Oblivious Cuckold 4 Cont…

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I laid next to Claire as she looked at me and repeated her question. Would you like to know what happened, or not?. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hear, but here she was wanting to open up to me. I had been searching for answers and wondering who he was, and here she is offering me the chance to find out. I turned to face her, and said yes please I want to know everything. She smiled and said I’m glad, this way I don’t have to hide anything between us. She held me tight and said if I say anything that your uncomfortable with say and I’ll stop. I know this will be hard to listen too and I don’t want to hurt you in anyway ok. Yes it’s OK Claire I’m good.

She proceeded to tell me that they went to dinner, followed by a couple of drinks in a local wine bar. We sat chatting about life in general and our jobs. I’m sure you guessed from my reaction to Samantha’s comment earlier he works in the hospital. Yes he’s a doctor from another hospital, who was covering a couple of months back. We had a laugh at work and we hit it off straight away. Anyway we had been chatting and texting and a few nights ago, I ended up going back to hes. I looked up and asked was it’ he’s cum you came home with the other night, which she replied yes. Anyway back too tonight, had a couple of drinks, as he was driving. He drove us to a secluded park, and parked up.

He grabbed my head and pulled me between he’s lap, and pulled he’s cock out. It wasnt romantic or anything in fact he was quite rough about it, I dont know why but I was turned on by he’s forcefullness. As you know I never really liked giving blow jobs, and I know you will be angered that I never gave you one. I know you don’t want to hear this either but, my god he’s big Matt. I know we were always open about out previous partners but he is bigger than I’ve had before. He tells me he’s 9″, I looked down as she said this and at the same time she smiled at me and again said the little man not even half that. It was probably the first time I felt really inadequate. Next thing he pushed my head up and climbed into the back. I followed, he pushed me down on the back seat, and pulled my dress up. He was so turned on when he seen my new underwear. We fucked for ages, I know you suffer from being premature, but it was great sex, and God does he know what he’s doing. He cum in me with force and that felt so good. Then we drove home and dropped me back, the rest you know little man. Just as she finished she looked down and i was hard again with precum on the tip of my cock. At which she just said my my your turned on by this, my husband loves eating other mens cum.

To be cont…..

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