Oblivious Cuckold 8 Cont.

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Claire and I spent the afternoon together, and headed back to the hotel bar. We sat had a couple of drinks and chatted about Brandon. Claire was very open and said it was rough but he felt amazing. She was a little nervous about hes request, and said she wasnt sure, but wanted to please him. I suggested that maybe have a few more drinks before hand so she wouldn’t be thinking to much about it or just say no if your not ready. We went back to the room with a drink in hand, listened to some music whilst Claire was getting ready. After about 10 minutes she came out of the bathroom, holding a small bottle of lubricant. I looked over and asked if she was ok, and she said no im really nervous and I’m worried. I didnt expect it but she said if I lay down would you mind using some lubricant and loosening me a bit up please. I’ve never gone there before, and knew I wouldn’t again, even though I knew she was giving this up for him, I said yes of course. She removed her gown and laid down on the bed, I told her to relax and ill be gentle. I opened the tube and placed some on my fingers and slowly rubbed the gel over the hole. I was so horny looking at my wifes virgin arse, and began to slip a finger in and worked the lubricant around. I heard her faint moans and started working more, this went on for about 5 minutes, I had a couple of fingers now and was becoming easier. What came next suprised me, she grabbed my hand said stop, and pushed my hand away. I’m going to allow it just this once, you can put little man in and help a bit, but you don’t cum, I want Brandon to be the first to cum in my arse ok. I was so eager I said yes Claire ill pull out, she lifted herself up a little for me and it was like all my dreams at once. I pushed my cock in slowly and grabbed her waist and began fucking my wifes arse for the first time it was everything I expected tight, being small felt better as she gripped me. Being premature it was literally no more than 2 minutes when I knew I was going to cum. I pulled out and she looked over at me and said are you fucking sure already. Just as I pulled out I shot a string of cum over her back and apologised. She started laughing and said its ok im sure I’m going to get well used tonight. With that she got up off the bed and took another shower. I laid there wishing I could give her what she deserves.

Claire looked as amazing as usual, and we went down to the restaurant, made our way to the reservation desk and gave our room number. The young girl from behind the desk gave a sly smile, and pointed to our table and said your friend has just arrived. Brandon was sat there smiling, as we walked over to greet him. He stood up gave Claire a kiss, not on the cheek but full on kiss on the lips pulled her chair out next to him and sat. I could feel the look in the back of my head, knowing the young girl was watching. We ordered some drinks, and placed our food order. As the evening went on they was oblivious to me being there, I stood up to go to the toilet and asked the girl for the bill on my return.

As I sat back down at the table, the young girl walked over and placed the bill on the table. She noticed Brandon’s hand on Claires leg, could see them engrossed with each other. She looked to me and asked if I’m paying, I handed her my card and she kept looking at them and back at me. I started to go a bit red and was a little embarrassed, this girl probably not much older than Sam watching this black guy with my wife. With that she said thank you , your reciept sir and walked away. It was about 9.45 now, so I stood from the table and excused myself to the bar. I wished them a good night and left them to it. About 15 minutes later I watched them get up and ask the girl for something, she came to the bar and got a bottle of champagne and walked back to Claire. I watched them both leave and head back up. With that the young girl walked towards me and said excuse me sir, your wife ordered the champagne and told me to charge it to her husbands room, may I have your room number or would you prefer to pay now. I was totally embarrassed and replied ill pay now. Both the girl and the barman had a grin on their faces as I paid the bill, and carried on drinking at the bar.

I sat there and watched lots of couples coming in and out, wondering how many of there marriages or relationships will stand the course. It was about half 11 when I decided to head back to my room, I walked through the bar area and the young girl looked at me and with a grin on her face said I hope you and wife enjoy your stay, with that I said my goodnights. I had a shower and climbed into bed, watched a film and drifted off to sleep. Next morning I got up and had a shave, dressed not knowing if I should knock on their door or just hang about to check out. I left my bag in the room and left for a quick walk to pick up a paper. When I arrived back, Claire sent a message that they were going to have breakfast in their room, and she will see me later.

I was hungry so I took myself off to the restaurant area again for breakfast, and the same girl was on. Morning sir did you sleep well, yes thank you. Table for 3 she asked , no for 1 please and she led me to a small table facing the window. Would you like a tea or coffee, tea please thankyou. I wondered what she must be thinking , as she went off to get me a drink. She returned and asked me what I would like from the breakfast menu, she was polite and could tell I was embarrassed. I finisher my breakfast and went to pay, she gave me the bill and said your wife called down and ordered their breakfasts to the room and added it your room sorry. There was no grin and could tell she felt a bit of pity on me. I handed her my card, paid and thanked her, and gave her a £10 tip, for how she looked after us. She gave me a look and said thank you, maybe I’ll see you again and gave that little grin again.

I went back to the room, picked up my bag and checked one of the rooms out. Around 11, Claire and Brandon appeared in the lobby. Claire handed the key over and I watched her kiss him goodbye. She walked over to me in the lobby, kissed me and said good morning. She looked tired and was a little uncomfortable, I asked if she was ok and all she said was she just wanted to get home. We walked to the car and as soon as we had some privacy, she she burst into tears. I asked what happened, she said its ok but I’m very sore and in some pain. I asked he he forced you and she said no god no, we had sex a couple of times, then he turned me over and said he wanted to fuck my arse. I thought I was ready and I wasn’t, he didn’t really care he just rammed he’s cock in and started pounding me. I shouted for him to easy but he didn’t, he just grabbed me and started fucking me. There was pain and pleasure and after a while i couldn tell the difference. He’s torn me a little down there and I was bleeding, it stopped now but I might have to see our doctor. I held her in my arms and said well get home ill run a nice bath and ill take a look and see the damage.

We arrived home to the mother in law and girls waiting, they pounced on us asking how it went, thinking it was just us two having some time away. Claire couldn’t hardly talk net alone walk. I put the bags in our bedroom and run her a hot bath, I got her to lay down and make sure she was ok. She was right she was bright red, and small tear, and she was swollen and sore but otherwise she was good. I said we better go down and let her mum get off. We ordered up a take out for us all and settled down for the evening. Over the next few months, we arranged to meet different guys, a couple of times I was involved and mainly just her.

Then she met Kevin, Kevin is a older than her but slightly younger than me at 50. They have been together now for 6 months, and she spends alot of time at hes place or he will come over at weekends and stay at ours. The girls are 15 and 17 now and like Kevin alot. I have the spare room made up for the weekends he stays at ours and it’s become the normal. He treats Claire and the girls well, and just recently Claire has mentioned that she would like another baby. I have given my concerns about our ages, for me raising another baby and her being 43. She said she would love me there when she concieves as it would be nice to know she has my consent and I’ll be fathering the baby.

So here we are present day 20th August 2022, living a cuckold lifestyle. Married with two beautiful teen daughters, a little boy not mine and possibly another one on the way. Thank you for everyone that has read my life story and those that have commented, no matter what you have said. We all have our own opinions, but you can never say what you would have done unless it happens to you.

I will try and keep upto date on things that happen, and hopefully you’ll enjoy what’s to come. Matt…..

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