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Daddies Hands

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Daddy trained me from a young age. I am such a good little princess.

Mommy was passed out drunk on the couch. I could hear her snoring from my bedroom. I rushed to put on my pretty princess pajamas, grandma bought me today from target. Snuggled in bed and holding my teddy tight, drifting in and out of sleep. Awaken to my pajamas being pulled off and daddy has his hands touching my princess parts. I whimper and try to turn onto my side. “shhh princess its ok daddy is just checking you down there.” I shut my eyes afraid of daddy touching me. Pretending I am watching my little pony. Letting out a giggle because daddies’ hands are starting to tickle me. ” You like that princess?” Daddy, it tickles, please don’t touch me. “Daddies just checking you princess”. I lay still as daddy starts to place his fingers between the folds of my princess parts. Rubbing slowly and gently. Giggling he rubs faster. Daddy moves closer to my face, kissing me, as he whispers. “You’re such a good girl princess. Spread your legs a bit more for daddy.”
I spread my legs and start to cry. “It is ok princess. Daddy won’t hurt you.” His fingers are starting to enter my tingly princess part. It hurts as daddy starts to slowly slide his middle finger into my opening. I whimper. ” Princess it might hurt for a minute. You will learn to enjoy this special time with daddy.” Moving in and out faster and faster. I am starting to feel dizzy and tingly. “I have to pee daddy.” “No princess you just need to lay there and feel good.” I start to feel the wetness in my bald pink princess spot. It tingles so much I start to convulse and laugh. “Thats a good girl princess.” Daddy slowly glides his finger out of my little cunny and sticks his finger into my mouth. “Taste that princess.” Daddies voice is deep and demanding. I taste his finger. Daddy starts to cover his body over mine. Placing his hand over my mouth. I start to hyperventilate, and I am scared. “Just be quiet so you don’t wake mommy. Princess daddy needs to feel good. You be a good girl and be very still. I promise princess you will soon enjoy this time with daddy.” Daddy puts something between my legs and presses into my princess part. I scream but the sound if muffled by daddies’ hand. “So tight princess. Daddy loves you very much.” His penis then proceeds to enter my wet, tingly princess spot and he pushes in and out slowly. I feel daddy inside of me. I am all wet and confused. Faster and faster daddy pushes his manhood into my princess spot. It hurts so much. I want mommy to wake up. Crying, daddy kisses my cheek, as he pushes deeper and deeper, into my wet throbbing hole. “Very good girl princess.” As he pulls out of me. Daddy puts his hands around my neck and starts to choke me. I can’t breathe. Taking my small hands and smacking daddy. Daddy just looks down and grins. “Good girl princess”. I start to feel something hot and sticky coming from my princess spot. Daddy removes his penis and rubs my chest and face. As I am laying there crying. Daddy puts my princess pajamas and panties back on me. The panties start to feel wet and sticky. Daddy crawls into bed and pulls me close. Kissing my head daddy whispers. ” Princess, we need to get mommy drunk every night. You are such a good girl princess. Daddy loves you very much”. I start to rub my princess spot because it hurts so much. I don’t want to be daddy’s good girl. After hours of softly crying to myself I fall asleep. “Princess open your mouth. Daddy has a present for you.” I open my mouth and embrace the present I am about to receive. Daddy places his hand on my head and bobs my head up and down on his penis. I gagged and started to cry. ” Princesses have to do this with their daddy’s. You are not a big girl princess. Try not to cry and just enjoy the toy daddy has for you” I close my eyes and move my tongue and lips in motion for daddy. I am daddy’s princess, and this is my story.

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  • Reply Joe ID:8bw8pby49a

    I would love you to be my princess

  • Reply Dave ID:3zxi6gcgxi9

    Shows up as one giant paragraph. Sigh.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Absolutely lovely beginning can’t wait to read more

    • Cryin ID:4j4pmfxv3

      Thank you

    • WantMore ID:99wekc4z

      I want a part 2 and 3

  • Reply HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

    Good girls.. both of you

    • Cryin ID:4j4pmfxv3

      Thank you

  • Reply zena ID:c5rpuenm2

    Reminds me of my bro aged 14 doing this to me when I was 4 yrs younger than him. But he came before he could not but he then coated the slippery thing into my hole and finger fucked me. Two years later we were fucking good!!

    • Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

      Also reminds me of doing the same thing to my sister I never crawled into her bed but she would be sleeping on the couch about the same age as the story and I would play with her a little boobs eventually fingering her pussy licking her pussy taking her young virgin cum in my mouth almost every day eventually she sucked my cock and Bit it I see the scars every day all these decades later and reminds me of that little tiny mouth on my cock. I eventually fucked her in every position imaginable cumming in the pussy so many times I can’t even count. We eventually had to stop because she was fucking a boy at school and wanted to get pregnant by him and not me. My only regret Yes I never fucked her ass