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Getting penetrated for the first time

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I still seek out the feeling of being so full inside like the first time my cousin penetrated me. There is a lot here before sex happens FYI. Enjoy.

After sucking on my cousins snake and learning how to make it spit successfully. We did this almost every day all summer. I started humping my pillows at night in my bedroom to make myself feel good- my parents did drugs and never realized what was going on. My mom caught me one time naked on my pillow that I folded two of the corners on to make a point to really rub my naughty area and she spanked me and told me not be a whore. I didn’t even know what whore meant let alone what was bad about what I did.

I told my cousin the next day about my mom, He was still almost daily licking my my naughty area and causing me to feel so good, feeling his tongue invade my whole area and insert inside me a little was favorite part. I at this time always begged for more and he told me I had to wait till more- he also explained that my mom was jealous and whore was a good word. That I was and will be better than my mom is. Then had me lick and rub his snake for him till it spit in my mouth. At this point I started swallowing all the spit because it supposedly had vitamins to make me grow into a beautiful princess.

Then it summer ended! I only saw my cousins on the weekend after that cause he got a job BUT my parents let me spend the night all the time at his apartment (really to get me out of the house) and I got to play with his snake several times a day. I really looked forward to it. This is how it went on till 5th grade when I was 10. He just broke up with his girlfriend who also used her tongue on me and taught me I liked girls and boys touching my princess parts- no longer naughty bits but they told me I was growing into a perfect princess. Her and I would suck on his wand together (no longer a snake) and shed control my head. It was a blast but sadly she left and moved out of state. Hopefully she still plays with littler girls for fun too.

Back to the breakup and I am 10- my cousin said I’m ready for my big girl princess training to start. So slowly on the weekends he began inserting very small princess wands into my hole while using his tongue on me. This made me pee on his face the first time he did it, I was so embarrassed but turns out I’m just a very special squirting princess and he loves it so much to this day. Over a few months the princess wands got bigger till they where the same size as his wand.

The weekend we planned to use his wand he took me to Silverwood and then we had a fancy princess dinner! We dressed up all fancy and had so much fun- then it was time, I was so excited and so was he. I had to take my vitamins out of his wand first because he was so excited then he gave me three princess moments to make my body ready for his wand. I was naked and my nipples were so hard from excitement.

He very gently kissed me on my mouth, our tongues tickling each other’s and then he slowly started inserting his fingers into my princess hole. I was very wet and asked if I was ready for his wand now. I excited squealed yes! My cousin then inserted his wand so slowly and with such precision, watching him shutter with joy was amazing.

I felt every inch of him as he lowered his wand into me and he told me he loved me and I was his special princess. Which if you can imagine was exactly what I wanted to hear. He asked if could go faster and I was very into it and moaned yes. For as loud as I was, I am still surprised the neighbors didn’t notice/hear us.

Then he started going as fast as he could which was alarming to say the least. I was maybe 4’ tall and 80lbs and was over 6’ so I was like a little cock sleeve toy you can buy to masturbate with. It felt like every inch of my body was full of him and I loved it. He started to rub my princess button and told me princess squirt, I was screaming at this point and saying I loved him. He continued to rub my button and told him I was close and he said me too, he said he’d inject the vitamins this time. He kept rubbing faster and faster as he pounded me. I remember shaking so hard and feeling the vitamins coming out of his wand inside me. That paired with me squirting caused the vitamins and liquid to spill back out around his wand. I then passed out.

I woke up a little bit later and was very sore, he had a heating pack on my princess parts and told me he was sorry. I was confused and said that was amazing and asked if we could do it again. He said no we have to let my princess parts rest BUT I could rub and lick his wand which was hard again.

Sex with him now will never be that good again sadly but it’s still very good now that I’m 15. I can share more stories if anyone would like.


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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren3fidn

    I am so happy you learned at a young age. It’s a blessing to hear about Girls sexual awakening. I have been Very lucky to be a part of many sexual awakening and taught them so much that their sex lives were beyond words. I simple love bi woman sharing their inner most desires with both sexes. The Amazing sex I had when I was younger I could fill this web site full of stories having been with over 300 woman. probably 100 of those were teen and preteen. I love being in the position to teach sex and all the wonderful nuances that go with making love. There is nothing wrong with seeking knowledge about sex at a young age as it is all natural. As a mater of fact humans are hard wired for sex just like all creatures on this planet so it would be to our advantage to seek out and enjoy the wonderful gift that was bestowed upon us.

    You did this and I for one am very, very proud of you for not only seeking this pleasure but also sharing it with us today. I love you for sharing this with me and I am honored.

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      Thanks! ❤️

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      Thanks Crissy got KIK

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    Very nice

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    Search description fantastic writing

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    I was 8 not 10. Fun edits tho I suppose

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