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Workers Revenge – Preteen Rape Ordeal (Part 2)

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Read the first part for the build-up, but now it gets out of hand

It was nearly 10 o’clock, and the tension was rising in the bedroom. Niza was still sitting at one end of the sofa in her sister Ayesha’s room, and had started giggling as the drugs she had been given seeped deeper into her system. She was watching what was happening on the bed and in her foggy brain thought some sort of spy movie was being shot as Ayesha had been told to put her hands up, and one of the builders she sort of recognised was pointing a camera at her.

Nearer the bed the four men were angry. Although Ayesha had told them where the recordings of the abuse carried out by Ravi and his mates might be, there was no way they could get to them downstairs. They now had to change plan, and find a different way to get revenge for what had been done to Igor’s daughter, and they all knew what that would be as they scowled and leered at the 12 year old girl in front of them.

The girl blinked a few times, trying to clear her head, wondering if this was all a bad dream, but decided to do as she was told for the moment, not thinking of why she had been asked this.

As soon as Ayesha raised her arms, Stan lunged forward, and grabbed the hem of her nightshirt and yanked this over her head and arms in one quick movement. The girl’s eyes went wide in astonishment and she quickly lowered her arms to cover her bare chest.

“Ha, Ha, I can see your boobies” giggled Niza and in her drug addled state, decided to do the same, and took off her top, leaving them both just in their white cotton panties.

The men looked down at the girls, and eyed up the flawless brown skin, their shiny black hair which their mother had tied into long plats. Ayesha seemed to be trying to make sense of all this, but everything felt that she was looking at things from a long way away.

Ant moved around the room with the camcorder filming both girls from all angles, and finished standing next to the sofa with Niza flopped at one end.

The room was warm, and perspiration was forming on the men’s foreheads, and Jak was next to make a move.

“Ayesha!” he ordered “Close your eyes right now!”

She did as she was told, but the drugs made the room spin, so she peeked out a tiny bit. She tried not to show any emotions as she was not supposed to be seeing anything, but what she saw was now seriously wrong even if she couldn’t quite understand it. All of the men were stripping, first their t-shirts, then their shorts and socks, and finally their underwear.

Niza giggled again when she saw this. “I can see your willies!” she burst out laughing. Mik walked across the room and slapped some tape across her mouth to stop her inadvertently making noise that may be heard downstairs.

At hearing what her sister had said, Ayesha’s eyes shot open, and all she saw were four masculine naked men standing over her bed, only a few feet away, all with raging erections.

“No. You can’t be here like this. This can’t be happening” she tried to say, but it only came out as a mumble into the tape across her mouth.

Stan leaned forward to her, and looking her directly in the eyes said
“Yes we are here, and we are going to do exactly what your dad has been doing to young girls for years you fucking little bitch!”

With that he pushed her down onto the bed and before Ayesha could do anything, he hooked his fingers down the sides of her panties and pulled them off in one quick movement.

“Do as your told bitch and it will all be over soon, otherwise we take it out on your sister. Got it?”

Ayesha tried to cover herself, but nodded reluctantly. The other two men climbed onto the bed either side of the girl and they took hold of her hands and placed them round their fully erect cocks. They felt warm and although they seemed as hard a rocks, they were also soft and squishy it seemed.

“Start jerking you slut while Stan gives you a bit of attention”. Said Mik, while Ant continued filming, zooming in and out to capture all of the action, and close-ups of Ayesha’s face, so there was no doubt who it was.

Stan was towering over the girl, and bent forward to kiss her.

“Now are you going to be a nice girl and not scream out? Otherwise Niza will be in serious trouble okay?” to which Ayesha nodded.

Stan tore off the tape across her mouth causing her eyes to water, but it didn’t matter, as she already had tears running down her face. Stan then kissed her hard on the mouth. She could feel his man stubble rubbing on her cheeks. She had been kissed by her parents and aunts and uncles many times, but this type of kiss was completely different. His lips mashed against hers, and he then forced his tongue inside her mouth. She had no idea what to do as Stan’s tongue twisted and turned, exploring the inside her mouth, touching her own tongue. Ayesha was disgusted, but couldn’t turn away as she thought about what they might do to Niza.

All this time, Mik and Jak were kneeling on the bed being masturbated by the 12 year old, who seemed to be in a trance and just automatically kept up a steady pace if jerking their dicks back and forth as if she had done it for years.

Eventually Stan pulled away, kissing her on the cheeks, tasting her salty tears, and tracing a path with his tongue down her face and neck, leaving a slimy trail of spit. Slowly down and down he went, kissing and licking straight down the centre of her chest, before pulling back to look at her barely developing breasts.

Ayesha was totally embarrassed. Only her mum and Niza had seen her chest in the last number of years, now there was a naked man on her bed looking directly at them, and she could do nothing to stop him as she was made to continue with the attention she had to give to the other two men.

Stan began to slide his tongue across to her right mound and flicked the nipple, which involuntarily became erect. He then licked and kissed his way across to the other side and did the same with her left nipple. For the next minute or two he moved from one breast to another, sucking on the young flesh and licking them all over. The sensations were not as Ayesha was expecting. She thought it would be painful, but it was not unpleasant, however given the situation she was in, she dared not show any sign of liking this to the men in case it encouraged them more.

She looked up briefly to look at the other men, and they had their heads pointing up to the ceiling, breathing hard as sweat started to form on their bodies. As they looked down, Ayesha quickly closed her eyes again.

“Oh God! That’s it babe” said Jak “You’re doing fine” adding “she’s a natural at this” to Mik as they surveyed the scene below as Stan began his slow oral journey lower!

Ayesha wondered how low Stan would go as he flicked his tongue in and around her belly button. She was looking down through almost closed eyes, and could see a long glistening line of saliva all the way down her chest and stomach. Surely he would stop now she thought through her foggy mind?

But he didn’t!

“No. Don’t. Stop please. Stop now!” the girl whimpered.

But Stan was never going to stop now. He was overwhelmed by sexual lustful desire. He glanced up, and saw Ayesha looking down while still jerking off his two mates. Her skin was dark, and silky smooth without a blemish. To him, even though she was only 12, she was unbelievably sexy, and he had completely lost control.

He lifted his head slightly and smiled a wicked smile before forcing his hands between her legs, and then sliding them under her, encircling her legs, flicking them over his shoulders and without warning he dived down into her most intimate area and began to give the preteen her first experience of cunnilingus.

Ayesha gasped as she could not believe Stan would do such a disgusting thing. But he didn’t give it a thought as he licked and slurped at her virgin slit. Flicking her small clit with his tongue, up and down until she involuntarily started to ooze female love juice. Stan used his arms that were wrapped round the girl’s legs to play with her clit while he tongued her, before using his fingers to pull her vagina open and sticking his tongue in as deep as he could go.

God! She tasted wonderful. He had done this to various girlfriends over the years, but this 12 year old tasted different. Sweeter and without any other fragrance. Just the beautiful scent of a sexually aroused cunt, and he loved it as he mashed his face between her legs, smothering himself in her excretions.

Ayesha couldn’t understand why she was not feeling uncomfortable. How could this be? She had been watching what Stan was doing, but her head was spinning, partly from the drugs, but partly from the feelings she was experiencing now as Stan showed her what oral sex was all about.

As the feelings increased, she squeezed the men she was jerking harder, and her hands were moving faster now as well.

Niza was watching intently from across the room as Ant moved the camcorder around to get the best angles, zooming in and out to show in detail that it was indeed Ayesha on the bed jerking off two naked men while another was sticking his tongue deep into her cunt. There would be no doubt if her father ever saw the footage that it was indeed his daughter there being ravished.

Niza had removed her taped gag, and was copying what her sister was doing, and jerked Ant’s cock. It was a wonder that the camera was so still in his hand as the 10 year old girl wanked his rock hard cock just inches from her face. What he was watching on the bed was a total turn on. He could see through the small display screen the oral punishment Stan was inflicting on the little Pakistani girl, while his other mates were dripping pre cum onto her almost totally flat chest where it dribbled down the sides and began to soak into the sheets. It was too much for him. It had been a few days since he last came. He let out a low moan which was easily picked up by the camcorder microphone as he felt his orgasm build. Niza didn’t know what she had done, and looked up at Ant as he shuddered slightly and pushed his hips forward with his cock aimed forward towards the bed.

In the position she was in at the end of the sofa, Ant was next to her, and she was jerking him almost over her shoulder as he exploded. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw globs of white liquid squirt out of his penis and fly in an arc, landing firstly on the floor in front of her, and then as the power of the jets decreased, it began to land on her legs and stomach and finally it began to dribble down her hand and arm.

Niza looked down in dazed surprise at what she had done. She blinked hard a few times trying to focus her drugged brain. She looked at her hand and her lower body, and ran her fingers through the sticky liquid before pinching some between her fingers and lifting it up to look closer, making a string of cum from her legs up to her face.

She rubbed her fingers together. The white liquid wasn’t quite smooth. It had lumps in it and it smelled strange, but not unpleasant. Ant had now regained some control, and had panned away from the action on the bed, and focussed down to Niza as she examined the copious amounts of male ejaculate that he had shot all over her. It was fascinating to watch as she opened and closed her fingers. There was so much cum on her hands, it almost looked like she had webbing between her fingers. Ant zoomed in as the 10 year old looked closer, and sniffed the man’s spunk.

“Oooooo Pizza!” she said with a smile on her face

Her brain was trying to work out what this was, and having no previous reference point, it told her that it looked like pizza cheese as she drew out a long string from her body up to her face.

At the angle she was at, Ayesha could see what had happened, and was horrified at what her innocent little sister had done. She was even more horrified as she saw Niza smelling what Ayesha knew was sperm that had just been ejaculated all over her little sister, and she was just about to scream out, but Jak clamped his hand over her mouth as they all watched in awe as Niza began to lick the spunk from her hand.

She didn’t know why she did it, as it didn’t taste like cheese, but as she had started, she thought that as she seemed to be such a messy eater all of a sudden that she should continue to clean herself up, scooping wads from her legs and belly and licking the gloopy liquid out of her hand and fingers. The taste was not like anything she had tasted before. It had a consistency like eating stringy cheese or porridge. The smell and taste took her a few seconds to place. It was like walking in a pine forest just after there had been a rainstorm. It was just like the musky smell of damp pine needles, and the taste had a slight saltiness to it.

Ayesha was wide eyed in terror at what she was witnessing. Her little sister could have no idea what she was doing, and was amazed at what she saw as Niza finished licking up the semen, and saw her swallow it down followed by her licking her lips and letting out a sigh, like she had just eaten a delicious cream cake.
Ant panned his camera back to the bed, and as he now didn’t have Niza pleasuring him, he moved in close to the action.

“Smile for the camera Ayesha” he said as he zoomed in close which would show the unmistakable image of the drugged girl being eaten out, and with a cock in each hand. Anyone who knew her, and seeing the video, would know instantly who it was.

Stupidly she did smile, and hoped this would all be over soon. But it was far from over.

To be continued……

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