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At the school swimming gala

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Me and my gf M at our school swimming comp

After my last story I got a little bit of hate but all I have to say is she was willing to do it.

On Friday I had the school swimming gala and M was there. She was excited as it was her first gala as she didn’t attend the one 2 years ago this was my 3rd gala and I was confident. I wont really go through the details too much but I won my race and M came second in hers she was gutted as it was so close and after her race I went up to her and gave her a hug because I could see she was so sad about losing. I couldn’t kiss her but I told her I was proud of her.

Skip to after we find out who won the gala (it was my team btw) we all went to the changing rooms. Obviously teacher weren’t really allowed it so I told M where I was because we’ve already seen each other naked so it didn’t matter. M’s tits have really started coming through and she looked to sexy in her swimsuit I couldn’t stop looking at her whilst she was taking it off. She noticed and pulled me in for a kiss and my chest pressed against hers and her tits were so squishy. After our long kiss I helped her take her swimsuit off and she helped me as she did she purposely stroked my cock to get me a little hard. I laughed and stroked her hair and she looked up at me. There was a bench in our changing room so I sat down as M got to work. Not long after M started i was ready to cum. Just something about a public space I guess. So I told her to stop and it was her turn for some head. She liked the e sound of that and sat down and let me work. She came once on my face but was still dtf. So slowly I put my rock solid cock in her tight pussy and she quietly moaned as I started fucking her I had to keep reminding her to be quiet and not long after starting we were both already cunning. She said before we started she wasn’t on the pill so I pulled out and came on her body, chest, and face she licked what was on her lips off and we shared a kiss. We got changed after we cleaned ourselves up and then headed out.

Like all my stories this is 100% real
Let me know about any mistakes by the way
and dtf means down to fuck

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