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Debs being Shared and loving Polyamory

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“I love you Steve, cum in me deeper than Brandon, I want you to get me pregnant first, the baby is gonna be yours,” I whispered in his ear as my husband Brandon slept deeply on the

“I love you Steve, cum in me deeper than Brandon, I want you to get me pregnant first, the baby is gonna be yours,” I whispered in his ear as my husband Brandon slept deeply on the far left side of our bed where the three of us sleep together on Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes on Sundays. I don’t know if Brandon truly ever hears all the truths I admit to Steve, but it wouldn’t matter because it was Steve’s wish for me to date, fall in love and have a co-equal, polyamorous relationship with Brandon since the second year of us dating, and the first year of our marital engagement. Brandon had been his best friend since middle school due to their love of dirt bike racing. Steve is very tall, drop-dead gorgeous and has been sharing his girlfriends with my husband since they were in high school. My husband is average in every way, (height, weight, penis size) but has a wonderful personality, stays fit and is the most fun and exciting man I know. However his best friend Steve was a jock, is a jock and is stunning to look at, but not as active and outgoing as my husband, nevertheless his cock is thick, straight, long and never tired. I was the first and only girl that Brandon has ever shared with Steve, because Steve was the ladies man, not my husband and when brought up the subject of sharing me, it was during the year he proposed to me. I was shocked and said, “absolutely not!” He was angry for weeks, until he invited Steve to our luncheon and my jaw dropped, I lusted for Steve from the moment I saw him, Brandon asked again and I gave the same answer, but this time I said it calmly and without an affirmative, “no.”
We fucked like animals in heat for the next two days, as he thought of Steve fucking me and as I, secretly, thought of Steve fucking me too. Steve came over two days later on Friday night and stayed until Monday afternoon, as he would be returning to Belgium, getting prepared to move back to the U.S. Steve came over early, at 1 in the afternoon, and Brandon would be home by seven. I made quick lunch for him and we chatted for about 10 minutes before he was fucking me. I would tell Brandon, while crying later that evening that I cheated on him and was very sorry, he was thrilled, truly thrilled that his best friend was fucking me all afternoon. “I hope you didn’t tell him to use a condom, did you Debs?” he said, with a slightly disappointed look. “No, he went bareback, and I swallowed him cum.” I said shyly, not really knowing what to expect. My name is Deborah, most everyone calls me Debbie, and Steve and Brandon call me Debs. I’ve been a regular girl most of my life and have had 3 boyfriends before my husband and sex was the basic missionary with averaged 5 to 7 inched boys, which I loved, and I had fantasies like most girls, like kissing another girl and wondering what that would be like, or my favorite like having two guys at the same time, but it was never something I thought about a lot, it was only in a passing thought maybe once or twice a year. My three previous boyfriends were extremely jealous boys and I loved it, they didn’t even want their friends to look at me or talk to me too much, but not Brandon he loved it, and with him I felt confidant and beautiful, I loved him and still do.
Nevertheless, my past sexual fantasies were about to come true in spades. Brandon and I spoke about his wish to see me pursue Steve as my lover, to date him, fall in love with him, to prefer Steve over him, to try and see who could get me pregnant first, to sleep with him as girlfriend and boyfriend more than he and I, to Steve fuck me on our wedding day and all throughout our honeymoon. I reluctantly agreed, but soon came around as picked me up and carried me around the apartment fucking me everywhere, in front of Brandon, alone in the guest room and every room in the apartment and even a few times with Brandon in threesomes, it was fucking unbelievable! I loved every minute of it, I was used, borrowed and shared, I had never experienced anything like that before, it was and still is intoxicating, like a drug it’s addictive. I experienced anal, threesomes, cheating, sharing, it was amazing!
Steve left for the airport Monday afternoon, but I slept with him every night till then. Brandon woke us up, gave me a goodbye hug and kiss as he went off to work. He gave Steve a punch in the gut to wake up and fuck me and also gave him a fist bump goodbye and that he’d see him soon. Steve did as he was told, he fucked me like it was last pussy he’d ever have, it was amazing, he came inside me and said, “I hope I got you pregnant this weekend,” I said, “I hope so too.” We laughed, packed, cooked and fucked twice more, as the taxi finally came to drop him to the airport in Baltimore. Brandon and I fucked for the month like dogs in heat as I fantasized and shouted out Steve’s name, every time. Brandon loved it. Almost everyday we spoke about Steve and how he and Steve had planned and hoped that I would go along with it. Brandon made sure to express every detail of his desire to completely and fully share me with Steve, and that the only difference would be the marriage certificate stating that I was his wife and not Steve’s. I was even married twice, first to my husband Brandon, publicly and privately to Steve in a mock wedding at a private bungalow in Myrtle Beach. Their wish became my passion, I love being in a polyamorous relationship, I do prefer my husbands best friend to my husband, I enjoy them both as my husbands, and I prefer our arrangement of giving myself more to Steve than to Brandon.
Our arrangement also included Steve being able to have girlfriends, which made me extremely jealous and still does, but it’s made me want him way more than my husband and it’s made me a much better lover, plus it’s given me many opportunities to eat pussy, and have tons of lesbian encounters because most of the women Steve dates are either bisexual or bi-curious, and he’s taken the initiative to involve me in his sexual trysts with all of his women, no matter what age they are, some young and some MILF’s. Steve encouraged my bisexuality and we share that between ourselves, as we have our own relationship apart from Brandon. I am definitely a lover of pussy and could eat pussy all day, especially for my Steve, it has become my constant daily sexual fantasy, and with Brandon, I’ve become addicted to real bestiality porn and animation bestiality porn, especially horse penetration from “animopron,” where Lara Croft is skewered by the horse without mercy, just fantastic, fantastic porn!
Anyway, it’s difficult for me to get pregnant, also for my older sister and three aunts, so instead of going the expensive route of IVF therapy, Brandon and I decided to see if either he or Steve could be the first to get me pregnant, I gladly said, “Yes, I want that too sweetheart, I hope it’s Steve that gets me pregnant, and if he does get me pregnant first, then I want him to be the father of at least two more of our children and you can never cum in my pussy again without a condom, until he does, do you agree?” Brandon happily agreed and we fucked and he came inside my pussy 7 times for the evening until Steve came home. Steve and I fucked like it was a religious event, I love him equal, if not more than my husband, and at his request I douche every time Brandon cums in me, ensuring my child will be his, plus we both know that if Brandon found out that he wouldn’t mind at all. This morning, I got up to go to my local garden club, but before I left Steve quietly pulled me into his arms and we made love slowly and quietly as Brandon slept facing the door. I swallowed all of Steve’s cum, I got up gave Brandon a quiet kiss on his forehead as I proceeded to take a shower and leave as quickly as possible. Of coarse Steve joined me in the shower and fucked my ass, washed of his cock, then shoved his beautiful cock in pussy and came inside me, saying, “you swallowed before, so I’ve gotta empty my load in my woman’s pussy.” By the time I got dressed and fucked Steve, again, in the guest bedroom, Brandon was up, made us a small breakfast and said that he’d heard us fucking so loud that it woke him, ( he sleeps like a corpse ) but expressed that I’d better get going or I’d be late, Steve smiled patted me on my ass as Brandon handed me a egg and cheese sandwich and my thermos, full of my favorite Matcha Green Tea,
I kissed them both goodbye, and slowly drove off, and while looking back down the driveway as they both stood in our large doorway waving goodbye, I thought of how lucky and happy I was. I stopped then reversed the car, jumped out gave them both a blow job, turned to Steve lifted my skirt from the back and gave my husband the go-ahead to plow his best friends girlfriends ass, not pussy, my ass and when Brandon finally was about to cum, all the while I was whispering in Steve’s ear, “I love you Steve, I prefer you and only think about you, and how I want to have your children, so I’ll give my husband my ass but to you I’ll give my ass, mouth, pussy and soul, I’ll always want you more than Brandon!” Brandon came inside my ass and I quickly turned to face him as Steve raped my pussy like he hated me, it was intoxicating. I stared into my husbands eyes as his best friend fucked the hell out of me mercilessly, in front of our door way, I loved them both, but always expressed my love for his best friend Steve, how he loves to hear me confess my attraction for another man, and I love him for training me to fall in love with his best friend. I love you both guys.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Sounds like the perfect relationship. Very nice.

  • Reply Willy T. ID:1eklv5rm141v

    No way. Polyamorous relationships just don’t last. They have a long history of failing. In my case I could never share. We have true love.

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      Polyamorous relationships last decades. Jealous relationships crash and burn.

  • Reply Naughty wife ID:1ardd6ta8j

    My husband, my brother in laws and my father in law all gang fucked me the night my first child was conceived. Dont know whose sperm got to my egg first but husband is all ok with it as long as its the same bloodline.

  • Reply Bare ID:8x7mg38l

    sounds like an amazing arrangement. I would love an arrangement like that so my wife could be fucked whenever she wants by who she wants

  • Reply Stevie ID:9cfbr2d1

    I want a girl like this!!!