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when I fell in lust with my step daughter

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why are these thoughts flooding my mind,I could’nt stop thinking about going in her room and let her touch my cock….

I’m now in my 50’s when we started what Brit and I dubbed, our “secret affair” I was in my early 30’s. My wife, at the time, and I both worked at the same place. I had been there going on my 2nd year. She’d only just began a month earlier. I was due for a weeks vacation. I would normally work and just taken the extra pay. Not this time. I had plans!!

The two weeks before my vacation was to begin, I heard on the news of a guy who got busted with his 11yo niece on his couch in the 69 position both Completely nude by his wife.
For reasons beyon my control, I began visualizing what that would have felt like.Which in turn led to me fantasizing what it must’ve felt like. To which I started getting. raging boners.
Night one:
Ok girls time for your baths I said. Brit the oldest, just turned 10 two days ago on Saturday was told to start the bath for her two younger sisters. “But daddy we always take our bath together, she protested. Well you’ re a big girl now remember, you just had your tenth birthday. “don’t worry tho, I’ll still wash everyones hair” I said.
I was so fuckin excited and so fuckin hard waiting till it was Brit’s turn in the bath.Just imagining her all lathered up and alone with her and her completely naked, fuck I almost came right there on the couch in my loose sweats.
“Daddy, I’m ready for my hair” said Brittany. Fuck my heart skipped a beat!!
. Ok sweetie. Be right there.I said.
When I walked in she was sitting down. And of course they used bubble bath. So I couldn’t see any of her young, beautiful little girl parts.
” Did you wash everywhere real good? I asked. I think so,Brit said, but you can check if you want. Omg! I almost said out loud. My cock sprung to life.It popped thru the fly opening of my sweats just as Brit was using the side of the tub to hoist herself up. She got a good look.
I started to panic but, gauging the expression on her face, I decided. to leave it. “Why is your thing like that Daddy”Asked Brit”. Well when a boy likes the girl he’s around and he thinks that girl is really sexy, this happens to the boy. “But you’re not a boy Daddy” said brit.
I know but I am a male and you are still a girl and I guess I must think you are really sexy.
Really, she asked. You think I’m sexy Daddy ?
So fuckin sexy baby girl.I said.
Brit was standing less than 2 feet away from me.
Her young lovely slit was so close to my face.
I grabbed the body wash and just poured some in my bare hand.
” ok ,turn around so I can make sure you are clean” I said. Brit obeyed.
. It took every ounce of will power I had to not fuck her then and there.
She was so fuckkn hot for a ten yo. I started on her neck gently washing.Her skin was so soft and blemish free. I was on her shoulders now moving lower with a sexual urgancy like I’ve never experianced before.
When I reached the top of her butt crack, I hesitated to test her reaction.
“Why’d you stop for Daddy” Brit asked. With disappointment in her voice.
Oh sorry I said and began massaging her young ass. She leaned in toward the wall and pushed her ass out to me.My left hand was on her left butt check moving in a circular motion
and getting closer to her little love cave with every rotation. My right hand was running down the length of her crack with my middle finger in the lead.
When I reached the opening of that sweet little butthole, and with more pressure rimmed her with my finger as I passed and went straight for her pussy.
She let out a little moan and spread her legs apart for me.
I am now oozing pre cum ever where. I’m so hard now it hurts.
Just as I reached that love mound, I stuck my middle finger in her virgin hole. A high squeal escaped her mouth.
I couldn’t take no more, I finished her bath then took her straight to my bed.
Brit and I were silent all the way there.
I knew what she wanted me to do and she knew, I wanted to. Niether of us spoke a word as
I lie her on her back. She let her knees fall to either side and opened her pussy up for me to do with as I pleased. I bent forward until my nose was rubbing her clit.My tongue instantly started licking the length from her butthole to her clit.She jerked when my tongue found its target.
I started pushing in and out very slowly at first.
At that moment, I regreted her having cleaned down there. But. I knew there would be a lot more of us together in the near future.
It didn’t take me (or her) long before she was cumming. Her little body confused and she screamed that she had to pee. I continued sucking and tongue fucking my ten yo daughters pussy. When her oragasm came to its end, she started crying and told me she was sorry fod pottying in my mouth.
“You didn’t sweetie” I said. Thats what little girls do when they like what a boy is doing to them. ” Did you like what I did to you” I asked.
“fuck yes” Brit said. “But shouldn’t I make you feel good now, Daddy” asked Brit.
“Only if you want to” I said. “Do you know what to do” I asked.
“Please don’t be mad Daddy, but I peaked in yours and mommies room and watched mamma make you feel good with her mouth” kinda like what you did for me.
“I’m not mad at you sweetie” I said. “do you remember how to do it”
Without speaking she leaned over and touched the tip of my cock with her little preteen tongue. “it taste good Daddy” she said. Before I could respond, she had half of my cock in her warm kid mouth. Bobbing her little head up and down.
fuck, her mouth and lips felt better than any blow job I had ever recieved.
It wasn’t long before I was ready to explode.”Rememer what happens to boys when they’re happy around a girl” She nodded. Well we also squirt out love juice and I’m bout to do that.
“I want it Daddy” I want all your love juice. Ahhheee Fuck baby,here I cum.
I exploded in her mouth and throat so hard she started gagging and coughing
but she was drinking all she could. When my spasms died down and stream after stream of my sperm finally ran out she had my cock in her hot little mouth still.
“Did I do it like Mamma” sha asked. “Oh my sweet baby girl, that was way better than. Mommy. We fell asleep cuddling together.
I woke just in time to get her dressed and in her own bed right before her Mother got home.

This is my first time telling this story. We had a lot of sex together for the next year and a half. Let me know if you liked this. I have plenty more that is so hot to tell.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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