Oblivious Cuckold 7 Cont..

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I jumped back into bed as I heard Claire coming up the stairs, and quickly covered myself up. She walked into the bedroom, undressed and climbed into bed. I was about to get up anyway and said good morning. She leant over and gave me a kiss, and said she had a good night. I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to do anything, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Thankfully she didn’t she looked tired, so I knew she was obviously busy most the night. I got dressed for work, kissed her and headed off.

Her relationship with Simon sizzled out after a while, he moved on to someone new, and she met with a few different guys for a while. Over this time, I had met a couple of the guys she had been seeing. By now we both had found ourselves watching cuckold videos together, reading other people’s stories and she wanted me involved a bit more. She asked me if I had ever wanted to watch her with someone else, I had to answer honestly and I said yes. She was taken back thinking I would say no. So we went on a few Web sites to find a bull, I said if we were going to this I didnt want anyone from work or local. We searched for a few weeks looking for the right guy, and settled on a slightly younger guy, had a good profile sounded professional. He had a good physique and well endowed. Claire looked at me and said OK, we struck up an email conversation and planned it for a weekend. Claires mum came over to look after Josh and the girls, and we told them we were away for the weekend.

Hes name was Brandon, and Claire had never been with a black guy. She never told me before but had always been turned on by black guys and there physical appearance. We got to the hotel and booked in, and we made our way to our room. Once there I threw the over night bag down and said shall we get a drink at the bar first. She laughed and asked if I was nervous and am I sure I want to do this. Its a bit late now isn’t it and laughed. We walked down to the bar and she sent a message to say we had arrived and gave him our room number. We had about 2 hours before he was going to arrive, Claire went back to the room to shower and get ready whilst I stayed and had a couple more for courage.

I headed back up to the room and walked in, Claire was laying on the bed in a stunning white short length skirt and blouse, stockings and heels and I wanted to fuck her myself so much. She could see the look on my face and laughed. Does little man want to come out and play we both laughed. God Claire your stunning, hope he likes what he sees she said to me. Just then there was a knock on the door, my heart was pounding and I walked to the door and opened it. There he was just like he’s profile, well built good looking and polite. Hi im Brandon nice to meet you sir, he put hes hand out for me to shake. Once inside he could see Claire on the bed, and said hes hellos. He smiled and said how beautiful she looked. He looked at me and asked me if I am sure about what is about to happen, ad have I done it before. I said no this is the first time, Claire has been with other men but never with me being present.

Ok he said and then asked Claire if she was ok, as he didn’t want her to have any inhibitions, and needed her not to even think im there. We both looked at each other and he asked me to sit in the corner chair and not say a word. He looked my way again and said, if you are uncomfortable with anything I do or say, you have two choices you can stay and say nothing or you can walk out. But do not talk or try and stop me or I just walk and your lady here will not be happy will you Claire. She took one look at me and said this was your choice Matt, so leave if your not ready. I sat quietly and nodded. Good he said now we understand each other, he looked at Claire and ordered her to get up off the bed. You know what to do he said with no expression on hes face, Claire knelt down in front of him and began to unzip hes jeans, and unbutton them. She slid the jeans down, and the bulge in hes boxers was evident. We both had seen a picture but when she pulled hes boxers down hes cock just sprung out. It was long and thick and I honestly thought it wasn’t real. Claire involuntary said fuck me, he just laughed and said patience I will. Now suck my cock, she leaned forward and put her mouth over the tip of hes cock and I could see her start sucking. I was so jealous she never liked blowjobs before and never game me any at all. Then he looked over to me and said, God I love it when a dirty white married slut, sucks my big black cock. At that I went to stand and tell him to get the fuck out. As I went to move, Claire stopped sucking took her mouth off hes cock and said dont you fucking dare, sit down or leave.

I froze in the chair ad she then proceeded to carry on sucking as much as hes cock as possible. He was forcing as much as he could into her, I could see water in her eyes as he pulled her headed in and out and her gagging. I had never had that feeling and certainly not been able to give a deep throat or hear a girl gag. Watching Claire it was obvious that she had done this many times with men she has been seeing and knew what she was doing. He grabbed her and lifted her up, you know how to suck cock well, he looked over at me and said your a lucky man. Claire said he doesn’t get anything from me we stopped along time ago. Fuck that’s harsh and laughed , dont worry ill give her what she needs. With that he picked her up and held her, she wrapped her legs around hes waist. They started kissing and was like every cuck video I had watched, strong black guy holding her up like she was nothing. He turned and dropped her onto the bed and unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her chest. Claire isn’t huge in that area she’s 32 b but she has an amazing figure.

He leant in and started sucking on her nipples and playing with her tits. He kept sucking and playing for while and then starting kissing downwards. Eventually he found hes way between my wifes legs, and I watched as he slipped her knickers down slowly. God that looks sweet baby, he moved in between her legs and took in a deep sniff, mmmm was all I heard as Claire put her hands on hes head and pulled him in. Fuck yes she said as he began to eat her she looked up and over at me to see I was still there. I couldn’t move just sit and watch this will built younger guy. She was making lots of noises and he was working her, every now and again he would mumble something. He stopped what he was doing and then stood up and kicked of the jeans took hes shirt off, he was a sight. He was muscular and tonned. He pulled her skirt off and they were both fully naked. He didn’t turn this time he just said right time this white pussy gets ruined. He grabbed her legs and pulled her up against the edge of the bed and placed the tip at the entrance to her pussy. He started to push in and Claire placed her hands on hes chest and said go slow your quite big. He just laughed and said I know now take it like the married slut you are. With that he pushed in and not all the way at first but Claire made a small painful noise , he started to work on her and eventually was getting most of it in and started fucking her. He was going hard and rough , and I I could see a little pain in her face but she never looked at me to stop it. I went to stand up and she noticed and put her hand up like a stop sign, but I stood and walked towards the door and walked out.

I walked to the bar and had a large whisky, it was to much to watch, I know she has told me about some of her evenings but seeing it was alot to take. I finished my drink and was hoping they had finished. I walked back to the room, and opened the door. As I walked in I heard Claire say I’ve never done that before, I walked closer and he was laying by her side. He looked at me and said sorry mate was it too much?. I said I just needed a drink, Brandon got up and dressed he gave Claire a kiss and said see you tonight. I looked at Claire and she said we’ll Brandon was gonna drive home, but I said you can book another room and Brandon can stay the night, that’s OK isn’t it. Brandon walked past me and tapped my shoulder and said thats on fine pussy your wife has.

As the door shut behind him, Claire said ok little man, I have a little treat foe you, with that she opened her legs and raised them a little. I could see hes cum and the wet patch on the bed sheets come her and do your thing I know you love it. I knelt between her legs and placed my mouth on her pussy, and started to eat her out as usual. I kept going until she was clean, and stepped away. She noticed a little bulge in my jeans and told me to take my clothes of and jump on the bed. I laid next to her and she placed her hand on my cock and started wanking me off, she told me that he asked her something that he would like to do tonight but I wasn’t sure. As she was stroking me she said if I had ever had anal, with that I cum, I said Claire that isn’t fair I asked you many a time in the early days of our marriage and you said that was a definite no no. I know but things have changed and I want to try it, I know he’s big would have probably been nicer with someone as small as yours.

Well you cum quick when I mentioned it, she tooke her fingers and scooped some of the cum up off my stomach and said open wide take your medicine. I opened my mouth as she fed me my cum, and said right go and get another room. We can have dinner and a drink and I told Brandon to join us around 7 for dinner.

To be cont…

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