Hermione Granger

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Emma is Hermione and needs some hard cock

I’m chauffeuring part time to help out a friend and he’d asked me to do a short run from a film set to a hotel. An hours work at most so hardly worth the effort but he did get some decent jobs from this company which is why I got it. So I turned up at the studio reported in and was told to wait in the car and my passenger would be out very soon. True enough, 5 minutes later the back door opens as someone gets in whilst a face appears at my window telling me where to go. The guy then goes to the back door explaining to the girl who had got in that he had to stay to sort things out but he’d see her tomorrow. He stashed a case in the boot and off I went. Once out of the studio area I managed a glance in the mirror to see who my passenger was. I shouldn’t have done that as I nearly lost control of the car, I only had my wank target sitting in the back. I couldn’t believe my eyes but there she was, the lovely Emma, better known as Hermione Granger.
My mind was running riot and I soon had a hard on thinking I could take her to some seedy hotel and fuck her, maybe hide her away and keep her as my wank and fuck toy. Much too soon we arrived at the hotel and the doorman told me I’d have to go into the underground garage as they were getting really harsh with parking restrictions out front. So in we went and I parked up when I got the first words from my passenger asking me if I wouldn’t mind helping her with her case. Of course I agreed and followed her to the lift where she pressed the button to her floor. I followed her along the corridor to her room, she opened the door and showed me where to put the case.
“Would you like a drink or something?” Something would be nice I thought but it wasn’t a drink I was thinking of, but I managed to get the right words out with a thank you. I was scared shitless, alone with Hermione in her room, my mind running riot with all sorts of evil thoughts. She came in from the kitchen area with 2 glasses of something; I didn’t even bother to ask what it was, if Hermione brought it then I’d love it. “I hate wearing this uniform” she said “everyone treats my like a k**, it’s so annoying”. I told her I’d always thought she looked good in it which seemed to surprise her until I told her I knew all about her role in the film.
She was surprised I watched Harry Potter and asked me what I thought of it. I told her she was my favourite as she kept all the boys in their place and was so clever at everything. I was sat there gazing at her trying not to be too obvious when she said she’d have to get out of the uniform so I made to get up and go but she stopped me saying there was no need to rush off and leave my drink. That did it, I was going to make this drink last. A few minutes later she returned wearing a robe which really got me going, what did she have on under I immediately thought. She say opposite me and her robe opened enough to see some thigh. Oh fuck I had to keep my hands in my lap to hide my growing cock.
“Do you think I’m geeky?” she asked, “Harry and Ron keep saying I am”.
“Of course not, you’re an actress playing the part very well and you much too cute to be geeky”.
“Do you really think so? That is so cool, wait until I tell those 2 wankers”. That shook me I wasn’t expecting that sort of language. She gave me a strange sort of look and then stood up and undid the robe. Now I knew what she had on under it – nothing. I told her rather unconvincingly that she really shouldn’t be doing this but gave lie to that by ogling her naked body and I’m sure my mouth dropped open. She simply smiled at me and stood there naked and I’m sure her eyes went to my crotch. “Do you think I’m pretty?”
“Gorgeous” I said unable to take my eyes from her body.
“Can I see your…”she didn’t say anything but looked straight at my crotch. My last final effort I said that I shouldn’t but when she didn’t move I undid my zip and pushed trousers and pants down until it jumped out. She gasped and asked why it was so hard and I had to explain how much she turned me on. She giggled a bit but her eyes were fixed on my cock as she walked towards me and reached out to touch it. I had to think of something else to avoid shooting my load right then and there. And to my embarrassment I said “Oh fuck” quickly followed by an apology. When she asked me what was wrong I told her she was fulfilling my wildest dreams and if I wasn’t careful I’d have an orgasm straight away.
Then she stroked it gently and I told her to stop or I wouldn’t be able to control it. I’m not sure if she knew what she was doing but she didn’t stop and I warned her as I shot my load, most of it hitting her naked body. She was impressed, I wasn’t, what an embarrassment cumming so quick. I asked if I could touch her and when she agreed I told her to lay on the floor. She looked a bit wottied and said “you’re not going to do it are you?”
“Of course not” I lied not sure how far I’d get. She laid sown and I knelt by her side and kissed her lips and them moved down slowly, her nipples were like rocks when I got to them and she groaned as I worked on them as my hand moved down further. I followed my hand with my lips but when I got closer to her pussy she asked what I was going to do. I said nothing but blew softly on her pussy bringing a gasp from her. Then I went further and my mouth covered her pussy and I began to tongue her slowly.
That had the desired effect, she groaned louder and pushed her hips up against my face I kept on like this and she was going wild until I got a finger in her. I couldn’t believe it, she started thrashing about telling me to stop but holding my head against her as she pushed her hips against me. The finger fucking got harder and faster and she went wild eventually screaming out an orgasm and slumping back. “Fucking wow” she said and the realising what she had said went on “sorry about my language, but that was amazing”. When she’d calmed down a bit she wondered if that was better than ‘doing it’ and I assured her it wasn’t.
“Oh I wish I could do it” she said “but I’m too frightened and my parents would kill me if I got pregnant”. I explained that I’d had an operation that meant I couldn’t have c***dren so if I did it with her she wouldn’t have to worry about that. She was sceptical but promised her it was true so slowly she agreed we could try it. It’s not often I cum twice very quick but my cock was still rampant so I went to work on her again sucking and fingering to get her worked up, moist and ready for her first fuck. She was begging for it after a short tonguing and fingering and I knelt over her guiding my cock to her slit and rubbing the head along it slowly easing it in.
She gasped as the head went in and her pussy lips clamped on it. I held still until she relaxed a bit and eased a bit more in. I held my body over her so the only contact was my cock in her cunt and soon she began moving herself up and down taking a bit more in each time until she yelped and said that was far enough. I was quite happy, I’d got my cock in Hermione’s cunt and was going to shoot my load in there whether I was fully in or not. I wasn’t going to last long and began slow strokes so as not to hurt her and it didn’t take long. “Here it comes babe”. Oh what a fuck, not the best I’d ever had but I’d fucked Hermione and that made it awesome.

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