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My first time

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Story about me at 14 being manipulated into a sexual encounter with a 34 year old man with a beautiful package

The summer I was 14 I had no real friends. I enjoyed shooting hoops. That’s where I met Greg. A 34 year old man that was ok at shooting a basketball. He took a liking to
me and would show me some pointers. We would hang out and shoot hoops for a couple hours a day. It had been almost two months of everyday basketball. We became friends. Or at least that’s how I felt after spending so much time with him. One day almost two months in we had been shooting around for about 30 minutes. It started to rain. Greg lived fairly close to the park. I lived quite a bit further. He said come on down to my place kid so you don’t have to walk all the way home in the rain. My friend just helping me out. So we walk down to his house. I had never been there before. It was a run down 1 bedroom small house. Not the cleanest. He opened the door and motioned me inside. First thing I noticed on his coffee table were a few dirty magazines. I felt a little flush and embarrassed thinking he saw me look at them. He quickly reached down and picked them up and apologized and said 13 year olds shouldn’t be looking at those. I was 14 but I didn’t even pay it no mind. He went to his refrigerator and brought back two beers. I thought it was odd and then he handed one my way and said I won’t tell if you won’t tell. I felt a little uncomfortable but didn’t want to seem like a little kid.

We started to drink our beers and he said we
Need to get out of these clothes I’ll throw them in the dryer. Now I’m really starting to get weird vibes. He must have been able to see it on my face because he immediately said I’m not some weirdo little buddy. Just don’t want you to get sick. He went across the room and grabbed a large hockey jersey and threw it to me. Said just put that on. I asked if there was somewhere I could change. He said I could use his bathroom. I went in and stripped down and right as I was about to pick up the jersey to throw it over myself he opened the door and said oh I’m sorry kid. I thought you would have been changed by now. I stood there naked holding my hands cupped over my little dick. Probably 3.5 to 4 inches rock hard. He said oh don’t worry about it we are both old enough to be ariound other men. Just like at gym class with the other boys. I was uncomfortable and hesitant.he kept looking at me and then all the sudden dropped his sweats to the floor. His manhood about two feet away from my belly. It was semi hard. I couldn’t look away. I felt a fear and excitement together that made me shiver. He said just move your hands buddy get it over with. We are good friends. Guy friends see eachothers junk all the time. We just don’t tell anybody about it. Don’t want to be labeled as gay do we? Wait are you gay or do you like pussy kid? I puffed my chest up a bit and moved my hand to the side and said I like pussy. He looked down and smiled and said that’s a beautiful young cock kid and one day it will be a full on beast. I felt warmth go over my face and body and smiled nervously and said thanks Greg. I grabbed the jersey as he bent down to grab his sweat and pull it up. To the living room he said. Let’s have our beers and then there was a knock on the door.

We came out of the bathroom and I sat on the couch feeling a little more comfortable. Couldn’t get the image of his man meat out of
My head. It was half hard hanging there and really thick.
The only other pricks I had seen were in nudy mags my dad had at home. And my dads of course when I used to showers with him when I was little. I just hoped my little guy would grow big and thick like Greg’s. When he opened the door it was his friend Sarah.. I had met Sarah a couple times when she would bring him smoke to the park. I figured she was there to bring him some more. They finished there business and she was leaving and came over to me and said see you later cutie and put her arms out as to show me she wanted a hug. I stood up and she pulled me in and wrapped her arms around me as she patted my as a couple times and said you’re so handsome. In a few years I might just gobble you up all to myself. She pulled me in tight and my cheek was pressed against her breasts in a low cut top with enough cleavage to make any boy crazy. I felt it inside the Jersey my dick grew hard fast and I pulled away as quick as I could and sat down on the couch. Sarah left and I watched her walk out hips swinging and my imagination ran wild for a few seconds. I think if the jersey would have brushed against my young throbbing piece I might have cum immediately. I tried to not think about her for a few. She closed the door and Greg said drink up kid. And take this. To this day I don’t know what he gave me but it was in a capsule. I was wanting to do anything to keep my mind from making me explode in Greg’s Jersey.

A few minutes later Greg came and sat beside me and said you feel the buzz? You ever had a beer before little buddy. I said no I have never and I did. Feel a little different. He laughed and said boy you sure have Google eyes for Sarah. I blushed and started to get excited again. I said she is really pretty. He laughed and said I met her a few years ago when she turned 18 and me and her have been friends ever since. She’s a beautiful young woman. I’m not surprised she excites you. He then threw a hey we are friends right kid? I shook my head yes as a matter of fact. He said and friends look out for eachother right? I agreed and as I do I felt a warmth in my body like a pulse. And it kept intensifying and my breathing got heavy. I didn’t know what was happening I just felt warm and really excited and brave. I blurted out Sarah is fucking beautiful Greg. And kind of panted afterward. He smiled and looked at me. He reached over and out his hand on my bare knee and said feeling pretty good young man? I was tryin to get my breathing regulated and not freak out. My penis was really warm and my asshole was started to sweat. I felt amazing. I sat back and said to myself just enjoy this feeling it’s so great. Greg laughed again and said what a rush huh? Let me ask you. Can you keep a secret kid? Between good friends like us. I have a lot of love for you man. Love you like you are family. Do you love me like I love you? I was so over amped that I just closed my eyes and nodded my head and let out a whisper “yes Greg I love you a lot” ok kid I’m gonna make your day.

Greg got up and walked to his bedroom and came back out with a video recorder. He hooked some wires into some place by his tv and preset a button and walked over and sat next to me grinning. The tv screen lit up and I hear a familiar voice. It says” ok Greg what do you want me to do” as Sarah comes into focus on the tv. I hear Greg say tell me how old you are Sarah. She says I’m 18 now. She looks younger and perkier. Greg said ok you’re gonna do what I ask right. She replies as long as you promise not to show this to anyone. He promises. The. Says remove your top Sarah. She cracked a. Cute innocent smile as she cocked her head to the side as she slowly removed her top. Now she stand there in her bra and pants.smiling at the camera. Greg says now the jeans sweetie, she kind of giggles and starts pulling down her jeans wiggling then all the way to her ankles. At this point I am in heave. My dick is pulsating like never before. I hear Greg on camera say now take off your panties and bra. I lose my mind at the thought of it. Im breathing heavy and watching this beautiful young woman I have a crush on undress right before my eyes. Greg says to me hey now. You a bit excited young man? I reply with I don’t know if I can hold on much longer.. he says kid. Pull the Jersey up and jerk your pecker to her. Any man would. All the sudden I hear Sarah say in the tv “Greg are you going to try and have sex with me? I thought you liked boys big guy.” I hear this but at the same time im so focused on looking at Sarah’s beautiful body and I yank my Jersey up and reach down and squeeze my dick hard and let out a long breath as I say Sarah!! I slide my hand up and down real slow as I watch her walk over Greg and say “let me pull your cock out” Greg says go ahead as Sarah drops down and pulls down his sweats. He isn’t hard. She says I thought I was right. How about this. I’ll put my hair up and put on one of your caps and pretend im a young guy. He lets out a moan and says get the thing off my bed and put it on. Im caressing my cock all over it making love to my hand. It was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had. I hear Sarah say this little thing. She came out and strapped around her waste was a 4 inch skinny dildo walking at Greg. I realize in my head what is going on at this point. I blurt out you’re gay? To Greg. He got up quick and went and paused the video. He said no not gay. I just like to make young men feel amazing. My hand is still around my dock and im staring at Greg as I glance down in his groin area and see a huge bulge. My dick gets a little jumpy and I start to think about his cock. Im racing so much at this point I ask why his dick is hard like that. He said from watching you pleasure yourself buddy. It gives me great joy to see you getting that much joy out of what I did for you. You’re my best friend kid and I truly want you to be happy. I felt a warmth come over from the words he was saying to me. I start to strike myself slowly and I look at his cock bulging out of his sweatpants. He says I want you to see this and pulls down his sweat as his big fat cock flips out and bounces up and down. My eyes must have gotten wide because he smiled and said that makes me so happy to see your face look at me in that way. I continue to stroke
Myself slowly and my ass keeps puckering as little pulses of pleasure start at my dick and down to my ass. Greg says do you trust me? I can’t break my gaze away from his meat and start to feel like I’m looking at his dick like I look at Sarah’s body. I ask out loud am I gay? I’m so excited to look at your package Greg.

Greg pulls off his shirt and walks over to me and stands in front of me. He says you’re not gay. We just love eachother and trust eachother to the point we are attracted to eachother. His cock is about a foot away from my face. I look it up and down the shaft. Taking in every tiny detail. It looked so agressive but beautiful at the same time. He asked if I want to touch it. But only do it if I want to. He said I really love you kid and I wouldn’t want to hurt you or make you feel wrong. I said idk I’m a bit scared. He sat down next to me and reached over my body and put his hand on my chest and said you have nothing to be scared of. Mine works the same as yours. It’s just a little bigger. He sat back on the couch and put his hands behind his head. His monster rock hard standing straight up. I start to feel a sense of panic as I feel myself drawn to reach over and touch it. I start to reach toward it and stop as he says I love you and you’re going to make me very happy. I leaned the rest of the way and as soon as my hand landed on his hard member it twitched and he let out a sigh. I asked him if it felt good when I touched it. He said oh boy you have no idea. That made me feel really good. Giving pleasure to someone I truly cared about. My hand was wrapped about halfway around his thickness and I said it’s so massive Greg I don’t even know what to think. He grabbed my other hand and brought it up to my other hand. I wrapped both hands around him and started to feel myself bouncing my ass off the couch. I was wet in and around my asshole. Sweating and enjoying this immensely. I decided to caress his cock up and down and I’m circular motions. He let out a moan and said oh buddy that feels so good. And then I felt his hand on my pecker. Is this ok he said. I swallowed and said it’s ok. It felt kind of good even though I was nervous. He told me to spit on my hand and rub his cock. And I immediately complied. He all the sudden said in a deep voice atta boy. He started to grip my tiny dick compared to his and pump it hard. He spit on his hand and went back to work. He asked me if he could lay me back and suck my dick. I complied. He pushed me back on the couch and put his head in my lap. As soon as he put his mouth on me I quivered. I never knew it would feeel so amazing. I said oh Greg that feels so good. He brought his head up and sternly said never tell anyone what we do. I quickly agreed and promised I wouldn’t and begged him not to stop.

He went back to work and started sucking me again. I was in cloud nine. So many times I felt like I was about to burst my load in his mouth and I would tell him it’s happening as I would shake uncontrollably l. But I never shot my load. He sucked me for at least 20 minutes and I was so sweaty and shaky. The most amazing feeling in the world. He finally broke his mouth from me. He looked me in the eye and said now you try little man. I didn’t even hesitate. He leaned back to the other side of the couch and I grabbed his big ole dick and put my tongue right on the top and started licking the head. I had seen women do that in pornos before so I went for it. I put my mouth over the head of his dick and went down it about 2 inches before it had stretched my mouth and filled it up. I pulled back and said I can’t get much in my mouth. He said that actually made it even sexier. So I put my mouth back over it and went down as far as I could thenstarted swirling my tongue and twisting my head while my hand stroked his shaft and at time massaged his balls. He made so many movements and noises I thought I am ding an amazing job!! I was proud of myself. O sucked him for about 6 or 7 minutes when he all the sudden put his finger in his mouth and then placed it on my asshole. I clenched and got scared. I had stopped moving on him and he demanded I keep going and don’t worry about his finger. I just complied. He inserted his finger about halfway and let out a moan and said oh god your ass is so tight. This tuned me
On even though I had just felt a finger penetrate my virgin ass. He told me to
Prepare for a little pain followed by extreme release and he shoved his finger in the rest of the way. It did hurt and I almost started crying then he moved his finger around and I started to feel like I was going to cum. I let out some moans with my mouth full of the head of his big dick. He moved around in there faster and I came up off his dick and was up vertically on my knees and he jumped over and put me in his mouth and I came so violently I almost fell off the couch. I couldn’t catch my breath as I was cunning and Greg laughed and said wasn’t that amazing? Oh god yes what just happened. Greg reached down and grabbed my junk and said you’re still hard. Guess we can fix that. You’re gonna fuck me now. I was so elated and out of breath but so excited to be doing all of this. He told me to put my little dick in him and pump until I cum and go limp.

He got down on the floor and laid out on his stomach. He spread his legs out and told me that get between. I was about to have sex with a grown man. He told me to pull his cheeks apart and lean Down and spit right on his asshole. So I followed orders. All the sudden it dawned on me that Greg has wanted to do this with me since he met me. The pats on the backside while shooting hoops. Greg had planned on doing this to me the whole time. So i asked hey Greg. How long have you known this was going to happen? He chuckled and said the first day we met you told me you didn’t have friends. So I knew I could eventually talk you into this. I felt weird. I had been seduced by a man at the park. Come on kid fuck me. I need it. I lined up my dick and he felt it touch him and he said don’t go to fast. Nice and slow. I slowly pushed inside halfway in and he said go slow. So I slowly slid inside him and it felt so great. My dick was enjoying the feeling and I started to back out slow then pus slow. Then I got really excited and started to speed up. Started pumping in and out picking up speed every couple strokes. I was really into pumping him at this point and he said hold on and started to raise his ass up. Face in the floor ass in the air. He said now go hard. So I pumped fast as I could and felt the sensation coming over me. I was about to cum and I pumped as hard as I could as I climaxed and busted in his ass.

It was a great day to be me. Even though Greg had manipulated me and gave me something to make me horny, I still went back to his house with him a couple weeks later. He told me he wanted to fool around again. And I was okay with that. I didn’t know what was coming though.

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