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Special needs therapy 2 The Defloration of Isabel

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Please read my first post to understand what is going on. Patty and I have been dating about a year. She loved how much I cared for her 18yo autistic daughter. She didn’t know about the other goings on. She had to go on a trip for a week. She was originally going to leave Isabel with Patty’s dad but she decided I would be able to take care of her. She goes to special needs therapy where I work anyway and she would be fine staying there with me at work. The first night she asked me what I do with her mom. “What do mean?”, I said, ” you know what we do. You’re with us most of the time.” She asked about in the bedroom when we lay down together. I said, “you know what adults do silly! What’s going on?” “Nothing.”, she said. “Is something bothering you?”, I asked. “Do you not like it that your mom and I are dating?” “No” she said. “I’m glad she is with you. I love you!” I said, “Well I love you and your mom” She said, “I want to do the other stuff too.” Isabel and I have oral sex together as much as possible. This started before her and my mom met. I said, “I can’t do that. What we do now is bad enough. I don’t want to betray your mom even more.” She undid my pants and moved my underwear down and took my dick out. She started her usual licking the head and going down on me. She wanted to get on top of me and 69. So I laid down. She took her clothes off and started climbing on me. I thought she was going to turn around but she didn’t. She got by my face and started kissing me. She started moving backwards trying to position her crotch against my dick. “This is not fair!” I said. She giggled. She finally turned around and I started licking her delicious little dot. As she was bobbing on my cock. “Aw fuck it” I thought. I told her to lie down on her back. Her beautiful red bush was so inviting. I rubbed my dick up and down her slit. She gasped as the head went and had a facial grimmace as I stuck it. She was tight as all fuck. “Ahh”, she exclaimed. “I don’t want to hurt you.”, I said. She ignored me and just went with it and started enjoying as I went on. “Do it hard.”, she said. “Do it hard like you do with mom”. “How do you know what I do with your mother?”, I asked. “I watch you!”, she said. I took a finger and started rubbing her swollen dot again. She was moaning loudly like she always did. I felt my orgasm coming on so I started pounding her. She screamed loudly when I started and went “uh uh uh” We came together. It felt like someone dumped baby oil on my cock as her pussy became so slick. My cock exploded into her dumping all my semen into her. I took it out and noticed blood on my dick. I told her she did good. She went and took a shower while I laid in bed. Thinking what I just did. Funny the joys that life throws at you.

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  • Reply Son in law ID:ndoolenv9b

    My wife use to babysit for this rich woman in her 40s. She adopted these siblings with downs syndrom. The boy was 12 when he aparently started fucking his sister when she was 9. The girl had her tubes tied to avoid pregnancy. I use to watch on cctv as these kids fucked.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    No need for you to feel any guilt. It’s why you went into special needs work in the first place and the dirty autistic bitch is having a ball!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhk

    It kind fucked up when you think about it but my sick half said this was fucking awesome. OMG!, I would of done the same. it was a little short and needed paragraphing but the actual story was really good and YES! all females deserve a good cock orgasm.
    Who know maybe a threesome in the making cumimg on both their faces.

  • Reply Travelwoodman ID:1bqrnr178ra

    Excellent scenario,love to hear if you introduce mum & daughter to the pleasures of animals at the same time,

  • Reply Cal ID:14s751pf20d

    Short. Could do with more build up. The scenario is still hot.