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Daddy and Me

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A true story of night with my stepfather

I was 12 years old when my stepfather started coming to my room and touching me. Here is one incident that happened during the many years of sexual stimulation that he enjoyed doing. At the time I was 13 years old, a petite, blue eyed blond, my stepfather, Sean, was about 42.
My mother was out for whatever reason that evening, I can’t remember why or if it even mattered. I got ready for bed, taking my shower, brushing my teeth. Wearing a night shirt that was about mid-thigh I stood in the doorway of the family room and told my stepfather goodnight.
“Hey, where’s my kiss goodnight?” he asked.
I had been hoping to avoid that but knew I couldn’t just continue upstairs so I slowly walked over to the sofa where he sat watching tv and drinking his beer. I bent down to kiss him on the cheek when he grabbed the neckline of my night shirt and pulled it away from my body. Looking down the gap he said “Nice titties” and reached and gave them a squeeze. I didn’t say anything because I knew it would be useless.
“Come sit on daddy’s lap before you head off to bed, Keep me company for a little while.” I knew better to say no so I started to sit sideways on his lap. “No, straddle my legs” he instructed as he pulled me closer to him. I slid my legs on each side of his causing my shirt to rise higher on my thighs. Grabbing my ass, he slid me tighter against him until I felt his hard cock pushing against my body. His hands raised the night shirt until he fully exposed my breasts and continued to remove it. “We don’t need this tonight. I want to see how much your titties have grown. HMMMM….they look like two little cupcakes with cherries on top!” He laughed as he put one in his mouth and started to suck and lick my nipple making it hard and tingly. “Remember when I first did this, your tits were like little marbles but so tasty. I love seeing them grow. Does that feel good?” he asked as he switched back and forth making my nipples harder and more excited.
I knew what he wanted to hear, and I replied “Yes daddy, that feels so good when you do that” I couldn’t help myself because it did feel good, and I found myself starting to move my hips against his cock which now was rock hard and pressing against my pussy.
“I love you didn’t wear panties tonight, did you want daddy to play with your little pussy?”
“I just forgot to bring them downstairs when I took my shower.”
He laughed as if he didn’t believe me and pulled his cock out of his sweatpants. “Now you can feel daddy’s cock against that wet pussy.” His cock was between my pussy lips as he humped me up and down. We were grinding against each other, I was getting more excited as my pussy got wetter and wetter my clit rubbing against his cock I knew I was going to cum. He had taught me well over the last year and I couldn’t stop myself.
His hands held my ass, and he separated my cheeks while his fingers pushed against my tight hole, I felt his finger open my asshole and push in and out and we continued to ride each other. “Oh, oh daddy I’m going to cum.” I couldn’t stop it as I felt my body start to shake as he pumped his finger in and out of my ass faster and faster…” Yeah baby cum on daddy’s dick…let me feel you cum.” I let go and started moaning as every nerve in my body exploded. He pulled me to him and kissed me deeply muffling my moaning. Wave after wave over took my body as I came.
When I settled down, he whispered in my ear, “get on your hands and knees” I slid down his legs to the carpet and did as he said. He stepped out of his sweatpants and kneeled behind me, wrapping his hands on my hips I felt him rubbing his hard cock up and down my ass and pussy, getting it wetter than it already was. I felt him push against my pussy but then it was pushing against my asshole, opening me up little my little. “No daddy it hurts, don’t.”
“Shhh…it’s okay I’ll be careful. I can fuck your ass and never have to worry about getting you pregnant.”
He continued to push little by little I was crying because it hurt but he would stop and let me get used to it then push a little more. After some time, it hurt less and less as he pumped in and out filling me up, when he was fully inside me, he laid on my back and held me there without moving and started rubbing my clit. Before I knew it, I was the one pushing against him as I got more and more aroused.
“I knew you’d like this you little slut. That’s it fuck daddy’s cock with your ass.” We were both panting harder and harder as he started pounding my ass and continuing to rub my clit. I couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop as I needed to cum again. My orgasm was so intense as I felt daddy pumping his cum into me. “Oh yeah baby I’m cumming,,,,damn…that’s so good….feel daddy’s cum.”
We both collapsed from the intensity of what we had just experienced and laid on the floor until his dick softened and finally slipped out with a pop. I finally got up and went to bed dreaming about the next time.

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    What a great stepdad you have . Can you tell more of the stories when he fucked you , and what age were you when he started playing with you . I love them at 10 years old .

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    should have started when she was 8

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