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Mommy making son feel good about himself

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Mom started to exhibit strange emotional patterns of sudden sadness, irritability, and fear for the future about a month after our trip to Sedona.

The night after mom and I got back from Sedona was an enjoyable evening. As fun as going and meeting Julie, there was just something special about being able to cuddle naked with mom in your own bed. I always plan to fuck mommy until she says otherwise and I had planned on doing it tonight too. Tonight however was not going to be that night, or so I thought as this night would turn out to be very interesting. Mommy said she was tried from the drive and I was too. We both got naked and into bed. I got hard as soon as I saw mommy get naked. There was just something about my fat ass mature mommy that turned me on so much. I didn’t know if it was her pretty face, big titties, juicy ass, or dripping vagina and to be fair it didn’t matter which of those things it was because I stayed all these years far away of any other woman because of her personality. She was the smartest, funniest, sweetest, most caring woman I had ever met. She legit taught me how to do everything. That night on my 21st birthday was the beginning of the greatest part of my life. Now, mommy looked at me as we were in bed naked. She said, “Do you think it was a mistake what we did when you turned 21?” I rolled over and stated, “No. I couldn’t be happier that we started the beginning of our sexual relationship.” Mom said, “Then prove it to me right now make me want to fuck you better than that night.” I responded “How would that even be possible? You popped my cherry that night. I don’t know if there will ever be a better feeling than the first time I slide my sick into you.” She said “Then I guess I will have to do better than ever before. Maybe the surprise of me wanting to fuck you will be better than your first time.” I cut in saying “I couldn’t know a bigger surprise of a beautiful woman like you wanting to fuck an ugly guy me.” I suffer from very low self esteem problems. Mom knew this which is probably why she stoked my ego so much with things like calling me her big dicked boy even though I’m pretty sure my penis is small. Mom responded to my comments with “Now you know I hat when you say things like that. You’re the most handsome man I’ve ever laced my eyes upon. I see everything I want in a man in you. Just roll over on me and fuck mommy so I can make you realize just how great you are.” She then started to rub her hand on my chest one of my many insecurities. I got the goosebumps when she ran here hands on my nipples. She slowly worked her hands down from there going down my stomach to my penis. I could feel the blood starting to go into my penis. It was starting to rise up now. Then she grabbed it. Kinda hard and fierce. I was really arroused now and the moment she released her hand after some jerks I climbed over onto her while she lied down. I positioned myself over her with my big dick pointed at her mouth. Mom said “get that big dick in my mouth” and I leaned in to her now wide open mouth and started to fuck her moth. I started off just in her mouth feeling her work her tongue all around my cock. She then pulled away with spit hanging off my dick to her mouth. She coughed and said “fuck my throat” and so I reinserted my penis in her mouth. She layed her tongue flat and then grabbed my ass shoving my waist closer towards her mouth. Then I started to thrust away slowly before going back into her throat a little faster. The sounds of her slurping and gagging on my cock. I didn’t stop fucking her throat until she gagged. I pulled my dick out of her mouth now. It was slobbered all over. Mom said “Get that lubed thing in my pussy and start kissing me boy.” I went down and licked her pussy a couple times and then slid my dick in her. This time was more electric than the first time. When I entered her I felt something hit me. I idiotically and smartly said “Fuck I wanna marry the owner of this pussy.” Mom said “You wanna marry me?” I had instantly realized I thought out loud. It was a bad thing. I did wanna marry my mom. I just didn’t know how. I responded to her “Yes! Will you marry me?” She said “Oh my god! YESS! I didn’t think a proposal could get so romantic. You coming into me and then saying that.” I stated “Ever since I was young I knew I wanted a woman like you mommy. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to become your lifelong mate.” Mom said “I wanna marry you, but you need to get back to work on making me cum. Forget about that for now.” I would then lean into mommy. She let out a moan of pleasure. I went out and in. Plowing her every time hearing the pop of my legs hitting her ass in missionary. She had her legs pointed up at the sky allowing me to grab her ass. I love grabbing her ass. It’s so soft. I leaned into her neck and started sucking on it. She whispered into my ear “Fuck your little slut. Make mommy yours. The only thing I need to show me you want marriage is your load in my pussy.” I leaned away from her neck and said “I’ll get you a ring anyways.” Mom said “I want a bigger one than my last one with your father. I want a trade in like I did your dad with you. Bigger and better.” I knew she was talking about my dick then. I leaned back into her kissing her softly and subtly. Then she moved her hands from my ass to my head and forced me to kiss her harder while she shoved her tongue down my throat.” My hands still hadn’t moved from her ass as I slowly fucked her harder and harder. This may have been the most intense sexual encounter we had had yet with how hard I was pounding her ass. I picked her up holding on her ass while I flipped her onto the top of me. Mommy said “Oh yeah you want me to fuck you sonny? You want me to fuck you better than I did your father?” I responded with yes. She then moved so she was twerking her ass onto my cock in reverse cowgirl. She was gliding up and down. Her pussy had creamed all over my cock, or I creamed all up in her pussy. I didn’t care all I knew is it felt good and lubed up. I spanked mommy. She said “again” so I spanked harder and she said “harder.” I spanked her again and she said “Yes son. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Yes son. Fuck me.” She then screamed and then said “OOOOOOOOHHHHHH yessssssssss.” And I could feel it get even wetter on and around my cock. I looked back at her ass to see her stopped and wiggling on my penis. She then got up and turned so that she could kiss me. I loved cumming while kissing mommy. Mom squated on the bed and said “Fuck me from there.” I started to move my hips up into. I started slow slowly getting faster. Eventually I was going really hard and fast, so fast mommy said” You can’t buck this cowgirl off her bull.” Then she leaned back into me and started making out with me. I grabbed her ass and started rubbing it. I could feel my load coming into my cock now. I grabbed on to her ass for dear life now knowing I couldn’t last much longer in her pussy. I really started humping hard now. I was about to blow. Moms yelling “fuck me son yes fuck me harder harder harder yes fuck me son fuck me better than your father.” I was ready I leaned up picked her up and then stood up and positioned her against the wall. I said “fuck mommy I’m about to cum” She’s grabbing onto me for dear life. She says “don’t let go. Don’t cum yet not yet. 5 more minutes. One more orgasm for me please.” I tried my best to hang on. I grabbed her ass even harder now squeezing so hard I made her squeal because I pinched her to hard. Then she stated to moan and couldn’t control herself and I felt the sensation I had grown to love. Mom cumming on my cock. She released like a flash flood coming down a canyon explosive and vicious. I then humped harder and harder then yelled “ fuck yes” as my toes curled up and I felt my duck shoot a hug load into her. I humped and humped getting my semen as far in mommy as possible. I then walked back to bed with her in arms and lashed her down and released us from each other’s genitals. Mom said “wow you’re such a good boy.” I said “I strive to please you baby.” She said “come sleep with your sick in between my ass crack tonight baby.” I felt her ass cheeks surround my dick like to clouds. Mom said “Night baby I love you.” I responded “Night love you more baby,” and then proceeded to fall asleep next to her cuddling all night long.

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