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My best friends mom

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When I was 12 I went on a camping trip alone with my best friends mom and I lost my virginity.

My name is Callum and I was just 12 when my life changed forever, well, my sex life anyway.

Before this happened I was a complete virgin, I’d started having boners like in the shower and sometimes in a morning, but I hadn’t quite reached the stage where I jerked myself off or played with it.

My best mate Simon, same age as me, his 7 year old sister Jodie, and his mom, had arranged to go camping during the school holidays, it was planned out for months but when the day finally arrived Simon and Jodie’s dad turned up about an hour before we were due to leave.

His mom had separated from their dad years ago, but he had custody rights and it was his weekend to have Simon and Jodie, there was a bit of shouting and arguing and eventually their mom gave in and they had to go stay with their dad that weekend, almost running the trip.

I say almost because even though Simon and Jodie weren’t going, their mom still offered to take me camping by myself, everything had already been arranged and she told my mom it wasn’t fair that I miss out just because their dad had to be an asshole.

So, I and Simon’s mom packed up the car and set off to go camping, we had a nice long drive, sang songs in the car, stopped off for food a refreshments on the way and just had a lot of fun, Simon’s mom is really cool, she’s not like a stuck up adult, she’s more like a kid and knows how to have a laugh.

As we were talking I kept referring to her as Miss Davidson, and she didn’t like that, she said I was allowed to call her by her first name, “Call me Debbie.” She said.

When we arrived at the lake we chose a nice quiet spot and setup the tent, it took us ages because it kept collapsing, and once the tent was up and the inflatable mattress and blankets were put inside, it was a nice hot day so we decided to go for a win in the lake, we got changed separately then dove in to the cold water and swam and splashed around for a good while.

After that we got a small camp fire going and cooked some food to eat as it got dark, then we went to bed, Debbie went inside the tent first and got changed in to her pyjamas, they were silk, white and consisted of a short sleeved top and shorts, then when she came out I went in and I got changed in to mine, they were Star Wars pyjamas, long sleeve top and bottoms.

When we were both ready we got in to the tent under the blanket and went to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night bursting for a wee, so I got up and went outside, it was freezing, I quickly weed and ran back inside the tent and jumped under the blanket, Debbie was awoken by the draft when I opened the tent up, I was shivering from the cold when I got back in so she put her arm under me and we snuggled up together for warmth.

Maybe 10 minutes or so later I started to feel uncomfortable down below and I realised I had a boner and it was pressing in to Debbie’s leg, she opened her eyes and looked at me, I was so embarrassed and I must have turned as red as a beetroot, I couldn’t even speak.

I could tell by the look in her eyes that she knew what was poking her in the leg, then I felt her hand going down the front of my bottoms, and I froze and then flinched when her warm hand grabbed hold of my cock, I gasped when she started rubbing it, it was the most incredible feeling I’d ever experienced.

My legs began shaking and a few seconds later I groaned out loud feeling something shooting out of my cock, “Ooh – Ooh!”, Debbie lifted her hand out of the blanket and it was covered in thick white stuff that had webbed between her open fingers, “Look what you did.” She said, but in a pleased tone, not an angry telling off one.

I didn’t understand what had happened or what I did, but I apologised anyway, “I’m sorry.” I said.

She smiled and laughed at me, then I watched as she slowly licked her hand clean, she turned and looked at me and made an “Mmm” sound like she enjoyed the taste of it, then she shuffled around under the covers before rolling on to her side, she removed her shorts and panties, then she reached over and held my face and kissing me repeatedly.

I liked her kisses very much, I was really nice, she started fiddling around with my cock again and I got another boner, she rolled over on to her back, pulling me along and rolling me on top of her, she spread her legs out from under me and I fell between them.

I felt her moving my cock around and I felt something tight around my tip, followed by a feeling of wetness and warmth, she’d guided my cock to her pussy and set it on its way inside, “Push. Push it in.” she whispered in to my ear.

I pushed my hips forward and gasped and moaned feeling my cock gliding in to her pussy, it was really warm and wet, and I gasped with wonder and pleasure feeling the bumpy soft insides of her pussy massaging my cock as it went further and further in.

“Oooh – Oof!”

Debbie removed my top and then unbuttoned hers showing me her big boobs, she pulled me head down in to her cleavage and then grabbed my butt, “That’s it. Keep moving it in and out. Don’t be shy. Go on.” She whispered.

Her boobs smelt really nice and felt soft and warm against my cheeks, I started moving my hips back and forth and enjoyed the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of her warm pussy, I was having sex but didn’t know it at the time, all I knew was it felt good.

“Ungh – Callum, keep going – Oumf – Oh, you sweet boy – That’s it!” she moaned, now comfortable in what I was doing and pumping her like a jackhammer, it seemed the faster I went the better it felt, so I didn’t hold back, and pounded her pussy hard.

“Debbie, it’s coming out again.” I announced, experiencing the same feeling I had when she jerked me off, I knew it was about to come out, “Oooah – Aah – Ooh!”, we both moaned out at the same time when I shot my load inside of her.

We rested for a while and had a laugh about it, and we ended up doing it again, in total I had sex with Debbie 4 times that night, I couldn’t get enough of it, it was great.

The next morning we packed up and headed back, we promised not to tell anyone about what we did, she gave me a nice kiss in the car before dropping me off at home.

But that’s not the end of the story, there was more fun to come.

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