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i cheated with my coworker

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sometimes you just gotta fuck youre coworkers

his so last year when i worked in the fast food industry i was in a long term relationship whom im still with today he does not know this and would no longer be with me if he did . i was at work one day and me and this coworker snuck off outside behind the gated dumpster and banged it out for about 20 minutes. and yallllll let me tell you it felt so fucking good . his dick was atlwast 8 inches and thats big for me . but he and i went on break and he just kinda gave me the look and walked out so i followe when he got back there he started feelinging all uo on me and turned me on baddd . he stipped me naked outside behind this wall around the dumpset bent me over the carts we had out there and slammed into me and started to pound my tight little pussy . i instantly started to moan and get weak to my knees . he felt so good it drove me insane. he kept telling me to shut up and to take his dick and i was and i loved every second of him pounding my pussy the way he did . id let him rn if i could .

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    Keep it up! I like how short but descriptive it was!