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My daughter r@ped my dad

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Few days ago I found out my daughter r@ped my dad , and I didn’t do anything to stop it from happening again.



I am Beth (39) and i have a daughter Lexi(14). My
husband passed away few years ago , when Lexi was 9 . Since then I’ve been a single mother , I have a father who is on wheel chair cuz he is old and he had weak legs . My dad wasn’t always good to me , he was abusive, he never cared about my privacy, sometimes he would barge into the bathroom when I am showering and then he would make up some excuse like he had to pee or he needed something from bathroom. When i was 16 my mom left us and ran away . When I asked my dad about it he told me that my mom cheated on him. He started being agressive and angry all the time.
Then he married a woman who had a daughter (Jenny) 2 years younger than me , I was 17 at that time . He was still agressive , he would often hit his second wife , and sometimes her daughter too. But I noticed that he was better dad to her than to me . That’s when I realised that he is just a shitty human being . I hated jeeny not for what she did , but how my father is treating her right and not me . I thought maybe this just temporary cuz soon I’ll be 18 and I would move far away from year . But then I met Jason lexi’s dad , we started dating and I would often stay with him at his house . But one day I just wanted stay at my house , but when I went into the house , I couldn’t believe what I just saw , I saw my dad fucking jenny )his fucking daughter) , when he saw me he got up and tried to explain To me , he didn’t even try to hide his dick , I could see his hard wet dick and that whore Jenny just sat there on couch doing nothing , my dad was drunk.

Then I married Jason after dating for 4 years . I was 22 when I married him , he was okay in bed I never had any complain but then we started having marriage problems , we decided to have kid so maybe it can reboot our relationship. And that’s when Lexi was born , I was 25 . It was going pretty great I had a loving family , and fyi my dad was still married to his second wife and yes he was probably still fucking both mom and daughter . Years passed and now Lexi was in 1 grade . Then I heard that my stepmom divorced my dad , I didn’t know the reason , then few days later my dad called me and told me everything , he said that she caught him fucking her daughter . Then once in a month he calls and we just talk . It was nice , cuz I just loved having relationship with him , at the end of the he is still my father . At first I didn’t let my daughter anywhere near my dad, but then I thought that maybe he is changed, I introduced him to my daughter, they had pretty normal relationship like grandpa and granddaughter. Few months later Lexi had dance programme at her school , we all went there , Lexi requested that grandpa must be there , so we took him too . So we were at dance programme, it went pretty well , Lexi was adorable, after there was dj party and every parents were dancing , and most of the parents swapped their dance partner, it was fun . But I am not into dance so i was standing at a corner and that’s when Mr. Stone , lexi’s class teacher came to me and then he told me how wonderful Lexi is and that she is excellent in studies, but I could tell he was hitting on me , growing up I dad so many people hitting on me , few people gripped my ass and then there was once case when I was walking and a dude was following me , I noticed that he was jerking off in public , I tried to lose him but he kept following but after while he was gone , when I reached home I found sticky slime on my pants , that mf came on my pants . So Mr Jones was hitting on me , and I just went along cuz it was funny situation, and btw Mr Jones is a fat man he is almost 250 pounds. Some of you might say that he has a dad bod . I found it funny watching him try , knowing that I am never fucking him . We talked for few minutes then suddenly he grabbed my ass , I didn’t react but I wanted to show him how uncomfortable it is , so I grabbed his crotch and he was hard , I could feel his boner , I leaned onto him and then I whispered in his ear ” looks like you’re hard , so you might have to go to bathroom and jerk off yourself , cuz I am never fucking you” . He left and I was pretty sure he went to jerk off , suddenly I wasn’t happy anymore, I kept thinking how I touched Mr Jones boner . At this moment all I was thinking was someone’s dick in my mouth , I wanted to fuck someone so badly , that I would literally fuck anyone with dick in the world , just not my husband , I was bored with his dick . So I chased Mr Jones, and he was in teacher’s bathroom , I went to him then I got on my knees, removed his pants and took his dick in my mouth and sucked him . I have him good blowjob while his fat belly was hanging on my head . Then I removed my pants and started fucking him , he came in me . After that he asked me if he could lick my tits , I laughed and popped out my boobs and pulled his head to my tits . He just wouldn’t let go of my tits and I let him do that . He licked my tits for almost 10 mins and he was hard again , he asked me if we can do it again , I was like what the hell we are already naked , I bent over and he told me that he want blowjob , I started sucking his dick and few seconds in blowjob that mf pissed in my mouth and won’t let go me , he forced me to drink his piss and then he came in my mouth . At home I saw everyone was happy, and I was happy too . I continued fucking Mr Jones and with him many other guys , once a day I had someone’s dick in my pussy . And one of the guys was Jason’s bestfriend.


One day I got a news that completely broke me , I got a call that Jason had a cardiac arrest and he couldn’t make it . I was devasted and Lexi was only 9 . All I could think was that I kept cheating on Jason till he died, I stopped having sex with random guys .

4 years passed and now Lexi is 13 and , shortly after Jason died my father got weak and he couldn’t walk without canes . I sent him to nearest nursing home , but after few days they told me that they can’t keep my father cuz he abusive, and while he was in nursing home his legs stopped working completely and now he has to be in wheelchair . I told Lexi that I might have to send grandpa to different nursing home and It might be far away , she told me that he can live with us , I told her that it can be difficult to take care of him . She kept insisting that he should stay with us . I thought that it might good for her that , she lives with her grandpa since she lost her father . I used to barely to him , but Lexi would spend most of her time with him .

One I was walking home , it was 8 pm on the way home there were only few people , one Guy came to me and asked me ” how much ” , I was confused and asked him what does he mean , he asked me how much money would I take to fuck him , I just stood there without saying anything, I said 100 bucks , he agreed and took me to his car , he removed his pants and pulled out his dick and that was the first dick I saw since my husband died . He grabbed my neck and told me to suck his dick and I did , I was sucking his dick and I did tongue thing on his dick that made him cum very quick in my mouth, I swallowed and asked him for money and he handed me 50bucks . I told him that we agreed on 100, he replied that 100 was for fucking and you just sucked it . I told him that I am not getting out of the car until he gives me my money , he slapped me hard . I left and I started blowing guys for 100 bucks in our neighborhood .

A year passed and now Lexi was 14 , i came home and no one was there I went to my dad room and saw things were broken , I didn’t know what happened . To not let this happen again I installed camera in his room and upgraded locks on the doors . And I forgot to tell Lexi about camera , next day when I was at work , I was just checking on my dad , and what I saw left me shocked, I saw Lexi fucking my dad , she was fully naked , I left the work ASAP and was on the way to home . Omw all I was thinking that my dad must’ve forced her , I was ready to sent him to fucking prison . When I got there Lexi was already gone , I slapped him on the face and asked him about this while crying . She started crying and saying ” please make her stop” . I was confused and then all of it came to me , I realised that Lexi has been r@ping my dad . I just sat there crying , then I asked him since when have they been fucking , he said a year . I asked him how did this happen , he replied that one day she came home and they played and he fell asleep and then when he woke up he found Lexi rubbing his dick on her pussy. I didn’t know what to do, I told him that he must continue fucking her , he requested not to , I said ” you fucked your stepdaughter now you will fuck your granddaughter” . And I left , next day I saw them fucking again , and again , for few days . I had to be sure that she won’t get pregnant so I took him to get vasectomy but in the test we found out that he has low sperm count and that he won’t ever be able to make a kid I was relieved. I wanted her to stay clean , so after she’s done with sex I would clean my dad’s dick mostly at night when she’s asleep . I did this for week then one day I was cleaning it , suddenly I got horny , without hesitation I put my mouth on his dick and started sucking it , I removed my clothes put his dick in my pussy and started humping . I did this for months then one day Lexi caught us , I told her everything and she was ashamed and I was too . We were talking I asked her that why would she do that and that she’s just 14 , she replied that she is nyphomaniac , I asked her how does she even know what that is , she told me that she has uncontrollable sexual desires . I asked why couldn’t she fuck someone else , she replied that she’s already fucking 3 guys besides my dad . I was shocked but an understanding parent . We continued fucking my dad , at day she would fuck him and at night I would . Most of the time I would sleep with him after fucking him .

One night my dad wanted to watch tv so I brought him to living room , I put him on couch ,removed his pants and started sucking his dick while he watched tv , I thought Lexi would be asleep but she wasn’t, she saw us and smiled . I smiled too and I said that I’m embarrassed, she said don’t be and she just want to see it , I continued she came to me and removed my tshirt and removed my pants . She undressed herself too and joined me . Thrn she put her fingers in my pussy and started fingering . She told me to get on top of grandpa and start fucking , she licked his dick and my pussy while we were fucking . We both fucked him ,next morning all three of us were naked on his bed cuddling each other .

The end

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    Wish it was me i really want to have sex but there’s no one

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      Anonymous: drop me a line

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      I’m 44 male in Toronto Canada I will fuck you

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    Lucky dad

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    Good story but you should do more stories, including you and daughter fisting each other and daddy/grandad sodomizing you both…

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    Fantastic story. I’d love to read more of your stories. If you would like to get in touch please send me a message via social media. My username is lewd76 on Kik and Snapchat

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      Lucky dad.

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    Very sexy family Beth !! I would love to hear more add me on snap chat. Daddyisback11