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I’m not gay

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Not sure when or how I got started putting stuff in my ass but I was around 9-10 the first time as I remember.
Fast forward in my early 20s I had been buying dildos and fucking my ass often but had never had any real thoughts of a man actually fucking me . I would drive to the local porn store every couple months and get dildos and porn dvds . At one of my many visits I was strolling the movie Isles looking at different movies and a guy across from me made eye contact with me and said he had almost everything on the shelf’s for 3 for one prices if I was interested. Said he lived about a mile down the road if I was looking for a deal .
I thought about it and said no not knowing this guy that was a normal looking 30s guy just not on the stranger stuff you know ! I picked out a teens fucking bbc movie and a new long thick floppy toy for my ass and cashed out .
I drove down the road to get gas and that same guy was paying for his gas when I went in talking to the cashier lady that obviously knew him well and about his movie collection and made a jacking off joke haha . He asked if I changed my mind I said sure I’ll check out your movies so I followed him to his house. When we pulled in his driveway he asked what movie I bought and as I reached for the bag my big dildo fell out of the bag ! He chuckled a bit and said your down with that also I see ! I kinda was embarrassed and just shrugged my shoulders!

He said grab your stuff and come on in you don’t want to leave that on the seat for some kid to see lol. We go inside nothing special or creepy just boxes of porn movies . Said he buys close out deals and makes a lot of money selling porn online . He also had boxes of sex toys and other stuff .

As I’m going through a box of movies he asked if I could take that dildo and I was over being embarrassed and I said I going to find out ! He asked if I was gay I told him no not really just liked having my asshole stretched he chuckled a bit said your gay just don’t know and I said never been an issue .

He waited about 5 minutes and told me his cock was almost as big ass that dildo and I was like bullshit then I looked down a the huge hard cock growing in his jeans I was In shock at the size of his Dick ! He asked if I would like to see it ? My heart was pounding at what was getting ready to happen I said yes ! He unbuttoned his jeans and they drop revealing what I was sure is a 11-12 cock as big as a soda can!! I stood looking at this huge cock not sure what to do . He starts stoking his big cock ask if a would like to touch it I walked forward and reached down touching my first cock ! It felt big in heavy in my hand compared to mine that’s not small . He asked if I had ever sucked a cock I said no but if I would like to try his ? Like a bitch I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth letting the big cock head in my mouth it was huge ! I started sucking his big Dick like I know what I was doing and was so turned on by this big fat cock in my mouth ! I sucked him like a was pro I thought and he slowed my pace and said don’t make me cum just yet . His idea was the same as mine I wanted that big cock in my ass I know I can take it !
I pulled my jeans off and was walked over to a low table . He turned and got a bottle of lube and was lubbing him self while I got up on the table and pulled my legs back and started jacking my super hard pre-cum leaking cock . He took the bottle and poured a bit on my asshole and said I see you have definitely had some big toys on your stretched out ass . I just smiled and said a few and he started pushing his huge cock head against my hole and I felt my ass start to open taking in his big cock head and it was inside me my first cock and it a huge fat monster in my ass ! He said here we go and started a slow deep strokes going deeper with each push till his big balls was slapping my ass make a slapping noises . I could believe how deep in my ass he was and was making my cock bounce to his pounding thrusts ! I start jacking my cock to his steady beat and realize he’s going to fuck me for awhile! I can fell my ass getting looser the more he fucks my ass slamming me deep and hard I just keep jacking my cock and I feeling my cum building in my ball ! I start jacking faster as he fucks my ass header I say I’m going to cum and he grabs my hips and starts slamming me as hard as he can I see his eyes roll back in his head and feel his cock getting bigger in my loose well fucked asshole and he starts cuming in my ass and I can’t hold it anymore and shoot cum 2 feet in the air! I’ve never came so hard or so much in my life and he slows his pace and I feel his big cock jerking I’m my ass dumping the last of his load inside of my ass !

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply matt ID:1efymlcphz6r

    i love getting fucked with dick or dildo—-and being watched

  • Reply Luke ID:4o717tkqm

    You are in denial. Your are gay.

  • Reply matt ID:cxtmceam9b

    sometimes i take a dildo into the adult bookstore hidden in my pants. i go to a buddy booth where you push a button and the viewscreen between 2 booths clears so you can see the guy on the other side and he can see you. i lube up the dildo and go to town on my hungry hole while he watches and strokes off

  • Reply matt ID:cxtmceam9b

    exhibitionist here -love GIANT dildos, hole stretching and HUGE fat cum filled dick in my ass . feeling a guy’s cock start to bulge and jerk as my hole squeezes and lets go again and again as his load fills my guts

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

    I sat on my friends dick when I was about 15 and forced it up my asshole

    • Lol ID:2zixle2t0i

      Put mine in your 🍑

    • Lewd76 ID:1e6dn02cb7u2

      That’s hot. I’d love to hear more

      My username is lewd76 on all social platforms

  • Reply Barry ID:1jybr2m1

    Nothing like a big cock in your ass.

    • Daddy’s Cumboy ID:3yvt1n0qj