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Different experience with my 12 year old cousin

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It was like two years ago, I was at my aunt’s house. She told me to take care of my cousin because she was going to leave the house to meet my uncle. We stayed alone with my cousin, we played a little and then I was kidding with him on something and then I told him to lick off my breast for a crazy moment. He stopped for a second and then he said okay, it was a first time for him because he was 12 years old and I was 19 year old. It was only for 15 seconds or shorther because it was a very crazy moment and his reaction was “they are warm and soft”. I told him not to mention this to anyone. Still nobody found out and I hope he will keep his mouth. I’m wondering if one day he will ask me to do that again because that was a really crazy time for me to offer and do that. Maybe he is going to mention this to me one day when he grow up more but we both know that it is a special secret only between us and we don’t mention this to someone else to people who lives nearby to us acquaintances haha

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  • Reply sid ID:np2guywv9d

    too hort

  • Reply Dave ID:e76ef4kqj

    I like to fivk

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    No details. So short