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The Little Neighbor Boy Next Door

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I’m a 42 year old single Caucasian woman, never married. This is the story of how I turned an innocent little 11 year old boy into my fuck buddy

It was a hot summer day, and I was walking out to collect my mail in the morning. I noticed about 3-4 houses down there was a young boy mowing the lawn. Man he was cute. Probably 5’1, skinny, blonde hair, freckles on his face. I wanted to just eat him up. I hadn’t been with a man in a very long time, and I was always thinking about sex. I decided to go introduce myself.

“Hi there young man! I saw you from afar and I thought what a handsome boy you are. You can call me Kim. what’s your name?”

“Oh…hi there” he said while blushing. “I’m Tommy, I’m just here mowing a lawn for my friends dad. I’m trying to save money to get an Xbox, but I’m only 11 so I can’t really get a job”

“You’re doing a really good job! I was thinking about mowing my lawn sometime soon, it hasn’t been done in a while. If you’d like to do it, I would pay you”

“That sounds awesome! When would you like me to do it, miss Kim?”

“How about tomorrow morning, 10am?”

“I’ll be there!” He said.

I was so excited. It made me happier than I’d been in a long time. I couldn’t wait to turn little Tommy into my fuck buddy. I decided I needed something cute to wear for him. The next morning a little after 9, I put on my low cut tank top and some little basketball shorts that liked to hug my little bubble butt. I’m not a large woman, only 5’7 120lbs with double D’s that I had done a few years back, it brought me up from a B cup. I love how my nipples have stayed hard constantly since the surgery so they poked right through my little tank top. I had to give Tommy something nice to look at.

He arrived not long after I got dressed with his mower and gas can. I told him he could start on the back yard and if he needed anything to just yell for me. Meanwhile I went inside to my living room and spied on him the whole time through my back window. I was practically drooling he was so adorable. After he finished I invited him back inside for nice chat in the kitchen while I made him some lemonade. After he was done rambling about how excited he was for the new call of duty, I decided to just get straight to the point.

“So Tommy, have you ever had a girlfriend?”

“Oh… uh, no I haven’t. There’s this girl in my class I really like but I don’t think she likes me back”

“Well instead of some silly little girl, what if you had a grown woman to call your own?” His eyes were on my titties the whole time we were talking and I could see him blushing. I knew he wanted me, and I wanted him just as bad.

“I don’t know if I can.. im only 11”

“Oh that’s alright honey. You haven’t tried anything before, and im willing to show you everything you need to know. I can make a man out of you”. He was sitting across from me and I reached down and started rubbing his upper thigh, very close to where his boy parts are. He seemed to like it and started giggling. I felt right over his crotch and I felt a little bump. His little shrimpy was hard as a rock.

“Miss Kim, that feels really good! He said”

“Lean in closer, I want to show you how to kiss”

I stopped caressing his little dick and grabbed his face with both hands and pulled him in for a kiss. Before long our tongues were wrestling and saliva was building up heavily. I directed his hands onto my titties and he started playing with them and pinching my nipples. I could feel myself getting very wet.

After a few minutes we stopped kissing, and I got completely nude for him. I told him to take off his pants and his shirt and he obliged before I led him back to my bedroom.

We stood in my room making out for a few minutes. I thought it was funny that he was so short and I was leaning down to kiss him. He’s the only boyfriend I’ve had that was shorter than myself. I got down on my knees and began stroking his little nail, which was about 2.5 inches and thin as my pinky finger, I had to use 2 fingers and my thumb to get a grip, it was so tiny but i didn’t care, it was a nice cock. He didn’t have any public hair, completely bald down there. I stroked slowly and he began moaning and breathing heavily. I told him to let me know when he felt a real tingly sensation. I put my mouth on his little package and practically swallowed the whole thing with ease. The nice thing about a tiny dick is that I didn’t even have to move my head back and forth very much to suck it.

“Miss Kim my pee pee is starting to tingle, but it feels good. What does that mean?” I immediately stopped sucking. I didn’t want him to blow that preteen load just yet. “Come here Tommy, I’m going to show you what it’s like to be with a real woman” I said as I pulled him into my bed and got in the missionary position. I told him to run his pee pee over my pussy hole and he started to get reluctant and nervous. “Oh honey don’t be scared, I’ve done this many times. It will be fun, trust me”. He agreed and started rubbing his tiny cock right on my pussy slit. It felt so good. I got him to slide it right inside me, he was balls deep almost instantly because he was so small, but it felt incredible.

“Ok honey, now just move it in and out again and again, and eventually you’ll get that tingly feeling again”

He pumped me with his nail for about a minute. His breathing got more intense and I could feel him nutting inside my pussy. He collapsed onto me and I grabbed his face and shoved my tongue down his throat. His cum was leaking out of my pussy. It was still clear, didn’t even have any sperm in it because he was so young.

“Oh miss Kim, that felt so good! That’s what it’s like to become a man?”

“Yes honey, you did a fantastic job. You make me very happy. I’d love it if you were my boyfriend, you just can’t tell anyone ok?”

“I wont miss Kim, I promise!”

We went and took a shower before he got his lawn mower and walked back to his house. I told him to call me this weekend and I’d have more chores for him to do.

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    she is the lucky one. i’d love to have a preteen little boy and his little cock in my mouth.

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    Great story would love a part 2

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  • Reply Ruzza ID:2px1o1ietmh

    I love little boys cock

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    This happens to my friend, she is 25 and a teacher , you know im his bestfriend im 27 an a guy, i had crush on her but she friendzoned me, back to her she had a student named ivan, 12 only, this kid is a bully so my friend always notice, when one time my friend told me that he saw Ivan pee on school wall at the back instead of shouting him he saw his huge penis. then she started chatting him and yeah they have sex on my condo unit, as a bestfriend i want the best of her even though its hurt and yeah Ivan also had bigger penis than me, now shes 28 and ivan is 15 they had 1 kid already. what a lucky man. im still a virgin though, my friend wants me to remain a virgin because she feel that ivan will leave her soon.

  • Reply Tyler ID:fzq74ft09

    My friends mom showed me sex when I was 13 only I came right away the first time she touched my dick she was a wonderful lady I’m 32 now

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      Reckon I would have cum immediately too! Lucky fella.

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    Is there a part 2 this story?

  • Reply Randy oldman ID:1gt0st9o6ic

    I had dreamed of this opertunity but sadly never came my way. I am 71 now.

    • Reach me [email protected] ID:2px1n23edhw

      Not too late Randy. Message me.

  • Reply Mabel ID:y8hyzb0d

    “He didn’t have any public hair, completely bald down there”. Aaah my goodness, that killed me in lust imagining such beauty! 🤤

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    Man he’s one lucky kid

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    Bed him well honey, bed him well.

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