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The Twins 5: Home again

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Well we finally got home from vacation after going to Springfield Illinois. We went to the Lincoln Home and Presidential Library and Lincoln’s tomb. Erin woke me up next day rubbing her pussy on my flaccid cock.

“Whatcha doing baby?” I asked. “You showed us this stuff. You can’t figure it out?”, she said laughingly. I heard mom and dad call my name. I laid on my side covered up and Erin laid next to me under the covers. My stepdad asked if I had seen Erin? I said “no”. She bit into my dick gently. “Ah!”, I said. “Everything okay?” my dad asked. I said I had a mild Charlie horse in my leg. He walked off after telling me I need to drink some more water.

“Ow you little bitch! What the heck was that about?”, I asked. She giggled. “Can we do it again Luke?”, she begged. “Come on. I wanna do it again. Put it in my pussy.” “Did you not hear him? Your dad is looking for you!” “Ok.”, she said disappointed. She went and talked to her dad.

Emma came up to me and asked me something. She asked if it would be ok if she did what I do to Erin? I said, “You don’t have a dick.” She hit me. “No stupid! With your tongue.”, she said. “Why you asking me ask your sister.”, I said. “Because that is your thing.” “I don’t care.” I said, “might be kind of hot.” I had the feeling she might be bi-sexual and those feelings were confirmed. I know Erin is not. She loves dick all the way.

We got the tent set up again in the backyard. I put it far away from the house. As I mentioned before the house sits on an acre of land. The tent was slowly becoming our sexual sanctuary.

I heard giggling coming from the tent. But it was only one person. It sounded like Erin. I said, “hey it’s me” I unzip the tent and find Erin naked with Emma eating her out. I asked Erin how she was doing. Erin said, “Luke does it better but she is not bad.” I showed Emma how I do it.

Emma wanted to do the “finger thing” to her sister. I showed her how. Putting a finger up her ass and the thumb up her cunt and rubbing the thin wall in between. “Do what I just taught you eating her out as well.”, I said.

Erin responded well to this. She asked to suck my dick. I laid next to her. She started jacking me off till I got hard. Then she started sucking on my dick head.

Emma must have been doing something right because Erin’s eyes kept rolling in the back of her head as she was blowing me. I noticed Erin started shaking. She started jacking me off while sucking on the head. She started jacking me real hard. I felt my orgasm coming on also. Erin came and as she came she dragged her teeth gently across my dick head. “Oh shit”, I said and came like crazy into her mouth. It was awesome! “Fuck” I said “Where did you learn that?” “Just thought you might like it.”, she said. “Fuck yeah I did. Damn!”, I said.

As I have been doing my past couple sessions I’ve been trying to talk Emma into letting me fuck her. But she’s not ready. I had her sit on my face. She grinded her cute little pussy on my face. As my tongue licked her bald little vulva. Pretty soon she started shaking as well as her orgasm took over. She came. I got the lovely smell of her beautiful vaginal juices on my face. She was breathing heavy while her body moved down towards my chest until she was face to face with me.

Emma always loves making out with me. Erin took a little break and then got my dick hard again. She positioned herself over my penis and was trying to stick it in. I got my hand down there and helped her. It was so hot having these two little angels on top of me.

Erin was enjoying my dick to the fullest. Using Emma ass to move herself up and down on it. Emma got up and turned around and rubbed Erin’s clit as she bounced on my dick. Erin did not last long after that as I felt her pussy clamp hard on my dick as she came.

“Come on. Lay down here” I got on top of Erin and started pounding her pussy. I know she loves that from the first time we did it. Her head went back and her eyes rolling in the back of her head. I felt it coming on and just unloaded my cock into her.

We were exhausted. We all fell asleep that night in the tent. My two little angels laying on either side of me. How could I be any luckier than this?

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    Bring on the next part!


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      I just sent in Part 9 so click on my name. Itshows all the ones I wrote