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She just wanted to feel loved

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The little girl from across the street was very sad and felt like no one loved her, so I showed her that people do love her. I made love to her.

I was 37 years old and living alone at the time, it was around 7pm on a Friday in the middle of winter, it was dark outside and I’d finished work a couple of hours earlier, managed to get a bit of shopping and then battled my home through thick heavy snow and freezing winds.

When I got to my front door I struggled to get my keys out of my pocket because it was so cold, my hands were numb and I dropped the keys on the floor, when I bent down to pick them up, I heard a strange sound, at first I thought it was a cat meowing and ignored it, but when I stood up and got the key in the lock, I heard it again, it was coming from around the side of the house so I went to investigate.

As I turned the corner I saw someone sitting hunched up against the wall, it was Courtney, my neighbour’s daughter from across the street, she was hunched up crying and clearly freezing cold, “Bloody hell. Courtney, darling, what are you doing? – You’ll freeze out here. Get up, come on, and get inside with me.” I said, helping her to her feet, finally opening my door and we both went inside.

She was 12 years old, about 5 foot tall, long dark hair, very petite, and she’s a lovely young girl, but her parents weren’t exactly parents of the year, her mom and dad were always arguing, everyone on the street knew what they were like, especially when they drank.

I got her inside, put the electric fire on and got us some towels from the bathroom, once I’d dried off I made us both a hot cut of tea and I asked her what was going on.

She said she’d had a big fight with her parents, her mom had hit her, and pretty hard too judging by the bruise on her pretty face, so she ran out of the house and hid behind mine, she was scared, confused and just a lonely lost young girl who felt very unloved.

I told her she could stay as long as she wanted, as long as she needed, I wasn’t going to force her to go back home to a place she was terrified of going, so we settled in and I made us some food, then we sat huddled up on the sofa for warmth, I put the TV on and we just sat quietly for a while.

At some point I asked her if she was alright, she said she was, and then I just gave her a gentle hug and kissed her on the top of her head, it was perfectly innocent, but she took it the wrong way, and she looked up at me then leaned in and kissed me on the lips, and she was really going for it, it was a proper kiss.

I pulled her away, “Woah – What are you doing?” I asked her, taken by surprise.

She then realised that she read my signals wrong and she suddenly looked very embarrassed and ashamed of what she’d done, “I’m sorry, I thought – I should go.” She said, then she rushed to her feet, put on her shoes and made a dash for the door.

“Courtney! – wait a minute, where are you going?” I asked, chasing after her.

“I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.” She replied, pulling on the door handle, but the door wouldn’t open because the safety bolt was on, which she didn’t realise, and she got upset, trying to yank the door open frantically, “Why won’t the door open!!” she screamed in frustration and she started to cry again.

“Stop. Courtney – Stop!” I said, rushing to her, spinning her around to face me and then embracing her, “Shush, darling. Come on. Don’t cry.” I said, trying to comfort her as best I could.

She sobbed with her head buried in to my chest, “Nobody wants me. Why doesn’t anyone love me.” She cried, and that really pulled on my heart strings, this poor girl was so sad, feeling unwanted and desperate to feel loved, and that’s when it happened.

I pulled her head away from me, so I could look in to her eyes, I brushed her hair off her face and wiped the tears off her cheeks, then I leaned down and gave her a kiss, she grinned at me for a very brief moment, so I kissed her again, then she smiled and stood up on her tip toes and kissed me back.

I grabbed hold of her butt and lifted her up, wrapping her legs around my waist, she put her arms around my shoulders, I pushed her back against the front door and we kissed like passionate lovers, then we stopped and simply stared in to each other’s eyes, we both knew what was about to happen.

I carried her in to my bedroom, kicking the door open as I walked, and we fell on to my bed, I was on top of her and we started to kiss again, so passionately, my hands were all over her and we began to remove each other’s clothes as the sexual heat started to rise within us both.

I was naked and I had taken off all her clothes and she was laying on her front when I yanked her panties down her legs, I rubbed my hands up and down her back and kissed her soft yet firm butt cheeks before flipping her over on to her back.

“Wow.” She gasped, seeing my erect cock, it was the first time she’d ever seen one.

I looked at her gorgeous young body, her breasts had only just started to sprout and were very small and pointed, her pussy was completely smooth and hairless, her body was a work of art, I leaned down and kissed and bit gently on her nipples, then I worked my way down and buried my tongue in her pussy and tasted her innocence.

“Oah – Ungh – Ungh” she moaned, experiencing sexual pleasure for the first time.

Once she was wet I shuffled back up and gave her a kiss while I positioned myself between her delicate thighs, my cock poised and ready, I kissed her neck and then bit down hard on her earlobe, and then I pushed my cock in to her virgin pussy, the pain of me biting on her earlobe distracted her and took away most of the pain of me destroying her virginity.

She closed her eyes, scrunched up her face and tilted her head back as I thrust my cock in to her, “Unnngh!” she moaned out loudly, her pussy was incredible, so soft and wet, but best of all it was insanely tight inside, it took some effort to get my cock all the way in and it just felt so good, the pressure of her insides wrapping around and squeezing against my cock made me even harder.

Once her pussy had relaxed and stretched enough I was able to thrust my cock in and out a bit easier, and I just made love to her, she made the sweetest sounds, her soft childish moans were absolutely beautiful to hear, and there was so much innocence in her voice.

“Ungh – Ung – Ungh.” She moaned.

“You are loved, Courtney. You are loved.” I whispered, thoroughly enjoying fucking the sweet little girl’s pussy.

I felt myself coming, so I held on to her tightly to stop her body from moving away from me as thrust in to her faster and harder, the pressure inside my cock kept building and building, and I just kept pounding and pounding, until it happened, “Ooooah Jeesh – Shit – Oooah!” I groaned out, and I ejaculated, completely emptying my balls in to her.

“Ungh – Oooh – Ungh!” she moaned.

“Oh Courtney. Oh wow – Oooah!” I gasped.

We fell asleep and didn’t wake up until dawn the next morning, when I woke up she was already awake, staring at me and smiling, “Morning.” She said.

“Morning.” I replied, smiling back at her, the memories of what we did instantly flooding back in to my brain as I woke up.

We had sex again and it was even better than the first time, then I watched her climb out of bed naked and get dressed, “Your ass is beautiful.” I said to her.

She giggled and blushed, “Shut up.” She replied.

We got up and had breakfast and then she had to go, I guess she had to go and face her parents at some point, but I told her I would be watching from my window, and if she felt unsafe at any point, then she should come straight back over to mine, I’d take care of her.

We had a nice kiss at the door and then she left, trailing through 2 feet of snow that had piled up overnight.

Yes, we saw each other again, many times in fact, we had sex a lot and often, until her father got in trouble with the police and was sent to prison for beating up her mother, after that, the police relocated Courtney and her mom and I never saw her again.

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  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    Maybe you can find a little girl to adopt. You could show your love to her and teach her how beautiful she is. A full-time, live-in lover and a wife for you. Maybe get an 8 year old and teach her how to be a proper young lady and a perfect lover. She will love having your sperm inside her little mouth, pussy and womb. Keep fucking her and loving her and she will get pregnant for you. I need a preteen wife.

  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    Beautiful story. It was wonderful of you to show her real love. Gonzo is right, ” God how I love the innocence of young females and their love is true, unadultered and real.” I’m sure you can find other little girls to show love to. They and their young bodies need to feel that…It’s so beautiful, instinctive and necessary for them. Teach them.

  • Reply Ray ID:3zxjrennoik

    Hell yes , I love having sex with my young daughter

    • Luvemyoung ID:fx7i94k0a

      Id love to hear that story

  • Reply FatherLust ID:2kydsxufi9

    Verry good. The only critique I have is to work on writing out the character’s moaning. Use some variety and try out different words for that. Otherwise, great job.

  • Reply Bearclaw ID:7zv3a3koij

    Very very good. More

  • Reply Julie ID:7ylren3hri

    Need more

  • Reply Random girl 13 ID:lk4wnbt0a

    Part 2 plss

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Maybe the best story I’ve read on here in a long time. There are writing is fantastic the mental picture makes me completely hard. Nicely done

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhl

    WOW!, I really loved this story as tears flowed down my face. I actually felt the love being conveyed in the story but mostly because I have been their so many times. God how I love the innocence of young females and their love is true, unadultered and real. The passion you conveyed through the story moved me and I fore one thank you for such a wonderful well written story.
    Fuck, I even had a tear roll down my cheek as the flood of memories washed over my thoughts from the love I had experienced. GOD!, I loved them all so much and to this day!.
    Thank you for such a wonderful story as I wipe the tears from my face. I was so moved!

  • Reply Gilbert ID:hd34dg209

    Good story

  • Reply bigdicekrs ID:ghfylvv9d

    very very beautiful