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k9 dare

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Dad and step mom were having a party. They were a singers and tonite was a small 3 couple fuck fest. My step sister Elsa is black and over sexed. she’s 13 going on 18 . she is shorter 5′ with B cups and really long dark nips.always hard and makes me hard looking at them. I’m 11 mixed white latino. My early bloomer hitting puberty at 7 . my cock issued 7 hard fat inches and can’t cu. Enough. Elsa and I love to spy on the grown ups fucking and we try it up in her walk in closest. But that stories for later.
We were playing truth or dare and I was naked. The two girls team up on me. Dare me to to fuck our family dog . A fem pit bull . sweet princess was a good mom she had puppies 8 weeks ago and with no puppies left to such her milk she was dripping and swollen. She was in heat again and acting real weird. Putting her nose in the girls crotch and licking my ass and balls and trying to lick the pre come from my pee hole. Instead of daring me to kiss them they wanted me to fuck princess. I have been fucking Elsa and other kids from the parties for years.
So I dared the two girls to suck on princess utter size nips. They giggled and each took a nipple and audio it getting milk. I was so hard I stroked my cock covered in precum.
Ok now you fuck princess till you come. So the girl got her on her back and scratched and rubbed her steady .I was on my knees . when princess leaned up an licked my cock head getting it all wet. I guided my man cock up to the swollen fat dog cunt. It was wet and my fat cock head went in easy. Tight ? My sister asked .yes and really hot. I pushed slow .she lay there not moving .are you liking Dans penis girl . now on all fours I start to fuck .the girls watch I must as they rub each others cunts. Keep going that it keep fucking her. I watch my cock go in and out . fuck this felt too good. Are you going to come. Not yet. I pounded princes for a while . stop fuck her doggy my sis said .the girls have come half a dozen time already. They held princess as I enter her from behind. Humping faster I start to feel a build up oh yes .mother fucker mother fucker whore I yell as I come two ropes in the dog , then pulling out stroking 1 2 3 4 more ropes of cum all over . that’s the hardest I’ve cum..oh shit. WTF I been caught . my black step mom was watching and she is going to fuck me up.
Story to come

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    Sweet female dog pussy….. So nice and tight and warm. Enjoy!

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    Oh Shinto can’t wait for more I hope the mum joins in..

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      it was ok