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She pushed it too far

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My 13yo daughter lied to me, swore at me, treated me like shit, and got drunk. “If you’re going to dress like a whore I’ll treat you like one.”

This is about me and my daughter, Louise, and she’s a 13 year old school girl, I’m a single father.

At the weekend I got a call in the middle of the night, it was one of my daughters friends mothers, she told me that Louise and her daughter had stumbled in to the house drunk, Louise told me she was going to be sleeping over at her friends and study, but that was a lie, they had gone out to a party and got completely wasted.

I got in my car and drove over to her friend’s house and collected her, she was totally drunk and she could barely stand for more than a few seconds before falling over, I walked her to the car and put her in the passenger seat and clicked in the seatbelt and then I got in and started the drive back home.

“Stop playing with the radio…” I said to her when she kept turning the radio on and off, “…what the hell is wrong with you?” I asked.

“What?!” she replied, in a snappy tone.

“Look at you, you’re drunk. And where did you get those clothes from?” I said, looking at her barely able to hold her head up, she was wearing a very-very short black party dress, it was strapless as well, her cleavage was showing her legs were showing, the bottom of the dress only just covered her crotch, I pulled it down after I caught a glimpse of her yellow thong underneath, “Jesus, Louise!” I snapped.

She wound down the window and stuck her head part way out getting fresh air to blow in her face, “Chill out, dad. Fuck.” She replied.

I didn’t like the way she spoke to me, I blanked her for the rest of the ride home, I was just so disappointed in her, up until now she had never done anything like this, she’s a good girl, always gets good grades at school, always polite, keeps her room clean and tidy, she was perfect, but I didn’t know who this girl was anymore.

We got home and I dragged her in to the house, “Get upstairs.” I said, giving her a gentle nudge towards the staircase, “I’ll deal with you in the morning. Get to bed.” I ordered.

I didn’t nudge her that hard but she made out like I’d just punched her really hard, “Ouch. What the fuck are you hitting me for?” she said.

“I barely touched you. Look at the state of you, Louise. You stink of alcohol and you look like a cheap whore.” I said.

“Maybe I want to be a drunk whore, did you ever think of that. Besides its none of your business, I can do what I want.” She replied.

“Just get to bed.” I said.

“No!” she yelled.

“Now.” I said, sternly, and I gave her my firm parent look.

She laughed at me, “Fuck off!” she giggled.

“What did you just say? – Did you just swear at me?” I asked.

“Yeah. I told you to fuck off.” She replied, “Dickhead.” She added.

I stepped up to her and I looked her dead in the eyes, “Say that again….” I said.

She put her nose touching mine and look back in to my eyes, “Fuck – Off – Dick – Head!” she said.

That was it, I wasn’t taking this anymore, I snapped, I grabbed hold of her and through her over my shoulder and carried her upstairs to her room, once inside I threw her on to her bed, she giggled as her body bounced on the mattress, then she sat up and called me a asshole, “Get in to your bed, and don’t make me tell you again.” I said.

“Ooow daddy’s got his mean voice on.” She giggled, then she pulled off her dress and threw it on to the floor, I saw her bare naked breasts, then she crawled on all fours on the bed and turned around so her ass was pointing towards me, “Are you going to spank me, daddy?” she joked.

I turned around and walked away, but just as I got to the door, she shouted at me, “You’re a fucking asshole. I hate you. Suck my dick!” she yelled.

I finally snapped, I closed her bedroom door and then swiftly walked back to her bed, I grabbed her roughly on both arms and I shook her then pulled her close to me, she looked scared, “Suck your dick? – you’re the little whore, why don’t you suck my dick.” I said.

Then I pushed my pants down and got my cock out, I pushed her head down and forced my cock in to her mouth, “Suck it!” I shouted, I helped her by holding the sides of her head and bouncing her head up and down, my cock was soft when it went in to her mouth but it quickly hardened and I heard her gagging and choking on it.

I grabbed her thick red hair and pulled her head back to look up at me, “Tastes good doesn’t it…” I said, I pushed her on to her back and then flipped her over, I grabbed hold of her ass and lifted it up, “Now, lets see about that spanking shall we.” I said.

I slapped her ass cheeks with the full force of the palm of my hand, she screamed, “Argh!”, over and over again, “Argh!”, then I ripped off her thong and I took my cock and I pushed it inside her ass hole and fucked her from behind with my hand on the back of her neck holding her down, “There we go! – How’s that, whore? – You like that? – yeah, you do.” I said

“Argh – Ouch – Daddy – Argh!” she continued to scream and cry but I didn’t care, she thinks she can speak to me the way she did and treat me like shit, well, I’m going to treat her like the little whore she wants to be.

I leaned down and put my mouth to her ear, “Tell me your sorry.” I said.

“I’m sorry. Argh. I’m sorry.” She cried.

“You’re a little whore aren’t you? – what are you?” I asked.

“A whore. I’m sorry.” She replied.

I pulled my cock out of her ass and I flipped her over on to her back and I got on to the bed with her and positioned myself between her little whore legs, I took two of my thick hairy fingers and fingered her pussy, it was wet and sloppy, “Oh that feels nice and tight. You’d make a good little whore.” I said, she struggled and moved around trying to get away but I held her down and forced her to take the pain.

“Daddy. Please. I’m sorry. Please stop.” She begged.

“Too late now.” I replied.

I pushed her legs apart and sank myself between them and then slid my cock between her juicy pussy lips and in to her virgin hole, “”Ungh – Argh – Daddy – No!”, I suckled on her tiny nips while violating her body with my 8 inch cock, “Your pussy feels so good, baby, so good.” I said.

“Argh – Ungh – Ungh – Ungh.” she moaned.

“Yeah, that’s my little whore.” I said, pounding away.

“Argh.” She cried.

“It’s on it’s way. I can feel it. Daddy’s going to dump his come. Get ready.” I said, cheerfully.

“No – Don’t – Argh!” she groaned.

I picked up speed and I was fucking her harder and harder, her legs spread so wide I heard her hips crack, with my balls slapping against her ass and my cock buried deep inside her hole, I came, “Ooah! – There it is. Can you feel it.” I said, shooting my fatherly seed deep in to her womb.

When I was done I got up and pulled my pants up, she remained laying on the bed with her hands over her eyes crying, “Think about that next time you speak to me like that. If you’re going to dress like a whore I’ll treat you like one.” I said, then I opened the door and walked out, “Good night.” I said, closing the door behind me.

The next morning she was silent and didn’t talk to me all day, however, as she was going to bed that evening she came over to me on her own free will, she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, “I’m sorry, daddy. I’ll never do it again.” She said, I told her it was okay, “Love you, princess.” I replied.

“Love you too, daddy.” She said, then she went up to bed without any trouble.

I have to admit, I did have enjoy fucking my little girl, maybe I’ll find an excuse to do it again someday, I love it when she screams and cried while I raped her pussy, I’ve got an erection just thinking about it.

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  • Reply Mikel ID:7d2wr0km9k

    A little whore that’s a virgin. WTF?

  • Reply Daddy’s girl ID:1fr5gtbzm

    You’re a great dad. You have to put your daughter in her place when she acts out like that. You did exactly what you needed to. I’m sure she’s going to do it again because she enjoyed her punishment.

  • Reply Rose ID:2kyee16tm0

    Me too my would come home late n fuck me so hard he would tear my clothe n then suck my big boobs it feels so gud then he would tell me to suck his 8 inches hard dick and jerk on it after he would finger my pussy i was so fucking wet ooo i luved it n then he fuck me so hard for about 2o mins n then squirt a lot of thick sperm on my big boobs n nipples n then he will start massaging n rubbing my boobs with all over them n hey it a really nice !

    • Dubious ID:11avi4jahrb

      Super hot…..wish my stepdaughter was like you…

    • Daddy’s girl ID:1fr5gtbzm

      You have a great dad.

  • Reply Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

    Nice!!! My dad used to rape me, all the time. Especially when he was drunk. He’d come in my room at night, pull my panties down real hard, pump his dick in, and fuck my little body fast & hard. Then suck & nibble on my still budding thick nipples. I would be so sore & swollen when he was done. But after a while, l got used to it, and would sleep naked. I started to enjoying him raping me almost every night.

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    • Tabooman1975 ID:fx7itcqrj

      Got any daughter’s or want to be a taboo mom . I’ll teach your daughters or our daughters. That men take what they want

    • Daddy’s girl ID:1fr5gtbzm

      You have a great dad too.

  • Reply Nice ID:1ah770leoib

    Me too i will love to be fucked up very hard

  • Reply blueeyes513 ID:87yabb0k

    i wish i had a daddy like you to fuck me

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      I’m problay around your age then can u friend my sc:( Sxizzyahh9

    • Fuck your bitch mother ID:2t44gwr8l

      Horny whores with rape fantasies,maybe I can track your ip

    • Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20i

      It will be the most intense hottest experience you’ll ever have