ripped my pants off, I grabbed her and wrapped my arms around her thighs pulling up to my mouth, she moaned as I slid my tounge up and down her now stretched open can’t, I liked up her cream, I felt Riko slid his tip in making me moan out “fuckkk” I said sending vibrations threw her pussy “shut the fuck up” he slapped my ass hard making me scream out,

He pushed my head back down into her pussy making me eat her, I succked her clit and tounge fucked her pussy so good she was moaning my name, I felt Riko feel me up with his warm cum and he got up watching me eat her and fucker her pussy with my tounge “yeah baby keep going make her cum again” he said as I felt his mouth connect with my pussy, I was so wet and my pussy needed to be fucked open really good and rough

He grabbed both my legs and dragged me to the end of the bed “you watch” he pointed at her, he grabbed my neck pinning me to the bed and shoved his dick in my pussy so rough I screamed out, he started ruthlessly pounding into me one hand on my next the other on my hip keeping me in place, I knew better then to run it will just get me in trouble “keep looking your next” he told her as I was screaming I couldn’t keep myself quite, I started shaking and he kept going, I started squirting and he kept going at this point I was just laying there in a pool of cum screaming so tired I couldn’t even move, I didn’t need to I was his fuck toy

He came in me and pushed me over, he grabbed her and put her with her ass up in the air, “sit and she is gonna eat you” his hand was around her next “Riko I need a break” I said and he looked at me “make me tell you again” I sat in front of her and she only ate me once before and it was pretty good he slid back into her and started off slow, she moved her tounge up and down on my clit and it felt amazing, he started going faster and she couldn’t help but scream out his name “RIKO PLEASEE” she begged but he didn’t care, “cum on her face” he slapped her ass

I grabbed her face and began grinding on it while she stuck her tounge out, I kept going and came in about 3 minutes, he continued to fuck her grabbing her arms that were still cuffed and pounding into her so rough she sounded like she was being murdered, I sat there playing with my pussy watching as she was getting the good type of pain from our own cousin, she was so little compared to him, he looked at me in my eyes and watched as I made myself cum playing with my pretty pussy and nipples he soon came pulling out of her and came all over her ass

All together it was a good night and I can’t wait for more, he couldn’t walk this morning but when dad left she asked if Riko could eat her pussy and I could watch so we did

Kik is Ped0l0ver

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    Lucky girls, enjoy it while you can.

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