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That’s Just How We Treat Our Women – 2

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Rohan, Karan, and I continue to wreck the ladies of the house.

It was about 7pm. Karan was getting dressed for a party. It was his friend’s birthday at a fancy estate in South Delhi, so he knew he was going to get some action later in the night with some drunken slut. Now his stamina is amazing – there’s no doubt about that – but that doesn’t mean he won’t want to bust a nut before going so he won’t cum so soon. These South Delhi cunts are sloppy and easy, but they’re also vicious – if you don’t fuck them silly, they gossip about you the next day to their girlfriends.

He put on a jockstrap first – gotta be prepared just in case it turned into a threesome. Then he slipped on his jeans, but they weren’t ironed. He called out to our sister.

“Get down here, you!”

I was balls deep inside her at the time. She knew she’d have to leave immediately, but I was not gonna have any of it. I continued to pound her.

It was a regular fuck – no reasons given. I had just sauntered into her room half an hour ago and told her to start sucking. When your options are studying hard for a physics exam or an aggressive blowjob, the latter definitely seems like a better choice.

But Karan wanted what he wanted. In 3 minutes, he stomped in angrily.

“Are you fucking deaf or did the last beating not teach you not to ignore me?”

I looked up and said to him, “I’m almost done with her.”

“I don’t care. I need to leave asap.”

“Fine. I’ll fuck her on the ironing table.”

I lifted her in my arms and carried her downstairs. She was a petite bitch. My dick never left her cunt.

She weakly lifted her arms and picked the iron. She seemed almost dizzy – like she was about to faint. I pulled her back by her hair to wake her up, which make her drop the iron on the jeans. That scared her as well – so she immediately picked it up. But it had left a tiny burn. She continued to iron the rest of it properly. I continued to fuck her.

After she was done, I lifted her again and carried her to Karan’s room. His shirt was already on, buttoned up only half the way up. He was fiddling with his hair.

“Nice ass, bro,” I commented.

“You can kiss it,” he winked.

“I will. Tonight.”

Our sister ruined our moment by softly mumbling, “Here, it’s done.”

Karan snatched it from her and inspected it. He spotted the burn.

“Bhenchod, she ruined another one,” he sighed.

The room got silent. Well, mostly, except for the sound of my balls slapping against her pussy.

“Vir, leave her for a minute. I’m not letting this pass,” he said seriously.

“I’m gonna hurt her, and I don’t want you to get hit even by mistake.”

That was a valid request. I liked my brother’s spankings, but he was going to go brutal on her, I was sure.

I pulled out, and offered her to him by grabbing her arm and thrusting her forward.

Her head was hanging down, hoping to avoid the smacks on her face and punches to her eyes.

Karan had a different idea, though. He picked his belt and began whipping her left and right. I took a couple steps back.

“How many expensive clothes will you ruin?”

“Ow, ah, please forgive me!”

“Rohan bought this for me. After I’m done, I’m gonna be sure to tell him,”

“No please! Oww!”

“And he’ll have his own way of punishing you!”

She yelped constantly in the stinging pain. The red marks on her body were making me harder. I just stood at the side, my dick leaking with precum and pussy juice.

But Karan was actually upset. He wasn’t beating her frivolously just as an excuse to fuck her – he was mad he couldn’t wear this pair of jeans tonight.

As much I enjoyed watching, I knew that thrashing her won’t solve the problem. I stepped in.

“Karan, Karan, stop. This isn’t gonna help.” I got in between them. His eyes were burning with rage. Her eyes were swollen from all the crying.

I pushed her away once, then I pushed her really hard. She fell down with great force. I dragged her out by her hair out of the room. I walked back in to Karan.

I softly put his hands down. I got closer. I locked eyes with him.

Then I kissed him softly.

“Calm down, I’ll find you something else to wear.”

He relaxed a little. I slipped him the tongue.

Although we’re all straight men in the house, for Delhi boys, sexuality is rather fluid. It’s not just about getting off – sometimes it’s about intimacy and comfort.

While making out with him, I grabbed his butt. He was running his hands through my long hair. Before I could slip him the finger, we heard noises from our mom’s room.

We looked each other in the eye again and smirked. “Rohan must be home.”

Rohan had found his wife, our sister, lying down on the living room floor like a corpse. She was barely even crying – she just looked like she was recently thrashed brutally.

He knew she must’ve done something wrong, so he asked. She told him. He rolled his eyes and simply walked over to my mother’s room.

Now Karan and I walked over to mom’s room. We found our sister on the ground and paid no attention to her. I was fully naked, and Karan was in just his shirt and jockstrap. Karan, however, walked back a few steps, and then walked over her barefoot, crushing her even more underneath.

“Next time, wear something pointy,” I suggested.

Rohan was going full ballistic on our mom. He was a towering figure, and my mom, although short, was stout. He’d already torn her nightgown from the breast, and was yelling and slapping her.

“What have you taught your daughter?”


“Madarchod she keeps burning clothes.”


“She ruins my food.”


“She keeps being an idiot, just like you.”

Then he stopped talking, and kept thwacking.

After a good 5 minutes of him assaulting her and her trying to avoid the beating, he declared, “Today, you’re gonna pay for it.”

He looked at us. Karan and I continued to makeout, stopping occasionally to watch Rohan and mom.

“It’s only fair, right guys?”

“Yeah Rohan,” I responded, “it’s not like you can take your anger out on that dead body out there.”

This wasn’t new. It was unusual, since Rohan worked a lot, and usually just took all frustration on his wife. He didn’t usually come down to fuck his mother in law.

Anyway, today, he was going to. He pushed her down to her knees and pushed her head against the edge of the bed. He parted her legs apart with his leather heeled shoes, and shoved the tip into her pussy. Her mouth opened slightly, and he shoved his dick in. He began to pile drive in.

It was time for Karan and I to go to the next step as well. Although I hadn’t cum yet from my sister fucking, I knew Karan had to leave soon. So instead of fucking his easily accessible hole, I offered mine. Speaking from experience, it would be a win-win, since Karan’s poundings have brought me to an orgasm before.

Karan wet his fingers by making me suck on them, and inserted them in my hole. It took only a few seconds to prep me, and then he entered me. This was going to be a sweet, gentle fuck. Karan loved me and I loved him.

Meanwhile, Rohan was almost sitting on mom’s face. His cock was deeply embedded in her throat, and his balls were on her chin.

Karan couldn’t hold back. Although I came 7 minutes after his cock hit my prostate, he came when we saw what Rohan was doing. Obviously he came inside me.

He was getting late, so I turned around, kissed him, and led him back to his room to select another outfit.

When we were leaving to see him off, we noticed that the noise from my mom’s room had subsided, and our sister was no longer in the living room.

“This all seems to have sorted itself out.”

“Thank god we have Rohan to discipline them.”

“Come back soon. You owe me a fuck,” I winked to him.

Part 3, if you want it.

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