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We had an egg hunt, the Saturday before Easter, every year. This time was different…

I hid an egg in my purse, because the parents kept count. I know it was a dirty trick, but since there was still 1 egg missing, we could go back out, and search the park all day. It was never found, but I didn’t look very hard. Of course, I knew where it was all along.

I guess it was just nice to get out, and play with the kids at the park. It was a long year cooped up alone, and yeah. I got a dirty little thrill out of fooling everyone. Watching them look for an egg they’d never find, and finding even more clever places to look, as they got frustrated.

Then, their parents called them back, and it was time to go. I sighed, because it was over. Fun while it lasted, but it was windy. I had on a pastel green sundress, so it was cool, but my house was right by the park. I got to play there all the time, and once again, it was empty. I got bored, and lonely, but then a boy came back.

“Did you look over here?” I ran up, and startled him, but he just shrugged.

“Who cares?” He had a pack of smokes out, and he lit one. Stuck it back in his pocket, but I forgot about the stupid Easter eggs.

“Huh, yeah. I guess it’s a pretty childish game, huh?” I thought maybe if I acted cool, he’d let me hang out, but he nodded, and looked me over.

The wind blew behind me, lifting my dress out in front of me, but not all the way up, to flash my underwear. That just reminded me, so I held it out for him. “You like my dress?”

“Yeah,” he stopped, and turned around. So, I let go, and twirled around, but I noticed he changed. From bored, and ignoring me, to watching me, and looking at me.

I’m 12, and I’m not completely oblivious. Okay, I’m not even Christian, so I got the full talk when I started puberty, right down to the boring medical details. I’d even gotten looks from men, and boys before, but this one was older (He smoked) and he was alone.

With me, “How do I look?” I stopped.

“A little dizzy?” He stomped out his butt, and came over. Put an arm under mine, I shook my head, but I didn’t tell him that. I didn’t spin around enough to get dizzy, I sure wasn’t about to fall down, but it was just an excuse for him to touch me. “How old are you, anyway?”

“Thirteen,” I lied, knowing that still wasn’t old enough, but he was a teenager, and I didn’t want him to stop. “You?”

He took a deep breath, and puffed up his chest. “6 teah!” He coughed, and I managed to hold in a laugh. I just smiled.

“Ooh, so you must’ve gotten a car for your sweet sixteen, can I see it?” Maybe go for a drive, make out, get in the back seat…

I know, I’m a little ashamed of myself for trying to act so mature, when I’m still thinking so childishly. I got excited, I knew that we’re going to do something. It turns out that he didn’t, have a car.

“I walked.”

“Well, how about over there?” Even without the Easter Egg Hunt, I knew just about every nook, and cranny of the park. I just never thought where I would take a boy, if I got one. I played hide, and seek, and flashlight tag in the summer, when we could stay out after dark. There was plenty of leaves on the bushes now, and just having his arms around me. Feeling him breathe, and the fresh smells on the wind.

“Ladies first?” He offered, but I had to crawl to get under these bushes. I think maybe there were rabbits, stray cats and dogs cat that went under there, but he crawled in after me. “Yeah, it’s not as windy back here.”

He pulled the back of my dress up, and my knees already hurt in the dirt. I turned over, to brush them off, but before I even sat on my hip, he grabbed my undies quick, and yanked them down.

“Oh,” this wasn’t going the way I expected, but I wasn’t scared yet. “Kiss me?” I just thought that there was an order to this, and every time I went through it in my head, at least. You’re supposed to kiss a girl first, then maybe feel her leg, but also if you tell boys what to do, they can get offended, and turned off.

“Smooch, how was that?” But he looked me in the eye, and felt up my leg. In his lap, I still had my underwear half off, but I just looked back, and smiled. Nodded, but he didn’t kiss me again. Honestly, he wasn’t a great kisser, because he didn’t want to kiss. He wanted to molest me, and I was down. I wasn’t exactly a child, I wasn’t a teen either, but he wasn’t rough with me. He wasn’t scary, or mad, he was just in a hurry.

So, he looked down, and pulled out the top of my dress next. “Oh,” I nodded, and reached back to pinch the straps through the dress. “Huh!” He stuck his hand down the front, and asked me what size they were?

I shrugged, “Medium.” I knew bra sizes, but honestly, mom did all the shopping. She pulled the tape measure around, but I didn’t really have to remember what size my bust was, my waist, and booty. I guess that was the only other person who ever touched them before. My mom with a tape measure, to find out what size I was up to, and she hadn’t done it yet this spring. So, Medium sized dresses, I’d get a dress size later.

“Huh!” I was finally starting to feel my crotch. I guess it was a weird feeling, because I’d never felt it before, but I was ready to take his other hand. He had it on the outside of my dress, to squeeze my other breast through it, but I wanted him to touch me down there. So, I put it between my legs, and pulled it up to my panties.

He grabbed them, and pulled them out my legs to my knees, so I shifted in his lap, and pulled my dress up. He had to pull his hand out, but then I could slip my bra straps off my arms, and I was practically naked. Wearing nothing but my undies, down around my knees, and he could really touch my little boobies with both hands.

“Huh!” I took one, and put it down between my legs again. Shaking my head, and his other hand went limp on my breast. He didn’t let go, but he stopped squeezing it, to pay attention to what he was doing. Feeling around between my legs, and he got a finger in between the lips.

“You’re not wet?” I shook my head, and took his word for it, but then he picked me up. “Bend over here.” He held my hips in front of him. “Let me try something.”

“Oh!” My hands slipped off my knees, so I had to catch myself, and I slipped off his face, but he held my hips up, and stuck his thumbs in my butt cheeks. Spread them apart, and stuck his nose in there again. His tongue felt around until he found the hole, and swirled around. “Oh!”

“You like that?”

“Yeah, do it some more.” That felt really good, and what he lacked as a kisser, he more than made up for eating out my barely developed sex. I didn’t even think about my clitoris, he didn’t go looking for it, he just found the hole, and wiggled it in as deep as it would go. I kinda tried to hold in an imaginary fart. I didn’t have gas, I was just worried that if I did fart right on his nose, that would make him stop.

The last thing I wanted was for him to stop, but of course. Eventually he did. “Huh!” He told me, “You’re a virgin.”

“I know,” he must have gotten his tongue in deep enough to feel that.

He laughed, “Well I can fix that,” he leaned back to open up his pants.

“Um, I don’t want to get pregnant, and I’m not on birth control, so.” I shook my head, but as soon as I saw the bulge in his underwear, I licked my lips. Blinked, and shook my head. “Um, you didn’t happen to bring me a condom?”

“No, I wasn’t planning to meet you, you know.” He didn’t even ask my name, nor I his. Honestly, I didn’t want to know, he was a teenage boy with a boner for me, and this was my first hookup. I was a little nervous about messing it up, but after all that foreplay, my horniness drowned out everything else. So, it was all I could do to avoid getting knocked up at 12.

Close call, though. “Okay,” I just put my dress down in the dirt. He put his elbows down behind him, so he could sit up, but he spread his legs, so I could get down, and pull down his underwear.


“You like it?”

“Yeah,” it’s a dick. “It’s really hard.” Seeing as it was the first one I’d gotten to play with, it doesn’t matter whether it’s ginormous or not. I didn’t bring a ruler with me, it wasn’t too big to get in my mouth. I couldn’t quite touch my middle finger with my thumb, but I could grip it well enough to stroke it. “Schlerp, smup!” I kept sucking air in around it, but I was careful to keep it off my teeth. I couldn’t hold it in both hands, and still have any left to stroke, so I felt down in his underpants, and played with his balls. “Smup!” I spit in my hand to get it wet, and licked around the sides. So, it was slipperier, then I sucked the head some more, and pumped it, faster.

He started breathing heavily, but then his breaths got quicker. Shallower until he was panting, and finally, he moaned. “Oh! Oh god. Yeah.” His knees shook, and the first shot tasted nasty, so I spat it out.

“Huh, god.” His elbows flopped out, so he fell back, and just caught his breath.

I pulled up my underwear, and picked up my dress, while he just lay there. Satisfied, his wad sticking to his shirt in streaks. His fresh sucked penis shriveling up, and shiny with my sweat.

“Huh?” He shook his head when I shook the dirt off my dress. “We better go.” I shrugged, and pulled it on. Still bent over, because the bushes grew together so it was too low to stand up. I had to pull my hair out of the branches, and twigs. It was all tangled, and wrecked, but it was worth it.

I crawled out first, but then he held my bra out, before he crawled out, and stood up. I stuck it in my purse, but after that, it was just kind of awkward. I was officially a slut, sucking off a boy I barely even met, and of course he knew that. He was the boy I just sucked off in the buses, but he said “Hey.” He touched my chin, and kissed me when I looked up. “If I come back with a rubber, can I fuck you?”

I nodded, then shook my head, but if he did come back. I could see the park from the kitchen window. Every day, from the yard too. So if he did come back, I’d see him. “Okay,” I shrugged, but he just lit another smoke, and ran off. Coughing, but when I watched him go. I checked out his butt, since I didn’t get a chance to see it bare, or feel it or anything.


Then, Randal came up behind me. I jumped when he poked my ribs, on both sides.

“Randy!” I spun around. Shaming my head.

He pointed, “You don’t have your bra on.” At my purse.

“I know!”

“Well, if you want to crawl back there, and put it on, I’ll keep a lookout for you.”

“Huh! If you want to see me in my underwear, you can just ask.”

I’m still horny, anyway. And he’s Randy, not only the boy who’s name is literally Randy for short, but he’s been looking at the girls lately. All the girls around the neighborhood, and not just me. So, I knew he could get it up, or at least I hoped so.

He didn’t have any hair on it, and he was still shooting blanks, but that was okay. At least we didn’t need a condom or anything to fuck without me getting pregnant, but I made up my mind.

Not to use these bushes again, they’re fine for hiding both of us, even with a bigger taller boy like teenagers, but when you crawl in, and come out. They’re just too exposed. So, if I’m going to start fucking, and sucking any boy I can lure back here, I’m going to have to find a better place to hide it.


Author’s Note:

The artist formerly known as Psiberzerker here. I just realized that if I clearly mark them as Fantasy, or “Phantazy,” then I might not have to keep explaining that, quite as much.

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    “The artist formerly known as Psiberzerker here. I just realized that if I clearly mark them as Fantasy, or “Phantazy,” then I might not have to keep explaining that, quite as much.”

    This is the most disturbing thing I’ve read on this page. Furthermore it shows clearly your lack of social skills.

    • Psiberzerker

      Are you trying to hurt my feelings?

      Awe. How cute.