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Anita: Book 1

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Warren finds himself in a position to perform sex with his sibling.

CAST: Warren Cooper (16) Anita Cooper (10) Brett Cooper (26)

Clomping footsteps were heard from afar. “Here!” Anita shouted from a distance. Warren, her brother, could hear the heavy thud of boots which echoed through the school’s hall as his sister ran through the hallway’s marble floor. He saw her excitement. As a daily routine, they would both pass by “Amelita’s Burger” and order two sets of hotdog sandwich.

Anita paused in front of him, and gives him a wink and a smile.

“What?” Says Warren.

“Well, I’ve got a star. It’s right–oh look! I actually have two on my hand.” Anita replies. She’s trying to bargain for an extra snack on their way home.

“I see– I see what you’re doing. Well, there’s a milk shake down the road–g?”


They took off with their van and ordered the snacks Anita liked.

On their way home, Anita looked through the window and glanced at the houses they have passed. A few moments later, she surprisingly alerts Warren about her recent encounter with a friend of hers.

“You know–Alby showed me something today.” She speaks suddenly, and it caught Warren’s attention.”

“Alby? Why, what did he show?” He asked.

“Well– I borrowed his phone when we ate lunch together at class. When no one was around, he invited me to watch something.”

Without a doubt, Warren continued to suspect something quite overwhelming for his sister to comprehend. With that statement of hers, he already knew what news was coming.

“And then what?” Warren asked, politely.

“Promise me you won’t tell mom?” Anita replies. Her voice has weakened and she spoke with hesitation for every syllable.

“Yes, I won’t tell mom.” He said.


“Well? Tell me.”

“We watched a video, and we saw two people without their clothes. The girl was licking the guy’s– whatever it was.”

Warren was deeply shocked. He couldn’t speak for at least three minutes. He looked at her and started to distract her. He turned on the cassette and played some tunes.

Finally, they arrived at home.

“I won’t tell mom–you’ll be fine, sis.”

Brett, their mother, rushed towards them; she helped unloading their stuffs. She could notice a somewhat awkward facial expression from the two.

“Everything alright?” Brett asked.

“Yep–Yeah everything’s cool, mom.”

“Alright then, go take a shower and I’ll have dinner ready.”

They’ve returned to their normal lives at home; Brett did chores; Warren played video games; Anita browsing the internet on her mom’s phone. However, that day was something different for Warren. He felt something that he knew was wrong.

Warren finished taking a bath. He heard his mom calling them for dinner.

“I’ll be right downstairs!” He shouts. His voice is muffled by the towel. He wasn’t wearing anything yet, just the towel covering his waist

He opens the door and sees Anita waiting outside. All of a sudden, he felt an urge for sexual desire. Although it wasn’t his sister that was in his thoughts, but it sure was triggered by Anita.

He gulps.

“Uhh–your turn, right?” He said.

“Yep.” Anita nodded and went inside to take a bath. Warren was still outside the door, stunned.

He snapped out of it and went to his bedroom to get changed.

After dinner, the two siblings spent their time at Anita’s room. Anita’s room was the only one with a television. It was previously their dad’s room, before he passed–two years ago. Warren switched the channel to National Geo and together they watched a documentary regarding plants.

“You two–go to bed early, alright?” A voice which came from the outside of the room was heard, it was Brett, their mom. Usually, their bedtime is 9 o’clock. This time, it’s a weekend, so it’s extended to 12; a decent time for the siblings to enjoy the rest of the week from countless hours of homework.

It’s 11pm, and it was almost midnight. Warren and Anita sat down on the floor facing right towards the television. They laid their backs on the bed, and under a soft carpet. Warren started imagining again, he pictured himself watching porn with a girl which encouraged them to follow what was being seen. His heartbeat suddenly spiked. He knew what he was thinking. He looks at the door, and he thought about locking it. Before he could even lock it, Anita leaned on his right shoulder while eating popcorn. This is what triggered him completely.

His fantasies have indulged him to deprive his rationality. He rushed through the door and locked it, and was tempted to do something else. He sat back down, but this time–he asked Anita to lay down on the floor–while her head rests on his legs. Anita did what he asked.

Halfway through the film, Warren slightly puts his right arm around Anita’s thighs. Anita is quite petite, and it was Warren’s sexual fantasy to have sex with someone petite with such thin thighs.

While Anita focused on the film, Warren’s intention leaned somewhere else. He grabs hold of her thighs and moved slowly towards her genitals. From there, he starts performing circular motions of it. He was edgy; felt greed; felt sexual; felt guilty at the same time.

His erection started to turn him on completely. Slowly, he used his left hand to insert it inside his pants, and down to his penis. There, he starts to jerk off. Whenever Anita moves, he stops.

His right hand was still massaging Anita’s vagina, but she wouldn’t notice. After a few minutes, Warren paused.

He checks on her.

“Psst–Anita?” He whispers.

He noticed that Anita fell asleep. It was his perfect timing to commit to his fantasy. Despite his effort of snapping out of it, he still could not end his urge. So he decided to undress Anita’s pants, slowly.

He understood that Anita is a deep sleeper as long as the television ambience is heard. He carried her towards the bet, and there–he undressed her completely. It was not easy for him, Anita was moving for every minute that counts. He was nervous.

“Damn–fuck this body, too petite.” Warren was aroused.

While undressed, Warren decided not to undress himself too. He was worried as if Anita would wake up–he would have an excuse as to why she was nude–which is that he was trying to change her clothes.

Warren grabs his phone and starts taking photos of Anita. He could see that tightness in her vagina.

“Sweet innocent–pussy.”

He conducted his first attempt by licking her sister’s vagina. He could smell and taste a bit of sourness into it–it didn’t stop him however. Then, he tried to suck it as hard as he could–the moist around it aroused him more. He smelt it like it was drugs, he was not himself that night.

It’s 12 at midnight and he knows their mother can come any moment now. So he decided to get on with it.

First, he pulls out his penis and spits on it. He then spread Anita’s legs and had it rest on his shoulder. He attempts to plunge his dick to her pussy but it wouldn’t work, she’s not old enough for it to fit. So he just slide through the exterior, and from there he went on with it.

Feeling discontent, while he was smoothly rubbing his dick on the exterior of Anita’s vagina, he started sucking on her nipples. He was finally about to cum, but he didn’t know where. He looks around, and his mind wanders. He wanted to shoot it through her mouth but it would be a big mess. So he shot his load on the blanket.

The sexual storm of his weakened. His guilt swallowed him. He dressed Anita, but this time she was awakened. It wasn’t unusual for her, she was tired and was probably still sleepy.

“I’m changing your clothes–you fell asleep, sis.”

“k” a gentle response from Anita.

Warren left the room and slept in his own bedroom.

He woke up, completely confused, but he remembers everything. He’s quite guilty. Two knuckled knocks from the door startled him, and it was Anita.

“It’s open.”

Anita surprises her with breakfast.

“Mom made that pancake.” She said.

Warren had a guilty look at her, but he seemed to have other plans for her in the next couple of days. He wanted to finally have the fully sexual life he dreamt of. He’s planning on doing it again, but this time when she’s awake. This would take him days to plan out everything.


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  • Reply jems ID:6dnfb9uhrb

    Worth my time, but can it get more intense in the next book?

    (if ur actually making a 2nd book)

  • Reply Navidia ID:craumjl42

    This is the most realistic shit so far… I actually thought it’s real. The fact that it is quite soft makes it really real. I want more. book two when???

  • Reply A ID:vuf0ifi9

    Horribly written and lousy story line.
    Absolutely boring beyond belief.

  • Reply Omen ID:craumjl42

    I want more from this series. When is Book 2 coming up?