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I made my 47 years old husband rape my 20 years old stepdaughter who is three years older than me

Purity is so important in our town
The girls aren’t permitted to remove their purity ring till their marriage

Parents used to take girls to check there virginity

And after our wedding night if we didn’t bleed we forced to join the brothel because an impure girl can’t be a member of family

My marriage got fixed when I was 17 to my dads widower friend lorence

Lorence was  47 years old he has a 20-year-old daughter which eventually going to become my stepdaughter

In here we aren’t even allowed to wear any mensturational product during our periods the blood will flow on our legs constantly till the week

When I married lorence I was very naive and innocent

He raped me brutally and got so happy to see my hymen blood on the sheets

He wants me to get pregnant so fucked me as many times as he can

His daughter calls me a whore to always have sex with her father

In reality she don’t want any siblings

Laurence wants to send her to a brothel but she still have the hymen

So I come up with a idea
If she got raped then she’ll have to get to the brothel
The brothel also give us monthly allowance if we send someone there to clean the society

At night during sucking my husbands hairy cock I told him

“You know Genevieve stop wearing her purity ring and I saw her masturbating yesterday ”

“What” he said angrily
In reality I stole her ring during she was asleep

He fast walk naked to Genevieves room and she is also naked because it’s her massage time

“You whore you bitch who are you fucking ”

“What! No one ”

“Shut up let me check you”

He spread her legs and put his fingers inside

“I’m going to fuck you”

“Ahhh nooo noon Ahhhhhhh ahhhh stop stop ” genevive scream

He fucks her so much her stomach got huge with his cum

“Darling call the brothel tomorrow she’s going to be a whore just like her mother” he said and leave

I specially told the brothel workers to make her serve the old drunk men

So now she has to serve the stinky men

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