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My retarded morning

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A student nurse comes to the rescue of her retarded teen neighbour, helping him out in more ways than you’d imagine to a full recovery

Deborah left the family home to live with her elder sister Hannah, as Hannah had just given birth to Tommy, by her husband Stuart. ‘Come live with us’, suggested Hannah; ‘and you could help me around the house and with the new baby, and best of all its living rent free’. It sounded like a great idea, Deborah thought as she wanted to move out of the family home she grew up in for the past 24 years. This will give her parents their well-earned space, and enable her to spread her wings somewhat. As she didn’t have a husband, fiancé or even a boyfriend to bind her to her parent’s locale, not for the lack of wanting, they just seemed too difficult for her to bag. Deborah’s odd outwardly appearance and inherent shyness made her somewhat awkward around dating. She didn’t wish to wear makeup, always having her long thick blonde hair tied unflatteringly back, and her continual wearing of oversized, baggy, drab coloured thrift shop clothing didn’t help her attract even the slightest bit of their interest.

Deborah successfully completed her university degree in nursing only a couple of months prior to moving into her sister’s home. She delighted in the responsibility of being able to practice her newly learnt skills, and particularly found working with teens and young adults most worthwhile; maybe because she always found it difficult to communicate with adults she didn’t know well, finding the younger generation more to her kind of social levels. Always with an eye on the future, she thought about and hoped that one day she would have a nursing position assisting a Paediatrician in a medical centre or perhaps even a hospital. She dreamt that in a number of years from now, she could be that Paediatrician and strongly believed that working hard would go a long way to help improve herself.

It was a pleasant Sunday mid-morning when Deborah heard a sharp loud noise outside the house. Hannah and her family had gone out to the Sunday church service as usual that morning, but Deborah wasn’t feeling too well, being a little light headed. Deciding to stay at home and rest upon her comfy bed in her pyjamas until they returned later that afternoon. ‘What was that’, she thought? Quickly sitting straight up, Deborah paused for a moment to control her slight dizziness, then moving from the bed to the window that overlooked the neighbours back gardens. Scanning the gardens below, she saw that next door someone was lying down on the grass next to a fallen basketball hoop. Their hand holding their leg whilst the other waving about in the air, they looked like they urgently needed some help.

Grabbing her fluffy dressing gown that hung on the back of her bedroom door, she quickly threw it around herself and ran down the stairs, though the kitchen and straight out of the back door of the house. It was fortunate that the boundary between the neighbouring properties was only a garden bed filled with geraniums and petunias, enabling her to quickly leap over into next doors back garden. Still lying next to the neighbour’s house was Danny, the neighbour’s son. She had only seen him a handful of times, usually upon leaving or arriving back from the university, and from time to time when he was in his back garden.

“Are you alright, do you need help” she urgently enquired, whilst she began to kneel down next to him. “It’s Danny isn’t it?”, I’m your neighbour Deborah, I heard the noise from my bedroom. Deborah knew that the boy next door had some kind of special needs – or as the doctors used to say ‘retarded’, hearing that he had been sadly starved of oxygen during his home birth, which affected his mental abilities and also his growth. The tragedy of all this, was that his mother passed away due to further complications arising from the untimely home birth.

“Hurts!” as Danny pointed to his thigh whilst grimacing. “Fell down”, then pointed to the hoop lying nearby.

Deborah saw from his reddened expression that he was in some discomfort, “Can I check your leg’ alright, you know I’m a nurse”, she explained whilst she began to reach over to his leg.

“No”, Danny sharply replied, whilst attempting to prevent her own hand from touching him. He tried to explain in his own simple way that he was okay, and can get up. But in that moment when Deborah reached out towards him, she sensed something wasn’t quite right, believing what she thought was perhaps some localised trauma.

“Are you sure?” quickly looking at him and then his thigh again, “I think maybe you might of fractured something or even damaged your leg, I really need to make sure for your sake”.

“No” he again replied, shaking his head whilst attempting to sit himself upright.

Deborah looked at Danny and recalled that he just turned eighteen as her sister sent over a hand written birthday card just last week. She glanced back over to his home, thinking that his grandmother should have also heard the commotion outside, fully expecting her to quickly join them in their back garden. Danny lived with his grandmother since the tragic passing of his mother, not knowing a father to help raise him. Deborah again turned to view the neighbours’ home, seeing no sign of anyone inside the house.

“Is your granny home”, she asked Danny? ‘Granny shops” he responded. Well then, you are in no fit state to be on your own, not until your granny arrives back home, she informed Danny who was holding his thigh whilst now almost standing up. Deborah also rose from her kneeling position and helped him stand, offering out her slender hand to aid his balance. He grasped her gentle hand firmly, almost squeezing it a little too tightly causing some pain; His manly hand surprisingly being quite sizeable than her own. ‘Wow! That’s some grip he’s got there’, she thought to herself. However she could see that he was unsteady on his feet, and really needed some supervised recovery time.

‘Come on, you’re going to have to rest until Granny comes back, you can come with me into next door for a short while, and we can keep an eye out for your grandma returning home’. Deborah pointed to the back door of her sister’s home, and they slowly made their way back with Danny walking gingerly ahead. ‘Nothing wrong with his growth’ Deborah thought as she looked at Danny; noting that he was a little taller than her, being just over five foot seven, but having a much mature build then her own visibly soft frame, even at his age.

It took them a little while to make the short trek across the gardens into the kitchen and through to the living room, where there was a comfortable sofa for Danny to rest upon. Deborah helped Danny to position himself, so that his head rested upon the sofas’ armrest and his body lengthways across the remaining three sofa seats. ‘There! That’s much better isn’t it?’ she exclaimed, but only getting a short ‘Yeah’ in response. ‘I’ll need to remove those dirty shoes, as my sister won’t like you ruining her lovely sofa’, as she proceeded to remove both of his shoes and place them neatly by the sofa. She looked at Danny, but he still seemed to show signs of discomfort, holding his thigh and moving his head and neck from side to side. Realising that Danny could really do with a pillow to prop up his head, instead of just enduring the firmness of the sofas arm rest. She told him that she wouldn’t be a moment as she was fetching him a pillow; she quickly left the living room, heading upstairs to her bedroom.

Deborah threw open her bedroom wardrobe door, searching for a spare pillow she could use to support Danny’s head, when her mobile phone chimed. Reaching over to her bedside table where the phone was discarded at the beginning of this incident, she read the new message sent from Hannah. ‘Going to be late home – around 5, sandwiches in fridge. H’. Deborah felt some relief that the family would be delayed, enabling Danny to get some rest for the time being. She gently tossed the phone on her bed and resumed her search of the wardrobe, eventually finding the only pillow, of course being buried deep at the back. Dusting it off and giving the pillow a couple of well-deserved shakes, she made her way back down the stairs to Danny.

As Deborah quickly descended the stairs, she began thinking about Hannah’s message and preparing something for lunch, maybe Danny was feeling as hungry as she was? As she entered the living room, she started to enquire ‘Hey Danny, would you feel like…’, but her sentence was cut sharply mid-flow, as what she witnessed, right in front of her now wide, unbelieving eyes in the living room had her immediately frozen to the spot and dumbstruck.

Either Danny hadn’t realised that Deborah had returned to the living room, or just didn’t care; he was still lying on the sofa with his back to Deborah, however since leaving Danny just a few moments ago he had pulled his trousers and underpants around his knees, and was fidgeting with what only could be described as the biggest and fattest genitalia Deborah had ever seen. Deborah just stood dumbfounded in the doorway to the living room not knowing what to think or do. ‘Oh my God’, she disgracefully repeated over and over in her mind; ‘surely, I’ve got to be hallucinating?’ For Danny’s penis could only be described to be like the biggest, most whopping Italian Bologna sausage that you could ever possibly find at the meat counter; that’s the only comparable that her dazed mind could quickly relate to what was obscenely protruding out between his young legs. Her eyes were now firmly fixated on this smooth, pink, behemoth, lying flaccidly only a few feet from her, whilst she helplessly tried to comprehend all of its shocking majesty.

Deborah couldn’t breathe; her body simply had forgotten to inhale with the shear astonishment of what she was witnessing. Danny was slowly moving one hand around his monstrous limp phallus, almost like he was practicing a snake charming ritual, the serpent slithering within the manipulators grasp, trying its uttermost to escape, rolling, sliding, and spitting its forked tongue out of its immensely inflated hood. ‘Holy shit!’, Deborah’s mind raced; as she slowly and quietly backed out of the doorway into the entrance hall.

With her back to the wall and hidden from Danny’s view, Deborah took some deep breaths; her mind would not, and could not detach from the scene she just beheld. ‘Take another look’, she thought, maybe I was imagining it all? Reminding herself that she had been feeling light headed this morning, and perhaps her wits were playing tricks on her? Perhaps if I waited a moment, surely he would realise that she had returned and cover himself again? ‘Come on Deborah’, she encouraged herself, ‘You’re a nurse, the boy has just had an injury and you need to assist him’.

Deborah took another deep breath before forcing herself to poke her head around into the living room, where Danny was still lying on the sofa, facing away from her. His position had slightly altered, enabling her to clearly observe the boys atrociously oversized limp member resting over a pair of equally astonishingly gargantuan testicles. Deborah instinctively covered her mouth, just in time to stifle her shocking gasp. ‘They’re like fucking mangos! How the fuck can they be real?’ her medically trained brain thought for some impossible clarity. Realising that she wasn’t hallucinating, but believing the preposterous sight before her was as real as they come, she had to force a move back into the living room as she was the responsible adult here.

Deborah once again tried to enter into the living room, but this still proved to be an impossible task as her head was now pounding, her own heart rhythm was ringing in her ears as her blood raced around her body; keeping its beat with Danny’s own masterly movement of his hand, still effortlessly grasping onto his brutish python, whilst bending, squirming, squeezing his one eyed creature at the same time trying its utmost to constrict and asphyxiate its master.

Deborah regained control of her limbs, and finally walked into the living room, stopping next to the sofa and dropping the spare pillow on the floor. Danny didn’t even look at her, but continued with his thorough inspection of his breathtakingly monstrous manhood. He pointed to the overwhelmingly enormous glands at the head of his limp pink penis and calmly said “Hurts”, then turned to face Deborah revealing a worried but faintly retarded expression on his youthful face; “Fell here!”

Deborah tried to clear her dried throat with a cough, trying her best to reply in a calm, normal tone, offering a little comfort to the obviously anxious teen. ‘You poor thing, you didn’t tell me that you hurt your…’; Deborah couldn’t think of a suitable word for his genitalia, but quickly thought it best at this moment to just feign a cough whilst pointing in the general direction of his painful spot.

Standing this close to the sofa enabled Deborah to get full sense of just how FUCKING enormous his colossal prick was. She just stared in awe with her mouth wide open, ‘that thing is easily the size of my forearm and it isn’t even hard’, she sinfully thought; ‘My God, what size could this monstrosity become?’ Deborah was mesmerized in by its commanding presence, unconsciously she softly bit her bottom lip, her mouth began to fill with saliva, forcing her tongue to lubricate her cheeks; slowly moving her tongue clockwise around the outside of her mouth, coating her luscious lips. However, Danny snapped her out of her hypnotised spell when once again looking up and softly saying “Hurts!”

‘I’ll go fetch an ice pack’, she responded to Danny, thinking of any excuse so that she could swiftly leave the room and regain some composure. She mused that perhaps ice could be the only remedy that may at least offer him a little comfort. ‘Stay right there’, she commanded and hastily left the thoroughly lewd living room scene, heading straight into the kitchen. Her head still throbbing and ears ringing, she supported herself by leaning on the kitchen sink, her mind firing a million questions a second. ‘For fucks sake, pull yourself together; haven’t you ever seen a penis before?’ Trying to convince herself that this situation was just an everyday event, but hopelessly failing as disgustingly lewd images flashed before her wide blue eyes of Danny’s irresistibly mammoth member, replacing her usual prudent and respectable thoughts.

Deborah tried to compose herself by empting the contents of the freezers ice tray into a nearby kitchen towel and neatly tied it together. The coldness of the ice giving her some relief from the intense heat her body was radiating. She returned to the living room making a conscious decision not to focus upon the depraved scene continuing below Danny’s abdomen. He didn’t acknowledge her arrival back into the room, or even raise his head to look at her, but still totally focused on his own thorough examination into what could be making his penis hurt. Deborah felt pity for him, as she thought because of his obvious reduced intellectual abilities; he might not be able to associate his falling over to experiencing any pain now.

Deborah called to Danny to regain his attention but he didn’t stop to look up at her, as she wanted him to take the ice pack and place it where it hurt. Deborah tried to call him once again, but frustratingly still received no acknowledgement from him. Not wishing to raise her voice or frighten him, she had little choice but to calmly kneel down on the pillow next to the sofa, alongside Danny in order to refocus his attention upon her. Being in this position Deborah was all too painfully aware of her close proximity to that almighty monster loitering to her left hand side, positioned now only inches from her blood red, burning hot cheeks. Her nose immediately smelling its musky aroma, wafting its way over to her anticipating face; exacerbated by every movement of his hand which only aided fanning its fascinatingly seductive pheromones into her now flared nostrils. Subconsciously, and without a moment’s thought, Deborah turned her head left to face the source of this incredibly arousing aroma, inevitably to be presented face on with his monstrous fuck tool.

Danny finally noticing Deborah’s close proximity swiftly moved his hips, twisting to rest on his left hand side at the same time pulling his foreskin completely back, uncovering his polished bulbous mushroom shaped cock head to greet her completely agape mouth. For what seemed an eternity, both his flaccid cock head, and her drooling mouth paused in a mid-air collision course; Deborah knew this was the point of no return, where red-lines and boundaries not ever meant to be crossed were about to be completely abandoned. She no longer cared that the retard obviously didn’t know what he was doing, living his simple existence totally reliant on his grandma’s supervision; neither did she care that this beautiful piece of fuck meat she wantingly desired so badly belonged to a young teen. All that wasn’t important right now, right now she had the most disgustingly humongous male genitalia right in front of her fucking lusting, willing, secreting, drooling mouth and by God she needed to completely and utterly devour every single fucking inch of this overgrown phallus.

Softly, Danny suddenly spoke “Hurts, kiss better”, and urgently repeated his desire, however this time in a new unfamiliar deeper, commanding tone. ‘Ohhhh yessss’, whispering her reply whilst remaining wholly fixated to his yet still soft phallus, ‘An special extra-long make it better kiss’. Bringing her right arm over his groin, Deborah reached out her small, sweating, trembling hand and grasped his penis, holding its meaty girth around its middle; her petite feminine hand unable to fully wrap itself around its hefty diameter. Instantly she could feel this monster was very much alive; finally awakening and aware of its surround after a lifetime of slumber; its warmth emanating from its deep, endless shaft. She really could now sense it’s yet unrefined, hidden brutish power, something this size and magnitude could easily deliver in abundant amounts.

Deborah lifted his heavy member so she could feast her lecherous eyes over its ridiculous proportions. Its unfathomable dimensions, weight and magnitude were beyond anything, any rational being could quantify, as she finally brought his copulatory organ to her desperately awaiting, starving mouth; her hot breath now almost an uncontrollable panting, she rapidly extended her tongue as she positioned his cock head towards its welcoming reception.

Deborah released an unconstrained whimper as she shamefully anticipated receiving the giant knob, its colossal head now directly underneath her nostrils, enabling them to inhale vast quantities of its stimulating musky scent; finally, her tongue swiftly enveloped its enormity, rapidly drawing it into her expanded pouting lips. Deborah generated from the back of her throat a deep prolonged moan, provoked by the succulent meaty taste of this unfamiliar intrusion into her virgin mouth. Her lips plunged themselves around its new found prey, forming a closed seal over its hulking helmet whilst her tongue began to dart around its underside glands.

Danny dropped his hand that grasped his outrageous member and began to breathe loudly; rapidly inhaling and exhaling, as something in his loins he had never felt nor thought to be encountering in his retarded lifetime began to utterly engulf him.

Deborah’s greedy mouth continued its unrelenting onslaught over the youths bulbous cock head, her tongue entwining itself across its vast surface, whilst bathing every one of its pores with copious amounts of hot saliva, only to be rapidly licked clean and devoured by her voracious throat. Her tongue intimately examining every new ridge, fold, crevasse, propelling his monstrous fuck meat to hurriedly undergo its astronomical transformation.

Their obscene performance continued unabated with Danny tightly gripping the sofas plush fabric, whilst his closed eyes rolled back in their sockets, and releasing a wailing cry of pure ecstasy, whilst Deborah relentlessly maintained her eager plunging over his giant fuck pole, her head feverishly pitching, rolling, diving and rising ceaselessly over his bell end.

Deborah could feel the cock head beginning to balloon out in enormity, its heat increasing intensely with the retards body permitting the flood gates of freshly oxygenated blood from his panting breaths to deluge its extensive erectile tissue; reluctantly she permitted the uncoupling the saliva coated member from her insubordinate mouth, leaving a dense web of gossamer still joining the love torn pair together. Her saliva trail splattering across the sofa as his rapidly inflating member arced itself violently over, striking itself firmly against Dannys chest.

‘My God’ Deborah cried out in astonishing disbelief, as she bathed her eyes upon the transformed dick, which had swelled to an inconceivable length. ‘How the Fuck?’, exclaimed Deborah to Danny, who just wildly starred back at her, inhaling vast gulps of air, his pupils dilated, cheeks bloodshot and sweat pouring from his brow. Deborah lifted herself up and seized Danny’s trousers and pants, still lodged around his knees; ‘You won’t be needing these’, as she yanked them from his legs and tossed them across the room. Springing with her knees tucked onto the opposite end of the sumptuous sofa, allowed her prime position to freely manoeuvre his almighty creature. Its strong, erect structure resembling the New York Times building as the twitching brute steadily throbbed and quivered, pushing against his stomach; almost breathing as its heaving mass rose and fell, harmonized with its masters panting.

Not allowing the creature a moment’s grace, Deborah lunged for the mighty member and grasped both hands around its girth; only now fully realising how it had ballooned she was now only able to wrap each dainty hand less than half way around his outrageous diameter. His enormous cock head expanding beyond any known law of nature, and its massive piss slit beginning to ooze out clear pre-cum at an astonishing rate. Deborah once again eagerly pulled the beastly cock head to her prepared pouting mouth, desperately anticipating the return of its separated mate with saliva overflowing out both sides of her lips and drooling down her chin. His mango sized gonads tightly held in a sparsely hairy sacks below the phallic root; its factory inaugurally set about working overtime to mass produce the sticky clear liquid that her inflamed nostrils were relishing.

Deborah quickly stretched her neck and moved her jaw, in preparation in having to expand her mouth to its maximum permissible size, allowing the approaching monstrosity unobstructed admission; Its hot velvety lining once again immersing the whole head with spittle, as her tongue investigated the unfamiliar taste of the strange fluid being secreted into her warm chamber; their receptive taste buds exploding as they savoured over its deliciously fresh sweet, sticky tang. Her tongue worked with renewed vigour to encourage increasingly more of the exciting fluid to be expelled; pushing and forcing itself deep into the concealed, secret portions within flared heads piss slits’ deep crevasse, as her thirsting throat greedily swallowed its moreish contents.

Her lustful blue eyes locked with the relentlessly staring eyes of Danny’s, his tongue loosely hanging from his innocent mouth as he watched her engrossingly devouring his manhood, feverishly working her lapping extended tongue over its giant polished mushroomed surface. Her mind half dazed as she could hear her mother screaming ‘My God Deborah, control yourself! Stop gulping down that boys disgustingly giant cock, slip it politely’, but Deborah couldn’t give a damn about civility, her body quivering as it was completely overtaken with unbridled lust, increasing her lewd sucking noises, as she intensely vacuumed his hot cascading, sweet pre cum into the back of her expecting throat.

Danny expelled an overwhelmingly drawn out moan of pure pleasure, as Deborah wantonly encouraged on the chap; ‘This has got to be..’, with lewd words, ‘..The biggest fucking dick..’, in between her passionate plunging of her distended lips over his hard shaft, ‘..On the fucking planet’. Sucking his mammoth slong with aplomb, Deborah rapidly increased her suction pressure, pumping her cheeks like bellows, one second pursing the next pouting, each time enabling more and more of its distended head to drive down, plunging on past the silky soft tissue of her willing throat, with each moment, sliding itself further and further into unfamiliar territory. Her indulgent mouth unable to extend any wider, together their glands trying desperately to lubricate both fuck tool and throat with a slippery cocktail of pre cum and saliva, as the dramatically thick shaft pushed further and further on into her oesophagus. Danny let out another arousing moan, louder and stronger which only encouraged Deborah, her eyes now bloodshot and face burning hot and crimson; choking as she gasped for air from over overworked nostrils, unwilling to separate from her oral mating buried deep inside her lustrously lined throat.

Deborah’s gurgling noises reached fever pitch as she impaled her head almost a quarter ways down his gigantically depraved greasy pole; practically choking, her mouth relentlessly gushing out their combined slippery mixture over the boys churning testicles. Deborah urgently grasped onto the foundation of her copulating counterparts tool and commenced sliding her gooey hand slowly upwards, climbing all the way to her cyanotic sweating face, then returning her clenched squeeze back down to its root. Slowly she began to lift her head from the meaty mass, recognizing how its engorged head once more ferociously stretched her delicate throats soft tissue as it vigorously throbbed, unwillingly to withdraw from its devoted dwelling; eventually slithering out of her dilated mouth with an audible pop.

Deborah gasped for fresh air as she frantically inhaled cooling oxygen, never releasing her locked fixation on the slimy prick; her hand lovingly caressing its full glorified length, gradually working up into a thrashing barrage of endlessly hard strokes from the base to its tip. Her feverously pumping hand, energetically spreading geysers of oozing clear pre cum evenly across every portion of his penis, its titanic testicles loyally delivering its lubricating wants without ever ceasing. With her hand loudly beating to a rhythmic blur, masturbating the retards virgin cock to its ultimate oblivion; she no longer noticed the retards continual raucous grunting, as each of her frantic strokes smashed across its obscene length; Danny’s mind had travelled to a world of orgasmic pleasure that he’ll never understand but totally submitted to and didn’t desire to leave.

Deborah beheld the incredible mushrooming genital, watching it inflate yet again to an increasingly utterly impossible size as she earnestly utilised both hands to jerk the thoroughly erect pillar, hysterically working its slippery surface into a foaming lather; it’s engorged, distended head now completely crimson. Deborah immediately returned her wet pouting lips to the bulbs aperture, nervously realising that within seconds she would be receiving the boys first ever ejaculation of hot, rich, salty, sperm; having being pent up in its gargantuan bollocks jail cells for the past eighteen long years; her body trembled in pure ecstasy, the blood pounding across her head, causing her ears to pop and consciousness to momentary fade.

Dannys hips started to violently buck as the retards leaping testicles finally unlocked their jail cells doors, unleashing a torrential gush into its sturdy shaft. Deborah’s chaste, undefiled cunt uncontrollably creamed itself as she could feel the approaching delivery rapidly travelling up his length; her animated hands urgently coaxing its emission towards its final destination. Deborah’s yearning lips had already prepared their water tight seal around his entire spectacular cock head in shameful anticipation, her tongue masterfully positioned underneath its glands, permitting unobstructed passage of the arriving cock juice express.

Deborah gently whimpered as the introductory load surfaced, launching its rapid expulsion across her tongue, blasting her uvula backwards with its steaming white sticky goo. Even before her insatiable throat began to swallow the inaugural creamy load, an ensuing milky thick jet of semen splattered across the roof of her soft pallet. His pulsating cock head utterly assaulting Deborah’s luxurious mouth, erupting yet another immense shower of spunk directly beneath her reflexed tongue, splattering its reproductive seed in every direction. The retard wailed with orgasmic pleasure as his heaving testicles expelled its once repressed contents, endlessly spraying geysers of pent up slurry.

Deborah’s cheeks bulged as they struggled to prevent his precious load from spilling from her impervious seal around the pumping cock head; Danny’s convulsing crown securely locked in the breeding pairs embrace, her delicate feminine orifice disgracefully allowing its insemination, desperately gulping down her thirsting throat each tangy ejaculation into her ravenous stomach. Completed drenched with the boys slippery cum, Deborah’s mouth teased out the remaining last few drops of seminal fluid from his flared prong, whilst her devoted hands encouraged up any lingering globules; her red carpeted tongue taking time in welcoming each final drops arrival as royalty, before travelling below to her inner sanctum.

Finally, Deborah freed the greasy cock head from their snug mating chamber, her mouth completely satisfied upstanding its contents were totally spent; once again his serpents colossal head audibly emerging from her oral orifice with a satisfying pop. Her hands slowly releasing its treasured possession, as it gradually sprang backwards against his masters’ sweat soaked abdomen. Deborah carefully licked each one of her coated fingers, savouring each droplet of their combined lubrication, whilst starring at the boys quivering penis, pausing for the glossy giant to deflate after their thoroughly satisfying oral fornication.

Deborah’s night wear was entirely drenched with sweat as she kneeled at her end of the sofa, her pyjamas feeling unusually heavy and uncomfortably warm as she decided to remove her dressing gown, throwing over Danny’s earlier discarded trousers. Danny’s was now quietly breathing and his eyes remained fixed on Deborah; she looked his still flushed face; ‘Did my kiss make it better?’ she teased. Once more his pupils suddenly dilated and his breathing increased as he softly replied ‘Kiss again!’ Deborah suddenly struggling to catch a breath as he repeated his demand; her astonished heart skipped a beat, ‘My God, he wants more?’ Knowing this to be true, as his outlandishly ginormous fuck organ had refused to deflate, but remained completely engorged and was presently rocking in anticipation of their certain reunion.

Deborah was unable to think clearly, her brain ached from the pounding pressure of her rapidly palpitating heart; her inflamed body instantaneously consumed with burning desire was profusely perspiring. She instinctively started to unbutton her cotton pyjama sleepwear in pure desperation to urgently cool down, no longer caring that she had never permitted any male to see her undressed. Danny watched her petite feminine hands quickly unbuttoning the baggy top, beginning to reveal the creamy soft pink cleavage of her damp heaving chest, as each button became undone her magnificent sweating cleavage grew deeper and wider, astonishingly exposing more and more of her breathtakingly round, overgrown milky breasts. Deborah unknowingly continued with her strip show, as the remaining buttons where swiftly unfastened down to her toned deep naval and smooth abdomen. Deborah felt relief now she could discard the oppressive garment, rolling it from her perfectly proportioned shoulders onto the arm rest behind. Her once concealed firm mammaries finally released into the daylight, gleaming their sweating, succulent magnificence.

Deborah noticed the boy’s change of gaze when her oversized breasts were unshackled before him, now wholly absorbing their stunningly curvaceous form; each of her outrageously broad red nipples, possessing erect plump teats. Deborah’s body raging with savage lust took the boy by surprise, when she abruptly snatched his slick cock around its hefty girth and drove it deep into her fiery busty ravine. Deborah controlled the franticly bucking penis with her tight hand pulling it hard between her accommodating breasts, snaring the wild creature by enveloping it with her left, and completing its capture with squeezing her right. Deborah tilted her head down to face the trapped cock; its wide slobbering mouth was openly displaying its dark bottomless throat; as she loudly expelled a large globule of lubricating spit, landing directly onto her chest and sliding down her cleavage.

Deborah commenced to gently massaging the hot, bloated cock sandwiched between her squeezed bosoms, gradually lifting them towards her head and calmly back down again, her slow loving movements enabling her spittle to soothingly coat his monstrous erection on its stimulating journey. A prolonged moan emitted from Danny as her repeating rhythmical motions began to escalate, her soft breasts totally covering the top of his giant swollen baton. A flesh blanket of saliva glazed their humping surfaces, as Deborah once more spat onto the bulging cock head, encouraging lewd squelching noises to echo across the room.

Deborah’s intoxicatingly soft milk laden breasts were now energetically bouncing along the upper half of the boys thick member, its exceptional crimson headed beast fleetingly popping out of her cleavage; the monsters’ wide mouth opened gasping for air, before briskly disappearing down once again into her hot, slimy abyss. Deborah’s realisation that her depraved abandonment of all that is decent and respectable, into a shameless giant cock worshipping whore caused her heart beat to skyrocket; as her ears continued to ring from the throbbing pressure, she failed to even notice Danny’s loud wails of unbridled ecstasy between his uncontrollable panting. Danny’s hips began to leap in rhythm to her beating of his knob; the copulating pair working in unison in senselessly thrashing his rigid member between her soft pillows; as his gargantuan bollocks, mindlessly slamming against the underside of her defiled buxom breasts, emanating an obscenely erotic bombardment of humping slaps.

As Danny’s restlessly pistoned his fuck meat with complete abandon between her voluptuous heaving breasts, Deborah lowered her chin and pouted her lips to tease its thrashing head to briefly enter her hovering oral orifice; permitting no more than its tip to touch her distended lapping tongue as each of his powerful strokes kissed its new target. Waves of pre cum soaked Deborah’s bosom from his bursting piss slit, as she sinfully lapped each momentary opportunity to capture his flying bell end onto her devouring lips. But Deborah’s vagina was a blaze, burning beyond desire for Danny’s fuck meat to completely pulverise her immaculately intact and chaste, but absolutely desperately yearning drenched cunt; right now, right this second, she had lost total control and no further could delay what was inevitable.

Deborah suddenly leapt from the sofa to stand facing away next to Danny, her abandonment of his virile member abruptly sent the bloated brute once again crashing back against the retards stomach, flicking the soppy heads fluid over the surprised boys face. Danny’s retarded brain was still exploring in this new world of orgasmic pleasure, with little comprehension of what was reality, watching almost in dazed slow motion as Deborah quickly began to free her dripping wet vagina from her drenched baggy pyjama bottoms. Stretching the pyjamas elastic waist band with both hands over her disproportionally large hips, Deborah lowered it over her sweating but perfectly toned, smooth, curvaceous bottom. The nightwear dropped to the floor with a squelch, revealing her shapely pink thighs and athletic calves, as Deborah urgently kicked it from her feet onto the rooms growing pile of discarded clothing.

Deborah turned and faced the boy, her swollen pussy only inches from his wide eyed, dumbstruck face, as she elevated her shapely legs over Danny’s midriff; her bent knees folding snugly against him as she lowered herself onto his young supine body. Deborah straggled the reclined shaft of his penis as it lay restrained underneath her sweltering pussy, feeling its frenzied beating against her perineum as it reacted with wild throbbing, recognizing its copulatory partner’s presence. Deborah began to slide her pussy’s lips along his complete length, bathing its every incredible inch with her slippery vaginal juice. Upon reaching his tip, Deborah pushed her clit down firmly on its prey and commenced to wildly gyrate and grind his bulbous gland head, forcing in unison the rutting pair to loudly gasp in total pleasure. Her wanting pussy took control of her hips, pushing themselves down harder onto the helpless crown, rubbing itself into a blurred frenzy.

Deborah extended out both her arms as she leant forward to grab hold of the sofa’s arm rest, whilst her insane hips continued their relentless grinding over Danny’s pulverised penis, enabling her mountainous milky breasts to cocoon the retards head, smothering his desperate gasps for air. Her erect plump teat unknowingly positioned on top of his mouth as it opened to attempt another gulp of oxygen, allowing its unexpected reception. The retards drooling mouth instinctively recognised the foreigner at its doorway and instantly granted its full admittance, locking his lips around the nipples circumference; his tongue danced around the extended fat teat, drawing imaginary circles around its broad diameter in stimulating its mammy glands, whilst his cheeks puckered up an intense vacuum, nursing himself on her freshly lactating udder.

Deborah expelled a wild unbridled grunt as she looked upon the retard impulsively devouring her heaving breast, feeling his fervent tongue squeezing her fat sensitive teat as his loud salacious sucking frantically drawed and pressed it toward the back of his greedy mouth, as it willingly expressed jets of virginal milk down the boy’s throat. ‘Oh Fuck’, she endlessly repeated as she cradled the retards head against her nourishing boob, as her brains synapses fired waves of orgasmic pleasure. Deborah ran her petite hand through the back of Danny’s hair, its short mousey brown cut softly brushing through her slight fingers, as his bobbing face pressed its vigorously sucking lips securely into her colossal wobbling breast.

Danny’s panting mouth reluctantly uncoupled from her stretched, plump, dripping teat, as Deborah raised herself from his pinned phallus and lurched herself further forward over Danny’s torso; his monstrous genitalia perfectly soaked from her arousal fluid. Deborah hurriedly reached under her legs and grabbed his primed ram rod, franticly aligning it with her sodden swollen cunt; its massive mushroomed cock head dwarfing her beautifully petite, undefiled vagina; its inadequately narrow mouth dripping in carnal anticipation.

Deborah slowly lowered herself onto the brute’s crown, kissing her cunts swollen lips as they uncontrollably stretched and contracted in a seductive welcoming embrace. ‘Oh God’, Deborah breathlessly cried as she watched from her bowed head, her hips slowly sinking as the intruder menacingly encroached past her blooming gardens vestibule. Deborah paused as her clitoris was being wholly compressed by the greasy impostor’s arrival at her entrance, her throat resonated a prolonged low murmur to this unfamiliar intense stimulation.

Deborah’s entrance began to slowly open up as the slippery head compelled its astronomic expansion; savagely stretching her dainty portal beyond anything nature had ever intended to permit. Her teary blue eyes rolled back in their sockets as she screamed, not knowing if from pain or pleasure, for her helpless sealed hymen had been forcibly breached as the preposterous creature continued its devastating advance. The retard instinctively tensed and raised his hips to meet Deborah’s, as his breathless body eagerly responded to her luxuriously tight warming passage that proceeded to envelope his unrelenting giant shaft; her obscene grunting continued unabated as inch by inch it staggeringly stretched her chaste canal.

Deborah’s brain was spinning, and eyesight no longer able to focus clearly on the engorged shaft which had penetrated more than a third of its astounding length into her quivering cunt; she began to raise her hips enabling the withdrawal of the breeding monster, her vaginal walls cautiously collapsing as it left a voluminous cavity in its wake. Its slimy polished knob once again arrived back against her most sensitive spot, rubbing its inflamed crown over her exploding minefield; forcing a disgusting torrent of lewd verbal cock goading to spew out from her onetime respectable mouth.

Deborah’s assertive hips steadily increased their rhythm, as her insatiable flooded canal grew familiar with the ravenous creature buried inside her; with each stroke she watched her desperately unrelenting cunt successfully swallowing yet more of its ridiculous hulking shaft. Deborah rested her body on top of his, losing all strength in her supportive arms as her remaining energy solely focused on their relentlessly fornicating organs. The procreating duet moaned and grunted in unison as each of his moronic trusts rocketed though her tight hole; its ludicrous sized dome began crashing violently against her vulnerable tiny cervix; its inescapable battering ram forcefully attempting to tear into her fertile womb, with each lunge brazenly stretching and pounding her preciously soft innards into complete surrender.

Unable to further endure the merciless beating of the retards stupendous shaft along its engorged face, Deborah’s completely aroused clitoris detonated an orgasmic nuclear bomb within her dazed brain; Deborah breathlessly shrieked, his steaming monster still mindlessly pistoning her defenceless fuck tunnel, as her cunt violently grasped and contracted around the embedded creatures length, constricting around its prey as pulsing waves rippled along its entirety, encouraging the imminent release of its treasured seed. Her legs began to shake uncontrollably, rapidly smacking her soaked toned thighs against his exposed shaft in a crescendo of audible wet fleshy slaps, as she collapsed over Danny.

Danny expelled a vast Neanderthal groan from his throat, as his hips savagely tensed his hurtling cock, brutally propelling it against her cervix’s battered entrance, perfectly aligning itself with his giant gaping cum slit. For only the second time in his retarded life, his restless colossal testicles released their reservoir of boiling milky spooge, exploding up his firing sperm cannon at tremendous velocity. Its gushing emission blasted through the cervix’s pregnable entrance, explosively striking the rear wall of her fruitful uterus, splattering millions of virile sperm cells across her maidenly chamber. Deborah wrapped her slender arms tightly around the boy, as his ejaculating fire hose instantly proceeded to jettison a second blast, rapidly flooding the womb with his retarded chalky custard. The mating couple’s breathless bodies locked in heaving abandon, as Deborah’s unplanned impregnation was consummated by his abundant potent eruptions, overflowing out of her stuffed vagina and dripping onto the ruined plush sofa.

As Deborah rested on top of the teen, her thoughts became shamefully lucid; she had been completely undone by her retarded neighbour; the once socially awkward woman who never thought to appear undressed before any man, had in a single morning appeared naked, allowed her breasts to be suckled, wanked and sucked dick, lost her virginity, and still had a fucking retards’ giant impregnating erection wedged up her absolutely ruined cunt.

As Deborah was preoccupied in thought, Danny lifted both arms and wrapped them squarely around her slim clammy waist, holding her curvaceous body firmly against his; with a whisper into her still ringing ears, Deborah’s bloodshot eyes opened wide. ‘Oh Shit!’, she loudly exclaimed as the retard refired the boiler to his mighty steam locomotive that was stationed a third of a way up her deluged tunnel; its piston slowly began to reverse with a filthy loud squelch then immediately changed direction as it hurtled full throttle into her tracks buffer. ‘Fuck! ’Deborah bellowed, her unbelieving mind tried to fathom some sense, however her primal, depraved animal desire to be savagely screwed once again by this retards incredible huge fucking dick, promptly throwing every ounce of common decency out of her vandalised window.

Deborah’s voluptuous hips tried to hurriedly mount a makeshift defence as his vaginal assault resumed, desperately trying to pry themselves from his locked arms, as his thrusting fuck pole attempted to stretch out her defeated cunt; he quickly overwhelmed her spent defence, as her conquered body willingly surrendered to his assertive plunging. His astronomically sized tool was jackhammering her wretched cunt for all its worth. Deborah extended her straggled legs widely across the boy’s abdomen in a futile effort to expand her already over stretched entrance to his strapping power tool; only succeeding in granting more of his oily equipment’s depraved magnitude free access to her bulging bore hole. Deborah uncontrollably thrashed her perspiring head, tightly closed her red watering eyes and gritted her perfectly white teeth; ‘Your so fucking BIG’, she hissed as she threw her snorting head down, and looked between them to witness her sensitive vagina had successfully gobbled almost half of the simpletons greasy fuck meat.

The reverberating soppy stomach slaps of the procreating duo echoed around the empty home, as each retarded thrust was enthusiastically countered by her obediently lunging hips; her quickly forgotten pain had been replaced by rapturous unlimited pleasure. Deborah simply couldn’t get enough of his monstrous cock, as she furiously twerked her gyrating hips bludgeoning his expansive girth against her extended inflamed clitoris. Danny now expertly plunged his greasy dripping pole down the complete inconceivably elongated length of her canal; each perfect stroke rapidly began from her stretched vestibule until slamming against her bulging cervix, their pair totally oblivious to their full throated lecherous grunting that carried out into the neighbourhood.

Deborah reached to the back of her head and instantly untied her hair, freeing her luxuriously glossy blonde mane to fall around her back, shoulders and face; unexpectedly distracting her mate so that his sturdy erection sprang free, dispatching their combined juices across her quivering anus. His gargantuan towering ramrod rebounded instantly back, smacking violently between her flushed wobbling buttocks; as the retard immediately charged his slithery overinflated cock headlong into her unprepared anus. Deborah choked in startlement as her undefiled anal sphincter abruptly exploded around the walloping greased knob; her astonishingly receptive entrance allowing its rapid passage into its dark heated crypt. ‘Not my ass!’, Deborah yelped but Danny wasn’t listening to her, only reacting to his throbbing phallus as it travelled up her warm, velvety soft, hospitable back passage.

The retard’s prick obscenely stuffed inch after unspeakable inch, further and further into her shamelessly encouraging bottom; her hips instinctively rolling as his python wormed deeper inside, ‘Oh Fuck, mmmmm, Oh God, uffffff ’, as well as releasing a barrage of unformed breathless noises from her slobbering mouth. Violent uncontrollable contractions gripped her rectum, as Deborah’s maidenly arms tightly held Danny’s firm shoulders, plunging her sodomised bouncing bottom over his thrusting shaft. ‘Fuck… Uggg’, Deborah wailed as her rampant wobbling buttocks finally smashed themselves over his giant leaping testicles; his terrifying dimensions now completely buried inside her ass, as its bulbous domed cock head celebrated reached deep inside her intestines, ‘OOOOOOOH YEAH!’

Insane lust had completely overcome Deborah’s fevered body; her demented twerking hips ludicrously smashed her pillow soft buttocks against the retards huge flapping bollocks, as he frantically assaulted her once sweet, cushioned rectum beyond oblivion. ‘Fuck me! Harder! Harder!’ Deborah demanded, her blood red eyes widely starring down at their thrashing bodies, her tantalising flying breasts beating upon the retards crimson gasping face. Their pummelling hips had become a blur of motion, no longer able to distinguish between the now conjoined pair, only the incredible machine gun slapping, barely able to identify over their raucous grunting the countless number of depraved ass strikes.

Danny tensed his whole body, further tightening his arms around Deborah’s petite waist and locking his testicles firmly against her constricting anal sphincter, as he bellowed an immense orgasmic wail; his grand cojones painfully spouting their third substantial emission of the day. Deborah’s sphincter immediately tightly contracted around his shafts giant girth, suppressing the approaching eruption as she methodically raised her ass, teasing the length of his convulsing fuck pole as its ballooning congested seed demanded to freely inseminate her rectum. Deborah whimpered as her sensitive anal canal felt the forceful jolting of his astronomical engorged mushroom head as it slowly withdrew from her passage. Finally, Deborah dilated her sphincter and lifted her hips as the purple distended crown freed itself with an almighty fountain of retarded chalky baby sauce jettisoning across her luscious reddened bottom. ‘Fuck! Yeah!’, Deborah wailed as she felt his next powerful ejection spurt onto her back, then inside her thighs; as his bucking cock hose was vigorously spewing ropey cum across the room.

Deborah reached her hand onto her drenched backside and caught a thick milky spooge in between her slender fingers, returning swiftly to her thirsting mouth, as she sucked on the delicious salty porridge; ‘Like butter baby!’, as she turned and climbed over Danny to face his gratified beautiful greasy cock, nonchalantly deflating. Deborah extended her bloated lips and took hold of the collapsing creature in her hankering mouth, rapidly suctioning the still oozing hot semen out from its quivering red volcanic tip, as she twisted her face towards the living room window she horrifically saw the astonished pale face of Danny’s grandmother looking through; ‘OH SHIT!’

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