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Kate discovers a Secret 6

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Kate stood off to the side with the two girls while Joe checked in. The girls, 10 and 12, had their noses pressed against a window into the pool area with a water slide. Eventually Joe joined them at the window.

“All checked in,” Joe said, handing a keycard to his wife.

“Good!” Kate replied, “lead us to the room, daddy,’ she said with a smile.

In the elevator, the girls each pushed a button for their floor. Kate took a chance and pressed her body into her husband, her mouth close to his ear, “just follow my lead, ok?” She asked breathlessly in a whisper.

Joe felt her need in the heat from her body through the dress, and his hand slid to her bottom and pulled her tight against his thigh and nodded in response.

The girls ran down the hallway when the elevator door opened, going the wrong way at first and Joe had to call them back, to charge off in the other direction, giggling and holding hands. ‘They seem as excited about this as I am!’ Kate reflected internally.

Joe opened the door and the girls burst in, and before Kate and Joe pulled the suitcases through the door, Ellie and Avery had their shoes off and were jumping on the bed closest the window, “This is our bed!” Avery said with a smile on her face.

“On this trip, they are both daddy’s beds,” Kate said cryptically, flashing a look at Joe as she pulled the curtains tight. Joe turned the lights on to brighten the suddenly dim room and bolted the door with the deadbolt and privacy lock. Kate’s mind was racing, and she felt if she hedged or delayed, the moment might be lost. Her tummy was clenching with nerves and excitement and in that moment she only wanted to feel more of it.

Kate pointed to the other bed with a meaningful look to Joe, “Honey, why don’t you sit there and the girls and I will give you a little show, are you ready girls?”

“Fashion show time!” Shrieked Ellie, gleefully.

“That’s right,” said Kate, “daddy likes a fashion show from his girls, pull your dresses up Ike this, so they cover your face,” Kate puller her summer dress up from teh skirt, urning it inside out as it lifted and covered her face, revealing her own panties to the room. The girls giggled and followed her lead, each falling onto their backs. Avery was continuing to pul her dress up, attempting to pull it right over her head, but Kate stopped her, “No, that’s perfect Avery, leave the dress covering your face.”

Kate moved beside Joe and whispered in his ear, “take the little slut’s panties off, Joe, I know you want to. Make her cunt mound bare,” she hissed.

Joe leaned forward, both young faces covered, and hooked his fingers into the hips of the small panties on Avery and pulled them down. Her hips lifted easily and they slid down with out protest, landing on the floor. Kate did the same to Ellie.

They squeaked with delight and Kate asked, “Does it feel nice to be completely bare for a fashion show?”

“Yes mummy, it feels tingly and tickley!” Said Ellie.

“Good,” said Kate, “It should feel nice. Now spread wide, one of teh shows daddy likes from his girls is a good slit show, so show them off for daddy.” Kate said the last looking at her husband, her hand curling around the shaft of his erection through his pants. Her other hand touched Avery’s smooth mound, causing her to jump briefly. Her fingers spread Avery’s sex lips apart, “See daddy, isn’t Avery’s sex slit pretty?”

Joe cleared his throat, up to this point he was happy to let Kate guide them along, but he was happy to participate. “Oh yes!” Joe said, “daddy loves looking at your sex slit, Avery.”

“What about mine?” Asked Ellie beside her, her voice coming from under the dress, pleading her thighs further and lifting her hips as if to draw attention. Kate was actively undoing Joe’s pants, to stroke his cock more directly. She couldn’t believe how aroused and wet it made her to know he was hard for child slit.

“Yours too,” Joe said, his hand moving toward her.

“Touch her cunt slit, daddy,” said Kate, freeing his cock and stroking it slowly, careful not to over stimulate him. “Girls like to know their slit shows are appreciated, don’t we?”

Ellie nodded under her dress, and Joe cupped her curved, hairless mound, then used his fingers to part the sex lips to display the wet, pink tissue inside. her hips and lifted and nuzzled into his touch.

“Touch me too, Daddy!” Said Avery brightly, her hips pushing up as though to seek his hand.

Stroking and squeezing his cock steadily, Kate said, “Look at you daddy! You have both of your daughter’s bare cunts in your hands for a nice slit show.” Kate turned her head to address the girls, “In a minute, were all going to get completely naked and mummy will show you other things I do that make daddy happy, and then you’ll both try them too. But first daddy is going to give you a special kiss, right on your sex lips.”

Kate’s heart was hammering, and her clit was throbbing for touch, but she desperately wanted to see her husbands dripping cock tip right in those juvenile cunt lips. She needed it. Guiding him up she said, “Lean over Ellie, honey… I’l guide your cock right to her cunt lips for a precum kiss.”

She almost came from just saying those words and clenching her thighs, and Joe put his hand on the bed around Ellie, his hips between her legs, dress still covering her face. “Touch her cunt with your cock, daddy, have incest sex with our daughters, I want this!”

“I want it too,” said Joe, and his hips shifted so Kate could rub his dripping tip up and down her hairless slit.

Ellie moaned from under the dress and pushed up. Avery, next to her, said “do me next!” Excitedly.

Kate guided him to Avery’s spread legs for the same treatment, rubbing his cock head up and down her spread slit, leaving a trail of precum everywhere his cock tip touched.

You girls are making daddy’s cock very happy,” Kate said, still stroking his erection, as hard as she’s ever felt it, “do you want to see it?”

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    What about the password on the laptop? Traded photos? Chat sites/passwords/
    This could get very twisted…

  • Reply Another reader ID:371mgx0zi

    Great story, I just read the whole thing, however, you never got to what was behind the password on the computer?
    Traded photos? Passwords to chat sites? Saved chats? Other pictures of your daughters that nobody knew of, for more trading?
    Inquiring minds want to know how twisted this story can get 😃

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    I have just discovered this story. It’s very very erotic. Will there be more chapters incoming? I can’t wait

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    I love all of the previous stories as well as this one here. One major suggestion however, make your stories a LOT longer! Closer to approx 2,000 words per every story. But otherwise they’re perfect.

    • JoeXXX2 ID:814kjdmqrc

      Well, this isn’t exactly a paid gig. I write and share for my own enjoyment, and I can’t commit too much time to it, until someone offers me a commission. Lol.

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