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A Teenage Boy’s Journal’s Pt 10

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The Lust and Love is getting deeper. Where will it take them

A Teenage Boy’s Journal’s Pt 10

After a night of thoughts about Brooke, sleep is the one thing I did not get. I needed to be next to her. Most importantly, I needed to get my mind on something else. Driving out to the farm I meet up with Trent. I was just in time to start work that day. I had lost the time laying in Brooke’s bed, thinking of her. Feeling the material of her lace panties in my hand. They never left my side once that night. On the drive she was the only thing I thought of. I was in a daze, and it was not till Trent spoke I came out of it.
“Hey brother, you in there?”
Snapping back to reality, I looked at him just staring.
“Yeah, uhm yeah bro,” with just a half smile to my face.
“Wow, brother you are seriously pussy whipped. Brooke has your head turning my man. I have never seen you this way.”
Trent was right. I had never been this way. Even with Brittany I was never this way. What the fuck was wrong with me? I had to change the subject quickly.
“So, how was your night?”
“Oh, brother let me tell you. Brittany, and I took off to my dad’s hunting cabin. We stayed there for a couple of hours fucking. It was amazing brother. Every time I thought Brittany was finished, she attacked again. I cannot think you enough brother. Hey, why don’t we just see her?”
“Who, Brittany?”
“No, brother Brooke. After work we can drive to Macon. You can get some alone time again.”
“Yeah, man that sounds like a clever idea,” smiling while nodding my head at Trent.
“So is your sister giving you shit anymore?”
“OH, SHIT brother I forgot to tell you. Last night I am quite sure she was fucking the dog. I did not look, but I did hear moans from her room. Charlie was also in the room with her. Later when she came out, she seen me sitting on the couch. She walked by quickly with her head down, and face red. It was funnier than shit.”
“You mean we turned you sister into liking dogs? That is fucking hilarious bro.”
“Yeah, I know right brother. My dad thinks she is losing her mind. Let us get this shit done and go to Macon.”
We started on the daily schedule of things to do, we worked fast. I wanted to see Brooke, and the two-hour drive was going to suck. It was around two when we finished. Trent’s dad showed up with the usual cold ones. We both drank one a piece, then asked if we could head out. I could tell his dad seemed a little disappointed in that. Clyde likes talking with us.
The whole two hours I listened to Trent talking about the night with Brittany. I let him have his glory, but it was making my dick hard as hell. When we pulled up to the hospital, I was more than happy to be there. Walking in we again saw Brooke, and Sandy at the nurse’s station. When Brooke looked up, a huge smile came across her face. Sandy looked up to Brooke and noticed her starring at something smiling. Looking that direction Sandy then saw us walking in as well.
“That boy sure does brighten your day.”
“Yes, he does,” replying to Sandy.
Sandy could also see the look in Brooke’s eyes. She new it was a look of happiness and lust.
“Hey mom, what’s going on?”
“I do not know you tell me. I got a phone call from your dad. Something about Kelly acting weird.”
Smiles crossed our faces, followed by a sudden laugh.
“Well mom you might be a pound grandma soon. Kelly might be having puppies. Seems Charlie got to her the other night.”
Brooke almost chocked on the soda she was drinking. Trent and I continued to laugh.
“What the hell did you just say?”
“Yep, you heard me right.”
“How did the dog fuck Kelly? How does this even happen? Why did your father leave that part out?”
Brooke just leaned to the side staring with a smile, holding her soda can. All I could do is shake my head and smile.
“Well see mom, its southern love farm style. She gets on all fours, and Charlie does the southern love part. I really think they will be a cute couple”.
At that time Brooke just turned walking away laughing. I had tears running from my eyes laughing so hard. Trent is trying not to laugh but keep smiling. Sandy was trying to be serious and not laugh.
“Uhm, guys I need a moment with Trent please,” Sandy trying her best not to laugh asking us.
Brooke waived her head motioning me to follow her. We both got into the elevator heading for the fourth floor. Once the doors opened, you could tell the floor was no longer in use.
“What was in here?”
“It used to be offices. They moved everyone to the new building now. So, this sits empty. It is a suitable place to go, and just get away.”
Brooke had a devilish grin to her face. Grabbing my hand, she led me down the hallway. Her red scrubs rising between her ass checks with each step. My cock was raging while I watched. Opening the door to an empty office we walked in. all that remand was a leather sofa. That is when Brooke turned to me.
“God, I have missed you baby.”
Putting her arms around my neck, she kissed me softly on my lips.
“Did you miss me?”
“More than you could imagine baby.”
Placing my hand around her hips, I kissed her. My tongue driving itself deep into her mouth. The moans of lust escaping from both of us. Lowering my hands, I squeezed her ass checks with each palm. Then I lifted her up on her toes. Rubbing her ass, I would glide my fingers between her cheeks. Pressing her scrubs, a little deeper. Stopping our kiss, she looked at me.
“That is not what I really want up there. In fact, there is to much up there now.”
Pushing away with her hands, Brooke stepped back. Just staring at me she kicked her shoes off. That is when she slowly turned around. With her thumbs inside the waist of her scrubs, she gently pulled them down. Her hips moving from one side to the other. Her upper body moving to towards the floor with the scrubs. A white lace thong came into view. It held desires that I longed for. Her lips pressed firmly against the crotch, leaving little for the imagination. It was all in view. Once reaching her ankles, she placed her hands on the back of her legs. Then she slowly moved upwards. Caressing her legs as she stood again. Her hands running across her firm ass checks, stopping on her hips. Then she turned back around.
“Come here baby.”
I did not waste any time. I did what she asked and hurried doing it.
“Take my top off baby”.
Lifting her arms, I grabbed the bottom of her top. Slowly I lifted upwards. Her beautiful full breast came in view. Her hard nipple covered by white lace, begging to get out. Once I had it just above her head she leaned in and kissed me once more. Brooke did not even wait for her top to be fully off. The tip of her tongue caressing mine. Once her top had cleared, her arm wrapped around my neck. To feel her warm half naked body was amazing. Reaching up I pulled the pin from her hair. The long blond strands feel with there natural curl. God she was beautiful. Ending our kiss, she just looked at me. I could tell she was happy at this very moment.
“Get undressed baby. I want to have your bare skin next to mine.”
I did not need told twice. Smoothly I undressed trying not to look so anxious. I could tell Brooke had an enjoyment from it. She stood giggling with her sly smile. Once completely naked I stood there. Brooke placed one hand on my chest, slightly pushing backwards till I fell onto the couch. The grin on her face said she had full control. My hard cock stood straight up towards her. Scooting forward a bit I waited her next move. Straddling my legs, she placed her knees on the couch. Slowly she lowered her lace covered pussy to my cock, then her hand around my neck. In a gentle motion she caressed her covered pussy along my hard shaft.
“Oh god that is what I needed,” followed by a moan from her sweat lips.
My mind lost, but my body fully reacting. I gently moved my hips to match her movements. Brooke’s forehead touching mine. Our breaths shared between us. My hands pushed her hips into me. We knew exactly how to please each other.
It was not long before I could feel the wetness on her panties. It soaked threw, and onto my cock. With each trust her lips opened wider, swallowing more of the crotch. Raising higher, it allowed the head of my cock to push into her entrance. Also pushing some of her panties in as well. She keeps me right there, just barely moving. Brooke’s right hand moved under her panties, to her wet clit. That is when she started pushing down harder on my cock.
“Do not stop Brooke. Fuck baby I love this”, trying to catch my breath between words. As she keeps going her hand stiffened, as did her legs. She stopped and stayed in place.
I could feel the rush of hot fluids covering her panties and my cock. That had me to the point of exploding myself. Brooke just stayed still riding her orgasm out. Her body would shake, and she would grip the back of my neck a little bit harder. Once her orgasm quit, she kissed me softly, then feed me her wet finger. I twirled my tongue around it tasting her sweatiness, looking straight into her eyes. She staired hypnotized from the lust, and love in her heart. Pulling her figure from my mouth, she smiled at me. A devilish smile that had something behind it.
“In the pocket of my top there is something. I want you to get it and get back over here.” Removing herself from my lap, I got up to do what she asked. Brooke sat with her legs under her. Reaching in I found a tube and took it out. I held it up looking at her confused. That is when she started giggling again.
“It is what we use to put in a catheter. I told you, I only want one thing up there right now.”
This time the devilish smile was on my face. Brooke then removed her panties, leaving her legs tucked under her. Her upper body leaned against the arm of the sofa. Sitting back on the couch, I placed some of the gel on my finger. Spreading her ass, I placed the tip of my finger on her rose bud. Slowly I circled it pressing gently inward. Brooke rested her head on the arm of the sofa. Soft moans escape her mouth with each swipe. Pushing inward her body tensed up. Her ass tightened around my finger. Gently I continue to push deeper in. Brooke’s head leaning back even more, her mouth opens wider. Her breaths soft, with passionate moans. I slowly moved my finger in and out. Each time would loosen Brooke up. Placing more gel on another finger I slowly pushed in, and Brooke’s body moved slightly in retreat. Stopping, I waited till her body relaxed. Slowly Brooke began to push herself downwards. Once at my knuckle I again started moving in and out. Brooke with her head rested on the sofa arm, had her eyes closed. Soft moans leaving her mouth. Gently I moved her top leg towards her chest. Pulling my fingers slowly out, I then put more gel on the tip of my cock. Turning onto my hips, I pointed the tip of my cock at her opening. Then I started slowly moving in. Brooke’s hand reaching back to my hip pulling.
“Oh my god baby. Uhm, I love the way you make me feel.”
I keep pushing till I reached bottom. I held it there feeling the ring of her ass tighten, and throb around my cock. Reaching to her back I unclasped her lace bra. Brooke reached up pulling it away from her large breast. I raised my hand palming her breast in a harsh grip. Then I started rotating my hips.
“Oh, baby yes. Uhm baby I love you.”
I never said a word. I just keep staring at this beautiful creature as I slid my cock in and out of her ass. Her blond hair flowed down her shoulders, along her back. Her ass keeps a tight grip on my cock. Every push in, her check would press firmly against my pelvis area. Between the moisture of her pussy, and the gel Brooke’s thighs stayed slick. I just held her breast out of pure dominance. This was my woman, and it was my cock she wanted. My thrust rapidly increased. Her head turned more into the couch. Her grip on my hip stronger. With each thrust, her ass slapped on my hips. My balls tightened to the point of harsh pain. I just keep pushing threw the pain. That is when Brooke raised her head looking at me.
“Baby, I want you to cum deep in me. I want it now, do it now.”
She then bites her lower lip. That was all I needed to finish. With one last hard push, I exploded deep into her ass. My body shook violently.
“Yes baby, that is it. Let me feel it deep in me. God baby you feel wonderful.”
Slowly I lowered to Brookes body with mine. My cock still deep in her ass. Her arm wrapped around my head.
“I love you so much baby. I am so happy with this baby,” expressing herself with short breaths.
“I love you as well baby. I do not want to love any other,” responding in my own short breaths.
We laid there for about ten minutes just holding each other. A couple in love, and the world around us did not exist.
“You know I must get back to work. Even though I do not want to leave, I do. Baby, go to the exam room next door and see if there are some towels.”
Getting up I walked naked into the next room. Looking through the draws I found some blue surgical towels. Grabbing a hand full I brought them back to Brooke.
“Here you go baby,” keeping one for myself.
“Hey, I must tell you something. I took a pregnancy test.”
I froze in place.
“I am not pregnant. Baby I am sorry if scared you. I just wanted to let you know. I also went ahead and got on birth control. You are not mad, are you?”
“No, no baby. If you would have been, I would have loved you the same. I would have still been right here next to you.”
I could tell there was I look of relief on her face. There was also a look of a deeper love for me. She just heard the word every woman wanted. The words of her man saying I will be here for you.
“I want to live a life with you before we think of that baby. You make me alive. I have not felt alive for many years. I love you deeply.”
After saying that she gently kissed me on the lips.
“So, what is this about a dog, and Kelly?”
“Well, you know those pills you gave me. They struck again…”
“Not you right?”
“No, but you know who.”
The look on her face was pure shock at that point.
“No, are your serious right now?”
I nodded my head, looking at her shocked face. We finished dressing, and I told her while walking back down to her workstation. She keeps laughing shaking her head as we walked. In the elevator she looked up at me with a smile. Brooke told me once again she loved me. I then told I loved her as well. Once the elevator opened, we were meet by Trent.
“There, the fuck you are. I thought you ran off and got married. Hey Brooke, my mom is looking for you.”
Brooke told him OK, and we headed towards the nurse’s station. Sandy told Brooke about the surgery that she had coming up in an hour.
“Hey guys, do you have anything at home to do?”
We both shook our heads no answering Brooke’s question.
“Can you wait for me, and take me home?”
“I do not want to be around Catherine tonight. Her, and I got into it about a damn towel.”
“A towel?” Sandy replied.
“Yeah, because of something on it. Like I know what the fuck was on it.”
I was trying not to laugh, as Brooke tried to keep a straight face.
“Yeah, it needs to go back to just us two car pooling now. I am getting tired of her snob ass myself.”
All of us just looked at Sandy in shock.
“What are you looking at. You boys find something to do. Stay out of trouble.”
Sandy was trying to be serious, but you could tell she was having fun.
Walking away she then turned towards Brooke.
“Fourth floor huh?”
“Uhm, yep,” and Brooke quickly went to escape any questions Sandy had.
Trent, and I went to get something to eat. At this point I was starving. Trent never let up with the questions. All I would do is smile.
“Brother, come on you are killing me. You are not going to tell me anything?”
“Nah, bro,” just smiling back at him.
The next couple of hours we sat around talking about how lucky we are. At nine Brooke walked out of the hospital.
“There you are. My beautiful man, and my best friend.”
She came up and wrapped her arms around us.
“Do not even grab her ass bro.”
“Damn brother just one squeeze. I am begging, I need it.”
“Go ahead Trent, give me a squeeze.”
“Hey brother she said OK. Do not punch me. Holy shit that is a fine ass.”
I just shook my head smiling. Brooke laughed thanking him. Then gave him a kiss on the check. The three of us climbed into the truck driving off.
“Damn Brooke, you smell of straight sex girl. I hope you did not go into surgery like that.”
Brooke had a shocked look on her face.
“Did I really. You better be lying Trent.”
Trent just smiled, replying with damn good day.
“Hey Brittany wants to go shopping with you tomorrow. We are going to have fun at the cory tomorrow night.”
“Hell, yes its going to be happening.”
“That sounds great. I need a new bikini. I can get Brittany a nice one to make Trent blush. A girl’s day would be great as well.”
“Get Brittany to get a see threw. I would love that shit. Or something advertising beer, and red necks. That shit would be great.”
“So, did you guys take care of our problem”?
Trent then pulled out his phone. Hitting play, Brooke watched what had happened. She did not watch all of it, but enough to see.
“I am sorry baby. It made me feel like shit doing it.”
“It really did Brooke. It tore Treavor up inside.”
Placing her hand on my leg she just looked at me.
“I know baby. I am sorry you had to. I am also sorry you had to as well Trent. I love you baby, and I am not mad at you. I am only glad; it is over.”
Then she placed a soft kiss on my cheek.
“Hey, what. I did something to.”
Laughing at Trent she leaned over giving him once as well. Trent replied with that is what friends do. The rest of the drive we talked about the next day coming. I was simply happy my baby was next to me once again.

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