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Men should be forcing themselves on little girls more!

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Most people don’t know about sex until they are older, but I discovered about it when i was younger. I’m still a preteen. Back when I was about 10, I discovered about sex. I started watching videos of people fucking, it felt so good watching them. And then I started to touch myself, rubbing my pussy whenever I felt horny. By the time I started liking videos of men forcing themselves on girls, especially young girls. I was fantasising about me in those situations. Everytime I go outside in public, I make different scenarios in my head, and dreaming about an older man coming up to me and taking me somewhere where he can do anything he wanted to me.

I still do it. Whenever I sit on a bus and I see an old man, I think about him sitting down next to me, then touching my thighs and slowly rubbing his fingers against my pants-covered pussy.

It’s like a dream. I want someone to catch me in the streets and quickly pick me up and take me somewhere where he could rape my preteen pussy, meanwhile I scream and cry, as people walk by, ignoring my cries of help. I get so wet thinking about it.

This should be legal. It’s so good to think about this. Even little preeteen girls. Men should force themselves on any girl they want to. If it could be in a public space, streets, children’s parks or so on. Just take them, pull their underwear to the side and force their cocks inside, again and again and again!

Men have needs, and we should let them do what they want. I know they can’t help, but think about taking a random little girl to satisfy themselves.

This should be normal!!!

Sorry if it’s too short or there’s any grammar mistakes. I just wanted to share my fantasy to you guys!

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:3jsldmj76ia

    It is quite natural for young girls to want an older cock and it is their natural right as very sexual being to pursue that right as they deemed fit. Sex is completely natural and no young female should be denied a good cock orgasm.
    Teach them well and enjoy the pleasures they are dying to give you.

    Mt friends daughters love being taught at 13 and as of last night 9. Both are very happy exercising their natural right as sexual being and expressing themselves as they want. And trust me when I say, They sure know how to express themselves.

  • Reply Richie99 ID:15qc190uqrk

    little bunny & anna hmu at [email protected] you will enjoy this.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y8ra

    My daughter was raped when she was walking home from school. We never reported it, because she admitted she came when she was fucked. The dirty little bitch loved it! Young girls want and need cock, so come on guys, get those dicks out and start raping!

    • LittleBunny ID:xbl3vtm0

      That’s nice! I’d love to hear it more!

    • David ID:cxsxgbw20k

      you need to rape her too. give her more of what she wants.

  • Reply lily ID:1dqa36h0zy5v

    i think this is sooo true, when i was really little my uncle and dad would molest me and now im 15 and love thinking about it..

  • Reply Dadsecrets ID:3hw8t8glhrk

    I totally agree, it should be legal, because it’s his right for a man to fuck his own daughter,

    • LittleBunny ID:xbl3vtm0

      You’re right

  • Reply [email protected] ID:e5zksdb6qjy

    I always liked it when my uncle Would take me places with him I liked it when he played with me I was 10 at the time

  • Reply [email protected] ID:vuf1mt0b

    Sometimes, i wonder if it would be better if i was gangraped & snuffed.

    • David ID:cxsxgbw20k

      candy you flirt. you’re too willing to be raped 😀

  • Reply Prime. ID:3tlp9ttyzrj

    I see alot of little ladies posting. I hope they are reaching out to some of the emails, kiks, and snaps posted on this site!

    Anyone from Western canada?

    • Vikki34 ID:1esdkh4lt7em

      I grew up in Vancouver. When I was young, my mom’s boyfriend had me working “the stroll.” If you like young pussy and are familiar with Vancouver you know where that is…. north of Hastings Street near Victoria Drive. It was scary at times, but also really exciting living on the edge. I like thinking about some of the pervs that picked me up in those days… even a few of the rough ones that made me throat them and fucked me in their back seat or in the alleys. I know it was crazy dangerous, but I still miss the thrill sometimes.

    • Sherryane ID:1dw8tmbwj3ip

      @Vikki that sounds so exciting wish that would happen to me

  • Reply anna ID:e5wxs2bqm

    hi, I’m a 13 years old girl and i completly agree with u

    • Sc: brianst6506 ID:1d37vhj9yv6b

      I would love to, message me on snapchat

    • Annoymos ID:7zv2zow49k

      I’m an older man and I’d love to fuck your young tight little pussy

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      Anna what is your contact info

  • Reply PO469 ID:7zvj3yct0c

    This why men go to Thailand and Japan for sex where a legal girl can look like she is only about 8 to 10.

  • Reply TT ID:3zxi7uylzrd

    Would be a great place to be

  • Reply Jakob ID:c0ks5oik

    Really wish this was legal too. I want to be able to rape little girls anywhere

    • Amy Bad Thoughts Mom ID:2a79ywp49b

      When i was young I lived in Japan with my mom and her boyfriend because his company transferred him there. If you know anything about the trains, subways and buses in Japan, you know they are crowded, and loaded with molesters, sometimes in small groups of 3 or 4 called chikan gangs. Their videos on the internet are mostly staged (search chikan train), but it’s a reality over there…. especially if you are an american girl wearing a skirt. They surround the girl so other passengers can’t see, and then the molestation starts. It happened to me several times where I got fingered and guys would jack on me. It was a little scary at first when it happened, but I love remembering it now. Once a guy got a finger on my clit I was powerless to stop them.
      I’d love to hear from other women with similar experiences, especially also in Japan, and guys who have molested girls in similar situations.

    • JulieBadMom ID:1d4qyo2pxoym

      Yes Amy… Tokyo public transportation used to be that way. I was molested several times when I lived there as an adult. I didn’t have kids back then but wish I could bring my daughters there now so they could have that experience.

    • BAREPUSE ID:1ah742a5zrj

      Good for you and leave their little pussey leaking your cum

  • Reply Slut ID:cttkbr6ia

    I’m the same i have loved sex since I was 10 yet I was never fucked

    • Hard Dad ID:7zv2umpb0a

      I would have used you

    • Annoymos ID:7zv2zow49k

      I’d love to fuck your tight little pussy

    • Medusaonthemoon ID:1arfc2ae8m

      I would have enjoyed fucking you

    • Daughfuker11 ID:1e9vzp48t7iw

      Holler at me baby slut please

  • Reply Littleslutz12 ID:2v2ydgxv9d

    I’m a twelve year female, I agree with u

    • Daughfuker11 ID:1e9vzp48t7iw

      If yr real we should hook up and make each other so happy and feel good k I can even fuck a baby in yr sweet little girls pussy to if u wanted me to

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      What’s your contact info slut

  • Reply David ID:cxsxgbw20k

    Is it rape when the young stuff is willing? I was 16 and she was 12 or 13. She was already active since her dad was fucking her, she had a schoolgirl crush on me. Daddy was out of the picture as Moma divorced him. She caught me alone wearing a sundress. I could tell she was horny, I took everything I wanted from her, I used her like a ragdoll. She took everything I gave her. never resisted or asked me to stop. Daddy raised a proper submissive slut. She was my first young one. not my last. I became quite good at spotting the damaged ones.

    • Amy Bad Thoughts Mom ID:2a79ywp49b

      My mom’s boyfriends used me and she got off on watching sometimes. She used to tell me to pretend to resist if I was alone with them, because she said many of the guys she dated got off best when they were using force. So I used to pretend to push them away at first and beg them to stop. I even got good at manufacturing fake tears, which usually made them even more forceful. After a while I of course became really turned on and responded to their finger on my clit making them think they were turning me into their little whore (which I really was all along). They felt they had the power, but I knew I really had the power to make them want me that bad. I wish I was still that age.

    • David ID:ffh379kql

      You are right Amy the control and power trip is a huge turn on for guys. A real good slut can wrap a man around her finger, and have the man thinking he is in charge. My main kink is bondage, and it takes a lot of trust on the woman’s part. It is a cool dynamic for both the man to be in total control doing what ever he wants and keeping the trust of his “slave”and satisfying her needs as well.

    • Amy Bad Thoughts Mom ID:1cy8kssut7ru

      You are right David. Bondage can make it even hotter. I love being tied and vibed… begging the dom to stop after he’s already made me cum so many times, but not really wanting him to totally stop. Sometimes I just need a few seconds to breathe. My mom’s boyfriend knew how to play it to the max. Sometimes he kept me tied and vibed me off and on for hours. I’d like to find a perv just like him to date someday.

    • Kimmie ID:1d01tsxab7u2

      Yes Amy…. guys love when i pretend to resist so they can feel like they are forcing me. I’d love to hear from more pervs into forcing yng girls.

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      @kimmie I love forcing young girls do you have email or wickr

    • David ID:cxsxgbw20k

      @ Amy Bad Thought Mom.
      That right there is my main kink. Forced Orgasms. Having a woman tied down helpless for an extended time. Vibing them constantly, orgasm after orgasm. hearing their voices, their breathing, seeing their faces contort to the sensory overload. their muscles struggle and flex, their sweat, and OMG if they squirt. Now if only I could find that young girl to do this too.

  • Reply Rick ID:3zxjhzgjm99

    I woukd love to rape you trickyricky0888 wickr

  • Reply Rick ID:3zxjhzgjm99

    I would hold you down and fuck u in your ass and pussy til you screamed with pleasure then shove my cock down your throat so you coukd choke on my cum

  • Reply 14f ID:5unrrjck0j

    I so agree with this! I’m 14f and I so wish some man would just force me to suck his cock or jerk off in front of me and touch my body

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    it should at least be legal for a man to fuck his own daughter, no matter her age! we made them, they belong to us! my family has a long tradition of fucking the female members of our family, and grooming them to serve men

    • Rebekah ID:4gmadjd9d

      At what age would you start? I’d love to hear all about it. I wish this happened to me. Here’s my email: [email protected]

  • Reply Scott ID:29kblwvk0j

    Such a naughty little bunny. Love to be your big brother and allow you to explore your desires. Watching a video with you and caressing your soft young body till you beg me to do what that boy is doing to his sister. Girls can cock tease at any age, they also sexual mature faster than boys and what man could say no to such a sexy little pieces like you?

    • LittleBunny ID:xbl3vtm0

      I want it please!

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    I.would.love to pick you up in town , rip.your clothes off and rape your ass , cunt and mouth in front of everybody . Filling you with my 65 year old cock .

    • LilttleBunny ID:xbl3vtm0

      Yes please!

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    I never had sex only made out with someone.

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  • Reply Young mom ID:vuf0ij44

    Exactly! Our jobs as girls is to help all and any men in need anyway they ask us to. Is an honor to help them out because a true man will love all and any girl regardless of age. Who cares if they want to use our pussies we should let them and always thank them for using us

    • Ruck ID:bo2qeoy41

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  • Reply Sara ID:2xme6rmv9d

    I can understand you,problem is that there are many men outside there that would want their time with us.
    Very simple they are scare that maybe catch them,they will drive out of control and do big bad to us.I know all these of personal experience.
    At my first rape,he fucked my brains out analy really tough.

    • Ruck ID:bo2qeoy41

      Hi Sara. Wanna chat? What’s your email?

    • TT ID:3zxi7uylzrd

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  • Reply marcel ID:2wzbadr6ic

    exactly its so stupid that this is illegal i have needs and i wanna fuck my little sister so she can fullfill my needs!

    • niki ID:2vndlboid

      get help. what the hell is wrong with u

    • niki ID:2vndlboid

      what the hell is wrong with u

    • Tabooman75 ID:10zh6qgib0i

      Take what is yours and enjoy it if you know what I mean. Her friends too

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  • Reply Jeremy ID:2v2x4gwpd0

    Love your story, I’m an older guy and I would glady fantasise with you and we could explore all of your sexual desires together. I would love to help you heighten your sexual awareness and teach you so much that you will need to know! Do you fancy that? I’m sure you do gmail do you do wickr?

  • Reply Bigdaddy76 ID:cq0ue0d9c

    Little bunny you are so spot on. We do have needs and given the chance preteens would enjoy it.

    • maisie smith ID:55x2sad9c

      my first time was my uncle when he was babysiting me an i was 10 i was in the bath and he camed in the bathroom and said hed gotta wash my hair an i had to stand up and he ended washing more than my hair then he took me in my bedroom and he did sex it hurt and hes done it sevral times since an im 12 now im maisie [email protected] why do men like sexing with pple so young

    • Lolilover ID:99uwotzm

      Maisie smith I’ve been attracted to little girls since I was 19 it all started when I was babysitting in 11-year-old girl she was very clingy in a sexual way I didn’t realize it until she started grabbing my crotch when I was changing she barged in my in my room without any warning she saw my dick and asked to see it I showed it to her and then she started stroking it and that’s when The Awakening of being attracted to little girls started I ended up having sex and I always will be attracted to little girls the reason the smell the innocent how light they are to pick up I don’t believe we should rape young girls I believe that it’s always natural to have a loving relationship she can send it to me I did not force her or anything she told me she want me to have sex with her and I agree with it and I was always gentle with her because how light and fragile she is