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Disciplinary Rape – 2

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Vir still disciplines his sister, but now he also has to discipline his wife… all in front of his toddler.

(6 years later, and I still wear just my boxers around the house. Although my dad’s always been prim and proper, it’s never been a compulsion for me, or any male of the house for that matter.)

Let me tell you about what went down yesterday.

I was playing some video games in the living room while my wife was cooking dinner in the kitchen. She’d placed our 4 year old son next to me because she was deep frying some beef and didn’t wanna burn him, but he kept crying. I kissed him, tickled him, did everything to placate him, but he needed food.

I got up in anger and went to find my wife, but she wasn’t in the kitchen. Seeing no other option, I yelled for my sister. She came running in, afraid of the consequences.

“Offer him your tits, he needs milk.”

“But bhaiya, I don’t make milk.”

“No shit genius. It’s just till she comes back from wherever the hell she is,” I reprimanded, referring to my wife.

She still seemed unsure.

“It’s just to fucking calm him down, idiot.”

I was annoyed. I slapped her.

“God, why can’t you just follow directions?”

I slipped two fingers inside her pussy and pushed them deep inside.

“Don’t argue with me,” I whispered in her ear.

She yelped in pain and quietly dislodged herself from my fingers. She sat on the sofa and took out her tits. My son didn’t know what to do with them.

Firstly, I grabbed my sister by her arms and placed her on the floor. She was in my spot.

Next, I grabbed one of her tits and bent down to engulf it in my mouth, to show my son what he was supposed to do.

He followed suit, the little monkey. He started sucking my sister’s tit.

Nothing was coming out, so he sucked harder. He almost bit her nipple off. She kept howling in pain. The more noise she made, the harder he bit.

Then my wife finally came back. She walked into the living room and saw this bizarre set up in front of her.

I didn’t have time to explain to her what was happening, because I could hear my friends call me back to the game. I didn’t even want to waste time scolding her because I was getting late.

I pulled her closer to the scene by her arm, turned her around, and took off her top in one go. I shoved her down, and exclaimed, “Look baby, mommy’s here! You can have your milk now.”

He promptly left my sister’s tit and crawled upto my wife’s hanging tit. Seeing that everything was settled, I motioned to my sister to leave and my wife to shift on the sofa. I got back to my game.

But after a minute or two after restarting, the whole game ended and my team lost.

“Bastard, where were you this whole time? If you’ll come in the last minute obviously we’ll lose,” my friends were whining through my headphones.

I was super pissed. I tossed the controller aside and turned to my wife, who was totally freaked by then. She knew it was her fault for abandoning our beautiful son and forcing me to take care of his needs, even if it was for a few minutes. She knew she’d be punished.

I first gave her a really hard back-of-the-hand slap.

My son looked up due to the sudden movements. He saw the fury in my eyes.

“Where the fuck were you bitch?”

I stood on the sofa and lowered my boxers. Using my super hard 9 inch dick, I smacked her face a bit more. Our son got back to sucking milk out of his mother’s tits.

My sister, seeing all this from a distance, came to rescue her nephew.

“Yeah, yeah that’s right. Take this boy away for a while. I’m not gonna spare this woman today.”

My wife was pleading me to go easy on her.

“I had just gone to get some spices from Mummy’s kitchen downstairs!”

I had enough of her excuses. I held her mouth with my hand, with enough pressure to open it up. I shoved my dick in and made her deepthroat it immediately. She just shut up.

“My friends are so mad at me! Irresponsible woman!”

Her gag sounds were louder than my sister’s “ouchies” in the background. My son had begun sucking her tits again.

“They’re blaming me for the loss!”

I put my foot on my wife’s thigh and thrust down. She was in so much pain, but what could she do with a dick lodged in her throat?

She could only suck.

Meanwhile, my foot found it way to her pussy. With just an open skirt and no panties, it was really easy for my big toe to enter her vagina.

I thrust it in deep and quick, hurting her even more. I went back and forth, basically fucking her with my toe.

After a little while, I stopped and got down from the sofa. I ended up fucking her in the ass and cumming inside.

She got up crying and struggled to walk to the kitchen.

I popped down on the sofa naked and looked at my sister. I let her go unpunished because she’d actually been a good girl while I punished my wife.

I asked her to hand my son over and leave. Then my son and I watched some cricket together.

Half an hour later, I smelled burning. Smoke was coming out of the kitchen.

Time for punishment round 2, wasn’t it?

Comment below how you’d like Vir to punish his wife for burning the dinner. What else can his sister do wrong?

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