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Caught my husband jerking to our teen daughter Pt. 5

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My husband and I now knew that our daughter was at least into the thought of her father being sexually attracted to her. Obviously there is a big difference between fantasy and reality, and we had to figure out whether Holly wanted to go further.

Apart from that, the footage we got of our daughter fucking herself from one orgasm to the other gave our sex life a new impulse. We would put on the video while fucking, we both masturbated to it and I even gave my husband a blowjob under the sheets while he looked at the video, after telling him to imagine I was Holly.

But we wanted more. We had seen a small opening. A small chance of success. If it was possible to make our daughter a part of our sex life, that would be amazing. In order to get there, we had to come up with a new plan.

We decided to make a short sex tape in which my husband would call me Holly, and he and I would role-play him fucking “his daughter.” We would then make sure that Holly would “find” the video somewhere.

Scripting the video was so much fun, and making it was incredibly hot. In the first part, my husband told me things like, “why are you walking around the house without panties, Holly? It makes daddy so hard.” We wanted to put some “tips” in there so Holly would know what her daddy liked. He also said, “daddy likes it when you when you walk around in skirts and crop tops. It makes him want to bend you over a table and fuck your tight teen pussy.”

In the second scene, my husband would start giving me oral sex and tell me how good I (playing Holly) tasted. “Daddy likes the taste of your teen cunt, Holly. It makes me want to put my tongue deep inside it.” He would then make me cum and tell me, “would you like to that again on daddy’s cock?”

I would then eagerly say yes, suck his dick rock-hard and let him fuck me. I would scream things like, “yes daddy, fuck me harder! Fuck me like I hear you fuck mom! I want to cum all over your daddy-cock and feel you drain your balls inside me!” This was so hot. I was so wet. Even more wet at the thought of my daughter seeing her parents perform these dirty acts.

In the third scene my husband would fill up my pussy and I would cum. It wasn’t very often that we would reach orgasm at the same time, and we didn’t plan it to happen beforehand. But the whole situation was so hot. I really imagined how my husband cumming inside his little teen daughter. As he shot his massive load inside me, I came and shivered all over his cock.

The video was great. Now we had to come with a plan for Holly to find it. We could put it on a USB-drive and leave it somewhere for her to find. We could also upload it to the iCloud by accident and then act as if we just didn’t know what how this technology worked. Maybe we could let it play somewhere like my husband’s office, and leave so she would see it?

We picked option number 2. We would “by accident” put the video in the folder called “family moments” and then leave it there for a couple of days. We still had the hidden camera in Holly’s bedroom so we could see if she accessed the video. The thumbnail of the video left little to the imagination, so if she was interested in seeing us fuck, she would click it. Then she would hear what was said while we fucked.

We uploaded it, and then we waited. A couple of days went by and nothing happened. She simply didn’t find the video. We thought we had to try another tactic, but then something happened. As she was scrolling through her phone at the kitchen table, she got red all of a sudden. When I asked her what was wrong, she responded, “oh nothing, it’s just this video that a friend sent me.” “Can I see it?”, I asked. “No mom!”, Holly blurted out with a bit of fear in her voice. At this point I figured she might have found the video, and I backed off a little. “That’s alright, no need to get angry”, I said.

Then Holly went up to her room and I started watching the feed from the camera. I could see her crawl on her bed and watch the video. Her face showed that she was in disbelief. But she kept watching. She probably got through the first scene at the moment she recovered from the shock of seeing her parents like this. That’s when she saw her daddy licking “her” pussy and telling “her” how good she tasted. I could see her fingers move towards her pussy. She started rubbing her clit as the video went on. I think about halfway through the second scene, she abruptly took off all her clothes and continued to finger herself as her daddy made “her” cum.

Then the third scene started. My husband had fucked me standing behind me while I was kneeling on the bed. To my surprise, I saw Holly get her dildo and assume the same position. “Was she recreating the scene?” I thought to myself. “Oh my God, I think she’s recreating the scene!”

As her daddy started fucking “her” in the video, she fucked herself at a similar pace on the edge of the bed. She fucked herself faster and faster, harder and harder, at the same pace as her daddy fucked “her” in the video. Then, at the moment “her” daddy shot her teen pussy full of cum, I saw her trembling all over her fake cock as she pressed her face into the mattress while letting out a few screams of pleasure.

Oh. My. God. My pussy was so wet. I couldn’t wait to show my husband what I just witnessed. I think we have raised a little cumslut.


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