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Daddy’s little angel – part 5

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Part 5 of the story of my adopted daughter

Ariana and I continued to get close, we were completely at ease with each other as my little angel adored her daddy. We loved spending time together, whether it was teaching her how to swim, baking cookies together or exploring our bodies and playing special games.
Ariana had her toys in the lounge, like any little girl they were scattered everywhere and it was a never ending task of tidying up. She loved lego and drawing so the lounge floor was constantly littered with lego bricks and crayons. She would spend hours lying on her tummy, stark naked as she drew pictures and coloured in. But as time went by, she started to play more with her other special toy.

I would walk into the lounge to find her, sitting with her legs spread and the little purple bullet vibrator in hand, teasing and playing with her bald little pussy. Ariana had no shame or body images and masturbating was as natural to her as playing lego or drawing. Sometimes she would look up and smile at daddy as she played with herself, but mostly she was lost in her own little world as the vibrator buzzed her little hand gripping it and teasing it against her little clit and around her bald pussy. I loved watching my little girl play, and would sit and watch as she played till her skinny little legs shook and she quivered with an orgasm, then her little pussy sensitive from coming, she would drop the toy and be off in her own little world again drawing fairies and princesses.

My sex life was transformed, most men masturbate, while sex is amazing it is not quite the same as being able to lose yourself and focus entirely on your own pleasure. I no longer masturbated, Ariana had learn’t exactly how to please her daddy and how to make me feel good. She adored me and loved making me cum, it was a game for her and her two favourite things were to see how quickly she could make daddy cum, or how much she could make daddy cum.

At night time, she liked to make her daddy cum quickly after our bath. Squirting lotion onto her little hands, she would snuggle up against me, her little hand stroking up and down my shaft as she tenderly kissed daddy’s cock, licking the tip and her little tongue lapping up the pre-cum. She had learned that squirming her bald little pussy against my leg helped to drive me crazy. Giggling and whispering, begging daddy to cum for his little angel. As she felt my cock get harder and my orgasm getting closer, she would squeeze her little fist tighter and start to wank me faster and harder. Then running her tongue all over the tip of my cock, like licking an ice cream cone would close her little lips tightly over tip, pressing her tongue against the underside of the tip of my cock and hold still as I tensed and filled her little mouth with my cum. Pulsing and squirting as my back arched and I trembled my entire body tense as I came. The entire time her innocent little blue eyes locked onto my face, so proud to have made daddy cum.

As she felt me relax, with an impish little grin she would open her little mouth to show me it full of daddy’s cum, before swallowing it and crawling into my arms to say “I love you daddy, night night”.

My little angel knew how to tease her daddy and her own sexual appetite was growing as she learnt her own body. One night as I lay on my back and she started to rub my cock, instead of her normal routine she lubed my cock up and then with a little giggle she straddled me, my hard cock pressed against my tummy and the sensitive underside pressed against her soft wet little slit as she started to rock herself back and forth on my cock giggling.

I lay on my back, looking up at my little girl as she was ecstatic, her eyes glinting and blond locks falling across her face. Her flat chest with cute pink nipples rocking back and forth as she rode my cock, humping it against her puffy little pussy. I could feel her nub of a developing clit, the soft pussy slick and wet with my pre-cum and her wetness as she teased us both. With both hands I reached down grabbing her firm little bottom I helped her to slide her pussy up and down the length of my cock, no penetration but it felt divine. My heart was pounding as I looked at her, gazing down and seeing my cock pressed against her bald pussy lips, her skinny little legs spread and gripping my hips as she rode me.

With a moan her little legs started to shake and tremble and she was rocking her clit against my cock as she shuddered and came. It was too much for me, and my cock spurted hot thick cum, spurt after spurt coating her little pussy and tummy as daddy and daughter came together for the first time. She collapsed down onto my chest gasping, my cock twitching and still sensitive as she lay on it and cuddled into my arms, with me gentling stroking her hair and face telling her what a special and amazing little angel she was.

I have never felt so close emotionally and physically as we did then, having just shared our first orgasm I whispered in my little girls ear how much I loved her and as she relaxed and fell asleep, little legs around my hips and arms around my neck.

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    That was beyond hot. Well written, fun to read. Ready for the rest.

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    So fucking good!!!! Love every word of your mutual orgasms at the same time!!!!!! I’m anxious for the next part now.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

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  • Reply anonymous ID:1cu46k5qnm2y

    i know everybody here wants you fo fuck her but me i would never fuck my little girl i just want to eat her pussy rub my fingers in her slit and play with her clit and let her ride my dick like your did in this story that is so hot and such a turn on for me

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    These stories are very well written, making them very easy to read, but we need more…

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0b

    Du musst der glücklichste Dady der Welt sein in beneide dich um deinen Engel

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    What a special bond