My parents monster (2)

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And so it began. And I don’t want to stop

Last time I was on here I told you all of me experimenting with my parents dildos, however I have had a play with some real cock.
After a few more tries with the black 12 dildo I wanted to try the real thing. My family were taking a road trip upcountry – thus my plan arose. I searched for gloryholes in passing service stations and I found out we’d pass one on our way. I normally end up as the only one who needs to use the toilet and so when I persisted I was desperate for the toilet I was excused. I made my way into the toilets , run down, smelly and holes everywhere. There wasn’t many people around and so i did my business and then I heard a man on the other side of the wall ( I’m guessing it connected into the mens toilets) I took a risk and stuck my tongue through the hole making an ‘ahh’ sound hoping he would hear. I heard some shuffling and within a few seconds his pee soaked cock was in my mouth, I sucked as hard as I could taking my time with his tip , going up and down the shaft moaning around him and then I removed my mouth, stood up, turned around and bent over. I reached behind myself spreading my lips open and his average cock entered me I moaned out loud and pressed my hips my ass as far back as it could go. He began thrusting into me. Not long after he pulled out and came up my back moaning and grunting as he did so. He didn’t know I was young. He didn’t know who I was. But I would love to do that again and with a bigger cock. Any help me please ?

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    email me [email protected]

  • Reply Rod ID:3ttk9i6zj

    Hi kitty if you want to chat my snap is menolotto

  • Reply Nice ID:7ylg8z2hrc

    Whats are your socials or number?

  • Reply John Ban ID:65f0gkapm4

    Yes i can help you even we dont have ti see each other

    [email protected]

  • Reply Yk ID:41fnbczri

    Wanna try a real dick, how old are you?

    • Kittycum ID:2v2ylmlk0b

      I’m 15 daddy

    • Meliodas ID:2nhj6fzfia

      Hey kitty, I’m 15 too, male, add snap? meliodas_bt, any girl is welcome

  • Reply Mark ID:1ek1ybx6ic

    Hot story keep it up

    • Kittycum ID:2v2ylmlk0b

      I will daddy but I’m looking for some cock then I’ll write some more

    • Mark ID:5u0x8yyb0a

      @kittycum good girl

  • Reply PITI ID:2pdxsy1k0b

    Hallo Kitty hast du dir überlegt o der Schwanz den du Geblasen hast und der dich gefickt hat der deines Daddys war ich wäre gerne dein Daddy und kümmerte mich um deine Schwanzgeilen Ficklöcher hast du kik oder email