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My cousin wanted to see my dick

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Ellie kept asking me about seeing my dick, Gia had seen one and she wanted to see one

Im Marcus, 15 and my cousin Ellie is 12, she is short, about 4’9 but built like she is 14, she has nice boobs and a round ass. I am 5’10 and about 7 1/2 inches. I am black and she is asian/black mix. It started during spring break this year, she was staying with us for the week while her parents took a vacation. Ellie could talk, alot, she would get on my nerves so bad, the first day she was with us she told me her friend Gia had lost her virginity and she went into detail about what Gia had told her. It did make for an awkward few minutes hearing my cousin talk about sex, she knew more about sex than I thought she did.

That night I took a shower and got ready for bed, she came into my room wearing a nightgown, no bra, from the nipple action she was showing, she asked me point blank if she could see my dick, I was like wtf, no! The next day my mom was at work and Ellie kept asking me about seeing my dick, Gia had seen one and she wanted to see one, she went on all day about it, she even tried to grab my crotch a few times. Finally that night I told her that my deal was we can show each other tomorrow after my mom leaves. She looked at me with her eyes wide open and said you are going to look at me too? I said its only fair, she just stared at me and said I dont really want that deal and she went off to her room.

The next morning she came in my room and said the deal was on, but we had to promise to keep it secret, I promised, we ate breakfast with my mom and around 11 I told Ellie to shower and get ready.

She comes into my room wearing her nightgown, I could see her little nips poking up. I hoped she would chicken out but no, she drops her nightgown and her tits were so round and firm looking, she turned and she showed her ass, which was pretty amazing also. My dick was hard by now, she told me it was my turn so I reluctantly got out of my bed and dropped my boxers letting her see my hard black dick, she stares at it and then runs back to her room, leaving her nightgown on the floor. I hoped that scared her off and this was done.

Before I could get dressed she came back, she wanted to touch it, fuck, I said only if I can touch you first, well I thought that would scare her off, she got beside me naked in bed and said okay tell me want to do. I looked at her beautiful naked body beside me and my mind changed, I didnt want to scare her off anymore, I was going to see just how far Ellie would go.

I started by rubbing her stomach, then her thighs, I told her to open her legs wide and she said only if she could touch my dick first. I grab her right hand and lead it to my hard black dick, she grabs it and opens her legs. I put my hand on the outside of her pussy, it was hairless and I could feel the heat from it, I slid a finger between her pussy lips and was shocked to find out my little cousin was soaking wet. She moaned as my finger slid up and down her wet pussy, then when my finger found her little clit.

Oh Fuck Marcus that feels good, first time I ever heard her cuss, but it told me she enjoyed it, I kept rubbing her clit and then gently slid a finger a little inside her wet hole and fingered her. I could feel her hand grip my dick harder as I fingered her, I reached over and sucked on one of her nipples which made her just a little. I asked her if she wanted me to kiss her pussy, she said yeah, I said you have to ask me, she said Marcus will you kiss my pussy please.

I slid down her body, had to tell her to let my dick go, I started to kiss her thighs and then slid my tongue up her wet slit before finding her clit, a few licks on her clit and she was moaning loud. I thought about making her cum right then, but I was at the point that my dick needed attention.

I stopped licking her clit and said it her turn to kiss me now. She said but you will kiss me again down there after I kiss you right? I told her yes, that we would take turns kissing each other down there. I laid on the bed, she got down and looked at my hard black dick and asked what to do. I told her to kiss it then pretend it was a ice cream stick and suck on it.

She kissed my dick then starts to suck on me, felt so damn nice to, been a few months since I had busted a nut and I really wanted to cream her mouth right now. After a minute or so, she stops, says its her turn again. I went back to licking her pussy, planned on making her cum now and then have her finish me off, but she wanted to switch again, loved when she was sucking on me but I have always made girls cum first, they suck better after they cum.

She said it was her turn again, I started to lick her pussy,then she stopped me again. She wanted to kiss me while I kissed her, do a 69. I said why not. I told her to move and I would lay down and she can on top of me, she said no she was on the bottom, I told her I might shove my dick deep in her mouth that way, its better she be on top, still she said no, I wanted to cum so I didnt argue anymore.

I got on top of her and started to lick her pussy again, she was shorter than me so it was a little awkward, I licked her pussy for a whole before she started to suck on me. She had the head of my dick in her mouth, and was trying working it deeper. I hoped she didnt gag and throw up. I was licking her clit faster, sucking on it and trying to hold back from the desire to move my hips and slide my dick balls deep down her throat.

Then it happened, she jerked and came and I came a few seconds later. That wonderful feeling of exploding in a girls mouth, I missed it so much, I felt strong streams of cum shoot out of my dick, Ellie never gagged, she just kept sucking, I went back to licking her after I came.

The sensitivity hit me soon after, she kept sucking me, she had her arms locked around me and was sucking me like crazy, I guess she thought that you didnt stop after a boy cums, so she kept going. I tried to lick her pussy, thinking if she gets sensitive then she would stop, I licked her and all it did was make her cum again.

I felt a second cum building inside my dick, the sensitivity had mostly gone away by then, my second cum was just as wonderful but she didnt stop sucking, the sensitivity was unbelievable, I did the only thing I could do, I wet a few of my fingers and slide them in her asshole, it took a few deep shoves with my fingers in her ass before she let go off my dick.

I slid off and laid beside her, Ellie your not suppose to keep sucking after a boy cums. She said she was sorry, you kept licking me so I kept sucking you. We both came 2 times, it was an epic feeling Marcus, Im glad we did this.

I told her it was okay, and I was sorry about her ass, she said it was okay, she liked my fingers in her butt.

I told her we need to clean up, she begged me to let us shower together, why not, I loved seeing her naked..More to Come

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    loved it, do part 2

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    Stop with this shit

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      Erst lesen und dabei das pimmelchen wichsen und dann blöd rum machen was für ein schwuchtel bist fu kleiner Arschficker hör nicht auf ihn mach weiter ich freue mich darauf wenn er ihren kleinen arsch fickt